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El Paso TX

El Paso ranks as one of the 20 most populated cities in the US, but there is far more to this community than skyscrapers and traffic jams. El Paso is loaded with incredible views and amazing architecture but this city is truly “on the map” for things like the outstanding food and abundance of live performance arts. This city is home to more than a dozen major events or festivals that celebrate everything from music and art to tattoos and cinema that attract visitors from all over the world. With all of these outstanding attractions, El Paso is definitely a prime destination for those who want a community that is full of life.

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Crime Statistics for El Paso, Texas

El Paso is one major city that literally has it all – unfortunately though, that all encompassing word “all” includes elements that are both good and bad. As is the case in many cities where there is a high volume activity and areas which are very densely populated, there is some concern regarding crime in the city of El Paso. While this Texas town certainly doesn’t carry the same high level of crime as some other cities with comparable populations such as Austin TX, it does have a high enough level of crime where homeowners should certainly take steps in order to keep their loved ones and possessions safe.

F.B.I. Crime Statistics:

  • Population: 679,700
  • Violent Crimes: 2,522
  • Murder: 10
  • Rape: 176
  • Property Crime: 15,558
  • Burglary: 1,771

Summary of El Paso, Texas Home Security Systems

There are no perfect communities out there – each city has its own positive and negative attributes. While a city like El Paso, TX has positives that seem to far outweigh the negatives, residents still need to take some action in order to make their little piece of the bustling community as safe as possible. One simple method of increasing security in El Paso is with a quality home security system. The right El Paso home alarm will help to discourage most burglars before they have even begun and will work to scare others off before they have gained full entry to the property. Having a home security system installed in your El Paso home provides the additional peace of mind needed to make this a top option to raise your family.

Review Author: Jason Thomas