Why You Should Have a Wireless Home Security System

Wireless Home Security System

A home security system provides extra security when you are not there, and it can even help reduce your homeowner’s insurance premium. Older home security systems use video cameras connected with wires, which built clutter on both the inside and outside of the home. This approach, though effective, was overpriced, and always at risk. Wires can be cut, which renders the entire system useless.

How Wireless Home Security Systems Work
They work much the same way as traditional home security systems, except they rely on wireless technology to function. This means they are safer and more secure than traditional wired systems, because the lack of wires to cut means they cannot be disarmed as easily. The sensors are spread outside your house, so an alarm is triggered well before a potential thief can make their way into your home. Once they realize the sensor is tripped and an alarm has been sounded, the majority of thieves will back off. Chances are, they’ll go on about their day, looking for a less secure home to break into.

Benefits Beyond Theft
Wireless home security systems also protect your home by alerting you if there is any damage to your home because of a flood or fire. Smoke detectors in your home will alert of potential fire. The addition of carbon monoxide detectors will work with your security system to notify you if a high concentration has been found in your home, so you can get the help you need. These devices will protect you while you are in your home – asleep or awake. You will notified in enough time to keep you and your family safe, should carbon monoxide or smoke pose a danger in the middle of the night.

Wireless systems can be installed in a shorter amount of time compared to traditional system depending on the home security companiess you choose. This means you can save money on installation costs, and you will not have to spend as much time with a professional in your home. Some systems even allow for self installation, which is a testament to how simple the process is. Because they run on battery power, they are also more energy efficient, which saves you even more money. Plus, if an intruder decides to cut power to your home, your security system is still in place.

Wireless systems are no longer tethered to a telephone line. This means if an intruder cuts the phone line to your home, your system is still functioning. As many people opt for a home phone that uses Internet technology, or have cut their home phone line completely in favor of cell phones, this makes wireless systems even more convenient.

Perhaps the most important thing beyond the extra protection is the cost. These systems are more affordable because they do not require the hard wiring of traditional systems. Between the affordability, increased protection, and increased range, there is really no reason to opt for a wired security system today.

Review Author: Jason Thomas