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Portland Oregon

Portland has been known as the “City of Roses” for over a century, and this is derived from the huge number of roses grown in and around the city. There is a hot, dry summer, that is follower by damp, chilly winters, which makes it a perfect climate to grow roses, as well as a beautiful climate for residents to flourish. It is a city that is marked by liberal political views, incredible outdoor activities and a prominent love for beer. However, this beautiful city also has its fair share of crime, and a home security system would give you great peace of mind.

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Crime Statistics for Portland Oregon

Portland, like most bog cities worldwide, does have crime hotspots but that doesn’t take away it charm. The F.B.I released a report on the crime statistics for the city, and this is what we can see from the report:

F.B.I. Crime Statistics in Portland OR:

  • Population: 598,037
  • Violent Crimes: 3,093
  • Murder: 20
  • Rape: 231
  • Property Crimes: 30,454
  • Burglary: 4,471

The report shows us that crime is still a reality in Portland, although the statistics are much lower than cities such as New York and Boston. It would be best for your family if you invested in some sort of home security system.

Summary of Portland Home Security Systems

What kind of security system you decide to invest in depends largely on your property size and needs. If you have a large house you may want to look at a bigger and more technologically advanced system that incorporates CCTV, alarms and response systems, but if you have a smaller house you can consider getting a basic alarm system. Portland, Oregon is one of America’s most popular cities, and it has options for almost everyone, but by investing in a home security system you are adding to your security and ensuring your family and property are as safe as possible. For more great information visit Portland OR official website

Review Author: Jason Thomas