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Jacksonville is the most populated city in the entire state of Florida and the largest city by area in the US. This city is more than just ample square mileage though – Jacksonville has outstanding weather, ample opportunity for employment and more than enough entertainment options for even the most active families. Jacksonville is home to the Jaguars of the NFL and several other smaller professional and amateur sports teams and features an outstanding zoo and several amusement parks. The close proximity to the water produces two positives – the port creates a number of jobs and there are some outstanding beaches for lounging and water sports.

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Crime Statistics for Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville certainly would not be considered a hot bed for criminal activity, but the city certainly has some crime statistics that are worth taking a closer look at. The totals for violent crime are relatively low compared to other major cities with similar populations, but it is the other crimes that residents might want to take note of. The numbers below show more than 40,000 instances of property crime and burglary which should compel current residents to consider taking action to keep themselves and their families safe. A small investment in the right home security equipment could help to reduce these numbers even further and minimize the potential loss for residents of Jacksonville.

F.B.I. Crime Statistics:

  • Population: 845,745
  • Violent Crimes: 5,426
  • Murder: 93
  • Rape: 456
  • Property Crime: 33,007
  • Burglary: 7,069

Summary of Jacksonville, Florida Home Security Systems

The city of Jacksonville is beautiful on so many levels, but the fact that burglaries and home invasions occur at the levels mentioned above can certainly make area residents think twice about their safety. Rather than taking chances and hoping for the best a Jacksonville, Florida resident could be better served by taking a proactive approach to protecting their home with a quality security system. A Jacksonville home security alarm will not only make a home a less likely target, it provides residents with an instant line of communication to police, fire and rescue services who are available to help with any type of emergency.

Review Author: Jason Thomas