How to Keep Burglars Away

Keep Burglars Away

Just because you have a high tech security system, a Rottweiler, and shotgun, doesn’t mean that you want a burglar to come around. Those things may be for your protection, but you hope never to have to use any of them. What you want is for these creeps to stay far away from your house. What are some preventative measures you can take?

Look Like You Are Home. These guys don’t want to run into you any more then you want to run into them. Common thieves don’t want an altercation. They want you to be on vacation or at least out for a night on the town.

If the shades are down, the lights are out, the mailbox is overflowing, and there are ten newspapers on the front porch, guess who you just invited over for a shopping spree? That’s right. The neighborhood hoodlums. What can you do to look home?

Stop your deliveries while you’re away. Leave a light on. It’s great if you can have them on a timer. Don’t close all the shades. A TV is expensive to leave on all week, but a radio might do the same trick for less of an expense.

Let there be light. Criminals like to act under the cover of darkness. 90% of intruders will try to sneak into a house from where there is the least amount of light. If you have your outdoor lighting on motion sensors, this will scare off a lot of bad guys. It is especially effective to have high wattage lighting. The brighter the light that suddenly comes on, the more likely the perp is to turn tail and book it out of there.

Lock it up. I know this seems like common sense, but something like half of all burglaries don’t require the use of force. Don’t leave a door or window unlocked when you leave the house. These guys can’t resist that sort of thing. Even while you’re home it’s not a bad idea to lock up, especially at night. It’s easy for someone to open a door, grab for anything that looks expensive that’s close to the entrance, and then hightail it out of there. Don’t give them the opportunity.

Security Signage. If these guys know you have a security system then that puts you at the bottom of the list for where they want to be. These guys know who companies like ADT Security are. They know if they trip the alarm the police will be on their way. Advertising your home security system makes your home less of a target.

These are just a few tips to ensure both your safety and the safety of your possessions.

Review Author: Jason Thomas

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  1. Thanks for the great tips! I am trying to save up to get a security systems but that is a little too expensive right now with the holiday season coming up. I will be looking to get one very soon. But for now I will stick to your tips and tricks to keep thieves away.

    1. Keeping a security yard sign in your yard is a great way to warn off burglars. Even if you dont have a security try to get your hands on one of these signs. It should scare off most.

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