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Los Angeles California

Los Angeles is the most populated city in the state of California and ranks second behind only New York City among the most populated cities in the US. The “City of Angels” as it is often referred is a major attraction for both tourists and those looking to relocate for a number of reasons from outstanding weather and beaches to a bustling night life and the deep rooted connection to show business. Los Angeles is a major hub for international trade, home to professional sports teams in MLB, NHL and two in the NBA and a major factor in US fashion – all of which contribute to its strong economy.

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Crime Statistics for Los Angeles, California

As bright as the lights in the city of Los Angeles are, this major metropolitan areas has some dark spots as well. The statistics from the FBI below show that there is more to Los Angeles than just angels – in fact, with more than one hundred thousand instances of property crime and burglary per year it is safe to say that this city has more than a few unsavory and unscrupulous characters. While the crime rate in LA is not quite as bad as it is in some of the other major US cities, the instances of property crime and burglary show that residents do need to be proactive in order to protect themselves and their families.

F.B.I. Crime Statistics:

  • Population – 3,878,725
  • Violent Crimes – 16,524
  • Murder – 251
  • Rape – 764
  • Property Crime – 85,844
  • Burglary – 15,728

Summary of Los Angeles Home Security Systems

Los Angeles California is an outstanding place for academics, athletics, entertainment and employment – all of which make it a good place to call home. As small and close knit as some of the neighborhoods within Los Angeles can seem, it is a big city and also carries the potential problems that go along with living in a major metropolitan area. Current residents and those considering a move to Los Angeles should know that having a quality home security system is a solid, first line of defense that helps keep homes and families safe. Installing a home alarm system alerts potential criminals that a home is protected and provides a direct link to police, fire and other emergency personnel who can keep a home protected.

Review Author: Jason Thomas