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Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix ranks as the most populated state capital in the entire US and the biggest city in the great state of Arizona. With a stable and growing economy, year round warm weather and countless options for entertainment it should comes as little surprise to anyone that this city continues to see and influx of people who want to relocate and consistently growing levels of tourism. Phoenix is home to four major professional sports teams and countless sporting events and with plenty of museums and venues, Phoenix also serves as a major hub for both the performing and the fine arts.

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Crime Statistics for Phoenix, Arizona

As amazing as the city of Phoenix can be on so many different levels, it is not entirely without issue. Though violent crimes continue to stay low, especially compared with other cities in the top ten most populated, the residents of Phoenix do have some cause for concern when it comes to property crimes and burglaries. The levels of thefts, property crimes and burglaries in Phoenix are on par with that of cities like Philadelphia and Chicago, which both consistently carry the reputation of dangerous places to live.

F.B.I. Crime Statistics:

  • Population – 1,502,139
  • Violent Crimes – 9,429
  • Murder – 118
  • Rape – 635
  • Property Crime – 60,085
  • Burglary – 16,747

Summary of Phoenix Home Security Systems

While living in the city of Phoenix does hold a bit of risk, it can be made much safer if homeowners take the proper precautions. Current residents or people planning on moving into the Phoenix area should strongly consider investing in a home security system in order to provide a strong level of protection against property crimes and burglaries. A good home alarm system provides security on many levels – from warding off thieves who are casing a neighborhood for potential targets to immediately alerting police in the event of a breach of windows or doors. This style of protection is an affordable and effective way for giving Phoenix home owners peace of mind when they are away from their homes. For more information check out the city of Phoenix Arizona Visitors‘s main page.

Review Author: Jason Thomas