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Detroit used to be the driving force behind the US automotive industry, which made the city an incredibly popular place to visit and to call home. While much of the industry has moved from the metro area and there have been serious economic struggles (culminating in bankruptcy case in 2013), the area is showing some signs of improvement. Detroit is still home to professional teams in all four major sports (Tigers in Baseball, Pistons in basketball, Lions in football and Red Wings in hockey) a lively music and performance art community and new companies have been moving into the downtown creating more opportunities for jobs.

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Crime Statistics for Detroit, Michigan

The economic struggles that hit Detroit most definitely had an impact on crime rates in the city and while the city has taken some positive strides there are some dangers that remain. Detroit continues to have instances of violent and property crimes that rival those of larger and more populated cities and this should be a cause for concern among residents. Thankfully there are options out there for quality security systems and home monitoring that carry very reasonable costs and that provide a high level of protection against burglary and property crimes.

F.B.I. Crime Statistics:

  • Population: 699,889
  • Violent Crimes: 14,505
  • Murder: 316
  • Rape: 618
  • Property Crime: 40,835
  • Burglary: 11,754

Summary of Detroit, Michigan Home Security Systems

There are plenty of redeeming qualities in the city of Detroit, MI. This major Michigan city has a rich history and outstanding opportunities for entertainment and culture. While the economic struggles may have started an increase in crime levels there are things that homeowners can do on their own to make the place that they call home safer for their families. Simple things like installing outdoor lighting and maintaining landscaping can have a positive effect, but the best way to keep things secure is by installing a good home alarm system. A quality home alarm will warn potential thieves that the home is a target that carries high risk. Knowing that there are loud noises and immediate police contact imminent if a breach is attempted may be just enough to keep criminals at bay.

Review Author: Jason Thomas