• Monitoring Performed by Professionals
  • Signals and Notifications Sent Wirelessly
  • No Installer or Extra Hardware
  • Access Through Smartphones
  • Prices as Low as $19.95 Per Month

LiveWatch Reviews

For the past 13 years LiveWatch has kept over 200,000 families and homes safe across the entire United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. LiveWatch is headquartered in St. Marys, Kansas with an additional office in Evanston, Illinois. By taking advantage of present technology they have done away with old, unfriendly security industry standards. Their wireless networking combine with transparent and honest business practices to place you in control of your safety once again.

LiveWatch Security Features

LiveWatch keeps your home safe with an incredible amount of sensor types that all send their signals wirelessly to your main hub. This means that intruders won’t be able to cut your phone line and deactivate your sensors. It also means you don’t have to deal with a sleazy installer coming out to your house to weave wires all through your walls. When you are on the go, you can still access your alarm panel through your smartphone to configure the system or respond to any notifications. If you can’t determine quickly what set off the alarm, LiveWatch will send out a police dispatch immediately. It doesn’t get much safer than that.

What Makes LiveWatch Security Unique?

Besides their integration with modern tech, what really sets LiveWatch apart is their completely open business practices. Unlike other companies, you wonít find hidden fees, multi-year contracts, non-existent cancellation periods, and auto-renewals of your plan. Sometimes it feels like you need security from your own security company, but not with LiveWatch. They simply donít play games with you’re your account, your money, or your safety.

What Does LiveWatch Security Cost

The essential features of 24/7 monitoring, secure wireless service, and rapid alarm resolution can be had at $19.95 per month. For an additional $10 per month you can protect your alarm panel from inside jobs that sounds an alarm any time someone tries to disable your panel. You also gain smartphone control over your panel. For a total of $39.95 a month you can add complete automation of your system with a set of timers that extends to every door lock, motion sensor, and even your thermostat. This means you can set up a predictable routine and not have to enable and disable your system every day.

Excellent Customer Service

Not many companies have maintained a 4.9 star rating out of 5 averaged out over 1110 reviews. Nor have they received acclaim from the most esteemed publications around. But LiveWatch has done this and more as people praise them for their superior customer service. Through their website, you can search through their commonly asked question knowledgebase, live chat with an employee, submit a ticket, or pick up the phone and call. You can make the appropriate choice based on the urgency of your need and LiveWatch will be there because they understand that speed and efficiency are key factors in security.

Final Review of LiveWatch Security

LiveWatch remains one of the most respected and reputed companies in the security industry thanks to their advanced practices and products. Constant monitoring through wireless connectivity and location independent automation means that your home and family will always be protected from any unforeseen intruder or event. Thank you for reading our LiveWatch reviews.

Our Rating: 4.4 / 5
Customer Rating:

Review Author: Jason Thomas

32 Reviews on “LiveWatch

  1. I got a home security system from LiveWatch for my birthday this past year because I’ve been wanting one, so my brother got it for me. He paid for the installation and first year of service, which was awesome. I called to get more information about the company, their policies, and how everything worked, and I was immediately blown away. They were friendly and ready to answer any question I had. They gave me tons of information on the industry, and had resources at the ready for statistics that I asked about. They were able to send out a tech during the window I requested, and I had the system set up within days of receiving it. I was thrilled with my new gift, and I couldn’t wait to test out the app. I called my buddy to come over and check it out, and when he got to the door, I could see him from my phone. I think knowing who’s at the door just by looking at your phone is this generation’s version of caller id. It’s awesome how far technology has come. If you want a security system, I say LiveWatch is the best. You can check with other places, but none of them will match the quality and service of LiveWatch.

  2. When I left home for college, my mom told me to look into a security system. I called LiveWatch at the recommendation of a friend, and I found them to be helpful and affordable. My parents also like that the system was easy to use, so I signed up. LiveWatch is great.

  3. When I leave my house unattended, I now can be sure that my possessions are protected. The system is not complicated and I know that it works well. Thank you, LiveWatch, for me the protection that I need to live alone.

  4. The service that we have received from LiveWatch has been among the best of any type of service that we have ever received. Not only were the representatives of this company polite and helpful, but they also went out of their way to make sure that we were comfortable with the package that we chose. Right after installation, which was done quickly and quietly and with a minimum of mess, LiveWatch contacted us to make sure that the installation had gone on properly and to our satisfaction. They then contacted us a few weeks later to address any concerns that we might have. What a great example of high-quality service!

  5. We have been very satisfied in all aspects of LiveWatch’s service. The technicians that came to our home for installation and routine maintenance have been helpful and professional each time they have come.

  6. I like LiveWatch because it is so accessible, which is important when you are uncertain of your job and finances. LiveWatch works for any budget and any size of home. This is something we can always afford and it gives us the protection we need.

  7. I recently opened a boutique and wanted a wireless security system to keep an eye on the property and employees when I am away. At first I thought this was a mean thing for a boss to do, but then I saw online that it is very common for small business owners. In one of the forums LiveWatch wireless home security system was mentioned. I went to their site and I felt like they answered everything I needed. The security system is proving to be a great tool for keeping an eye on things. I would recommend LiveWatch to any business owner.

  8. My brother bought me LiveWatch when I moved into an apartment off campus, but still in the area of my college. I thought having a home security system would be a pain to use (I thought I’d forget), but it is actually really easy.

  9. I am loving my Livewatch wireless home security system. I have used it for six months and it is smooth sailing all the way. I have not had a single issue with it and setup was a breeze. Highly recommend.

  10. We bought the Livewatch wireless home security system for my son because he has moved from the college dorm rooms to an apartment on campus. When he was in the dorm, he had an RA and there were lots of kids coming and going all of the time. The apartments on campus are at the very end of campus and there is security, but it is not around the clock. The system was incredibly easy to set up and within an hour I could see his front door and living room window on his iPad. I would suggest the Livewatch wireless home security system for any parent who has a child living alone, even if they are on campus or renting. This is a high quality product.

  11. I live alone and I hate worrying and feeling I have to check what’s going on in my building before I can sleep at night. The Livewatch wireless home security system has solved the problem because I know help is on the way if I’m in trouble.

  12. Don’t let the price of Livewatch scare you away. It doesn’t have the crazy fees of a lot of home security systems but that doesn’t mean it performs any less. I love having Livewatch in my home because I know we’re safe.

  13. Our dogs accidentally set off one of the motion sensors at night and woke up the neighbors. That’s how loud and threatening this siren is on the Livewatch home security system. I am pleased with the purchase.

  14. I read about Livewatch in an article ranking some of the best home security systems on the market. I didn’t think Livewatch would also be such a low price because well, most of the time things that are raved about in magazines are expensive. Not the case with Livewatch so I ordered it and had it working the same day. I love that I can watch my cars at night with the tap of an app. Very nice for those of us who live in areas where cars are constantly stolen or stripped by professionals who can do the task in minutes.

  15. I knew our father-in-law wouldn’t spend money on just any home security system. Sure enough Livewatch is worth the low price when you compare it to other home alarms on the market. This baby is all you need to stay safe.

  16. With all the violence and crime that is constantly in the news, it’s really quite necessary to have a security system. Ever since I had LiveWatch security system installed in my home I’ve never felt safer.

  17. I have enough to worry about in my life that I can’t really be bothered with thinking about possible intruders coming into my home. The LiveWatch security helps me fight all the “what ifs” floating in my head since I know I’ll be protected no matter what!

  18. There’s just too much instability in life that it’s nice knowing that my home security system will always be there for me. The LiveWatch security was definitely a wise decision so I know I’ll be sure to have this in my home for years to come.

  19. It’s a crazy world out there so you can never be too prepared. It’s really important to protect your home and family so I’m so happy that I invested in the LiveWatch security system. I’ve never felt safer!

  20. LiveWatch security system has really been a lifesaver. Since having the system I actually had a break-in and it alerted me in the middle of the night. The police were at my home in a matter of minutes and the burglar was apprehended.

  21. There’s much to be said about having a security system. I’m so glad that I had LiveWatch security system installed in my home. I mainly arm the system when I’m asleep or away from my home. I’d definitely recommend this to one and all!

  22. LiveWatch home security system is remarkable and truly life changing. It is always there to serve and protect my family and the best part is that it does not talk back! I can set the keypad and go!

  23. I’ve been on the lookout for a security system for awhile and so I was very happy to discover the LiveWatch security system. This system comes complete with a variety of features that will be sure to make sure that my home is as safe and secure as possible. The system is very easy to set and also is compatible with any type of home. The fees to install the system are very minimal and reasonably priced. Also, the nice thing about the system is that it comes complete with a dedicated customer service team that is always there to assist you should any type of crisis arise, or even if you need to simply troubleshoot.

  24. I have been using the LiveWatch security service for over a decade now and have been really impressed with how well it has been able to withstand the test of time. During my time with the device, I have only had one instance where it had to perform. There was a small fire in my basement. Luckily, the home security system detected the smoke in time and was able to notify the fire department automatically, which had the fire department at my door in no time. I’m really grateful for the security system because it basically helped save my home. It is a extremely beneficial feature that the service is able to automatically notify the police and fire departments when the alarm goes off. I almost find these features even more beneficial than the burglary features. Of course, all the features that the system provides are really first-rate. The service basically does what it sets out to do and that is that it is able to postulate a nice strong piece of mind. There’s just too many other issues in life that I have to worry about, so it’s nice to know that my security system is the watchdog of my home. I will continue to be a loyal customer of the LiveWatch service for years to come!

  25. Security systems are really a necessity in our crazy world. I went ahead and purchased my first system just last year and have never been happier. The LiveWatch security system really is amazing. The system is really quite easy to set up and arm and also has a superior customer service team that is willing to assist you through any troubleshooting that you may need during set up. I’ll never need to invest in another security system again now that I purchased the LiveWatch security system. I’m planning on also taking advantage of the warranty that comes with the system, but hopefully I won’t have to since it seems to be a high quality system!

  26. There’s too much uncertainty in the world to have a home that is not protected by a home security system. Since there are so many different types of services out there, it’s really important to make sure that you’re settled with one that will do the job right. Ever since I purchased the LiveWatch service I know that my home will be protected at all times. I’m never worried whether I’m away from my home or at home alone. I know that I am in good hands when the LiveWatch system is turned on. After all, the point of the security system is to create a piece of mind and it does that and more!

  27. You should never be unprepared. A burglary can strike at any moment, you just never know when. The best way to be prepared is through a home security system. It has to be reliable though otherwise the system is pretty useless. Luckily I came across the LiveWatch service recently and have been content ever since I made the switch. The service is great because it provides some real piece of mind. Whether I’m on the go or at home I know that I’ll be OK when the service is in use. LiveWatch is really just a great service, so I hope that more people continue to use it!

  28. I wasn’t sure about the installation process with LiveWatch, but I had it set up in under an hour! I am hardly the handyman-type, so this says a lot. I think this home security system is great for any home.

  29. The response time on Livewatch is excellent. You don’t end up with any faulty sirens that wake you up because your dogs were acting like lunatics in the morning. I like this because our old home security system had a real problem detecting what was a threat. Livewatch just plain works better. The app is simple to use. It isn’t complicated with a bunch of crap that makes it difficult to simply check the status of your house. It’s pretty bare bones but honestly that’s all you need when you’re looking to keep your house safe without a bunch of extras. For the price, it’s worth a try because you’ll be satisfied!

  30. Yes, LiveWatch is as easy to use as they say! LiveWatch is the only home security system I’ve seen that is this easy to setup and the cost is low every month. Seriously get rid of those pricey contracts if that’s the alarm you currently have.

  31. We’ve had our share of home security systems and they were not all they’re cracked up to be plus they were expensive. With LiveWatch we are dealing with a totally different ball game. Affordable and it actually works!

  32. The explanation of LiveWatch is so easy for installation, you’d be crazy to spend any more than this on a home security system. This is the only way to go when you want an affordable way to protect your property. Our son worked selling alarms for years in the ‘80s and ‘90s and it was a very expensive addition for people to have every month. He made good money but thankfully has moved on to another career and I’m glad once I see how affordable home alarms are these days. LiveWatch gives you the best of what’s out there for a low price.

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