How We Rank

Security System Costs

When it comes to anything price is always a factor. Paying more than you need to secure your home is not what you are looking to do. Many companies offer free equipment when you sign up, but sometimes you find yourself needing more than the basic package. We look at all of these price points and total costs to help our customers get the best deal for the right price. With the up-front fees, monthly monitoring and install fees security system pricing can be very confusing at times.

Customer Service

Companies who focus on customer service and having an A+ BBB Rating are companies that we focus on. When a customer is happy they will continue to use the security systems and tell their friends. Companies with good ratings have focused on caring about their customers. Being in business for many years is also helpful. We would look at a new company much more in depth because they have not been in business for years like the others.


Looking at the equipment is a very important factor when rating security systems. Getting poor quality equipment makes a good deal seem not so good when the equipment arrives. Long term use studies by professionals as well as customer results from testing are important reference points to consider.

Support & Warranty

Warranty on equipment is very important to receive when a customer signs up for service. Support is very important. Call wait times should not be very long and they should have easy support solutions, online documentation as well as phone support.

Mobile App & Home Automation

Today having mobile app access is very important to customers. This technology allows you to easily manage your security system. Home automation is a very popular feature that more and more homes are installing. Although this does weigh in heavy, it does help that a company has the ability to upgrade their systems to automate your home.

Customer Rating

Our customer star rating. We feel that the best information comes from our customers and the experience they have with the security companies.

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