Why you Need a Home Security System

Why you Need a Home Security System

You may think you’re safe in your home and you may even feel safe, but every day numerous homes throughout the United States are broken into. Studies show that when the economy is flailing, this is when the percentage of home burglaries greatly increases. People are looking to make a quick buck and are willing to do anything to obtain money or valuables, since they may not be working. High unemployment puts many adults wandering around with nothing to do, which means home break-ins rise.

In that same respect, when the economy is experiencing downturn, drug use also increases. It could be the vast amount of foreclosures and families tearing apart due to financial distress that causes people to crave an escape from their hectic lives. It’s known that junkies are always looking for their next fix and are willing to beg, borrow and steal to satisfy it.

It’s an unfortunate pattern we see throughout economic downturns in the past few decades, but there’s no denying they’re there. Here, we rundown a list of reasons from the how to choose security companies themselves know you need a home security system in place.

  • Burglars know your tricks. There’s a reason that homes continue to be broken into and that’s because for all of the secrets and tips to ward off burglars passed through generations, the simple fact is they still exist and always will. The worst thing you can do is a classic trick like leave a hidden key somewhere near the front door. Burglars know that this is common practice, especially in the suburbs where people need an extra key for the babysitter or a kid who forgets their key. Burglars know to shuffle things around and attempt to find the key to get in your home. From here, a set alarm can sound and notify the authorities, which is likely to send the intruder on his merry way without taking anything of value.
  • Many doors are susceptible to breaking in. This means the door just needs a push and a nudge to open. Burglars often stake out a house, watching the patterns of inhabitants and neighbors to see when people are around and when they aren’t. They may even go as far as studying the mechanics of the door in order to have a plan in place to break in quickly. Don’t let yourself fall victim to break-in because of these small matters that you don’t have time to examine more thoroughly. A door that is opened would quickly trigger the sensor and the police would be called to the scene. If the alarm goes off as well, it will alert neighbors and the burglar will attempt to escape the scene as quickly as possible.
  • Watch your windows. You would be amazed at how many people leave a window unlocked throughout the day. This is ridiculous and practically an invitation for a burglar to enter your home. This is an area where home security companies may suggest putting a sensor because windows are used in home theft as often as doorways. Because windows can be located on the sides or back of the house, they are out of sight for most neighbors, thus making them a prime spot for thieves to try and make their way into a home.
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Wireless Cameras Offered by Home Security Companies

Wireless Cameras

You’ve moved into your new digs and you’re after the hottest, latest and most effective security system out there. After all, you work hard for what you have and there’s no reason to let someone swoop in and take it. The latest and greatest hi-tech development in the world of home security companies and security systems is the wireless camera. That means you’re able to take surveillance of an area without wiring or going through the walls of your home. For many, this is just the thing they’ve been waiting for to take home security to the next level. Not all security companies offer wireless cameras at this time, but they are becoming more common, especially in upscale suburbs.

  • With a wireless security system, expect to spend big. Wired security cameras have been around for quite some time, which naturally means they’re cheaper. However, they can be harder to install depending on your walls and how much work you’re willing to put into the system. They can also take longer to install, so it’s important to keep this in mind. You may want to set it up so the security company is actively working at your property before you move in, in the event you’re moving to a new space. If you want to put a wireless camera into your existing property, it’s important to know that it can sometimes take specialists, which means the process moves at a much slower rate than install the typical wired cameras.
  • Learn how the security system will work with your device. The security system and wireless camera will sync up with a device you have indoors, allowing you to survey and take inventory of everything happening outside or wherever the camera is. While this is a great thing, remember to properly learn how to tap into your security system to prevent any glitches. You want to have full understanding of how the system works and it’s the job of the security company installing the system to see that that happens.

Sync all of the cameras to one device. A wireless security camera  will involve many different IP addresses, unless you sync everything to one device. It is best to do this with a portable device that is with you the majority of the time. Certain smartphones can be hooked to wireless camera security systems, as well as tablets and laptops. While a desktop computer can also be synced to the system, the mobile devices give you more options when it comes to checking on the surveyed area. After all, if you’re already at home, do you need to view the surveyed area from a computer inside the house? Syncing all of the cameras to your laptop will allow you to check in on these protected zones no matter where you are in the world. As long as you have an Internet connection, you will be able to check these areas from your mobile device. It’s a pretty genius concept!

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Home Security Myths and Facts

Home Security Myths and Facts

A lot of people can mislead you into thinking that you don’t really need much home security, even when you have so much to look out for. Loved ones, irreplaceable belongings, and even your pets can all be victims when a home invader decides to make you a part of his list of stops for the night. Its always important to separate the myths and outright lies from facts, especially when you have so much at stake.

The facts are as plain as day when you finally open your eyes; a security system can be so much more useful to a family than what a sales pitch can say. They can keep you and many others safe from harm, with the proper implementation and training on the part of the homeowners. An effective screen against criminals, and many other undesirable elements, will be kept at bay when the smart homeowner opts for a home security measure.

Home Security Myths

How well do you know the world of home security companies? Many have believed what are actually myths about the topic for years. The truth, however, is much farther away than what you may have perceived as fact earlier. Before we separate the truth from the myths, here is a short list of some popular beliefs about home security:

  • The most effective home security measures are too expensive for the average homeowner to own. Even more so today, given the scope of today’s economic situation.
  • The police, and many other emergency services for that matter, will never arrive in time to do any good. The best they will be able to do is file a report that goes nowhere, or to draw a chalk outline around your corpse.
  • You live in a very safe gated suburban neighborhood with a low crime rate. Nothing can happen to you, or any of the members of your family.
  • A guard dog can alert, and defend me before a burglar gets close. He is specially trained for such situations.
  • Insurance should cover any damages or losses sustained in the event of a break-in. Even without insurance, it’s not like you have anything worth getting reimbursed for anyway.
  • The best security systems won’t work on my home, because they can easily be cut by craftier intruders.
  • Wireless security systems are garbage, and will not work because of how often I use my cell phone and WiFi-enabled internet device.
  • A gun would do more harm than good in my home, or anywhere else for that matter. They are tools of destruction worse than any burglar and should be avoided even more.

Getting past a hurdle of lies can be your first step towards accepting a new means of protection into your life. Don’t stake the safety of your family on a myth to begin with; wise up and know the truth!

Home Security Facts

Home Security FactsNext to the myths, the facts may indeed be easier to swallow if you keep an open mind. Learning all of the means possible to keep your family safe from harm, while still giving them enough freedom to enjoy life, will mean the best for all parties involved. Set the record straight with these hard home security facts:

  • Even the most advanced home security systems that are wired through a house have become relatively affordable in recent years. It all depends where you look, and how willing you are to go for the safety of your loved ones.
  • Again, the ability of emergency services to get to your location quickly all depends on where you live. Denser urban sprawls and desolate rural areas may cause trouble for some emergency response teams to navigate, while quiet suburban neighborhoods may be much easier to reach. That said, be prepared to fend off against potential home invaders if they don’t arrive as early as you’d like.
  • Even the safest neighborhoods can still be targeted by violent criminals. Never underestimate the abilities of a home invader; a house nestled in the quiet suburbs might have even more valuable loot to nab.
  • Guard dogs are safe and effective when trained right, but they can often cause false alarms that can be an inconvenience to homeowners.
  • Insurance policies can be expensive to maintain, but home security systems can take the edge off certain premiums and plans.
  • Some of the best wired security systems can be snaked through a house unobtrusively. With the proper planning, they can also be placed in unsuspecting areas that even the craftiest of burglars can’t reach.
  • Wireless signals can travel on paths separate from your other devices. They will be able to operate unobtrusively alongside your computer, smart phone, and other things that emit a wireless signal.
  • Guns are only as dangerous as the people handling them. If you and your family are properly trained, and if you have all gone through the necessary safety courses, firearms can turn out to be valuable and cost-effective home security measures.

Getting past those myths will lead you straight into an even larger world of protection measures against unwanted criminals. Don’t be one step behind when it comes to dangerous criminals; it’s in their nature to take advantage of others at the slightest hint of vulnerability. Keep up a good home security facts, whether or not you have invested in a larger and more comprehensive plan.

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How Much Should You Pay For Home Security?

How Much Should You Pay For Home Security

Home is where the heart is’ and not only your heart, you keep most of your valuables in your sweet home and so you want to install the best security for your house. The modern technologically advanced security devices can provide good amount of security but they are expensive too. So it is important to decide how much you should pay towards the security of your house.

The home security devices can deter the burglars to an extent from breaking into your house, but they are not completely fail- proof devices. Moreover the cost of installation and maintenance of such devices are quite high. A front sign, motion sensors all throughout the house can be helpful but cannot guarantee a complete security. There are also some easy and simple steps that you can follow, to secure your house in your absence and they are not at all expensive.

Spending a huge amount and installing the modern security locks in your home may not always give desired result. In fact, if you try to see from the point of view of a burglar then it may appear that the house must have many valuable items and it is worth trying their luck in those houses. It is also been observed that they might operate within 3-5 minutes after the alarm goes off and the arrival of cops. But still these devices do install a sense of security in us.

You can take care of a few basic things about your home security companies before leaving your house. Ensure all the doors, both front and rear, are properly locked. All the windows of your house are secured and closed. This way you can seal all the entry points.

Garage doors are ignored oftentimes. This is an easy target for the criminals, do take a notice of this door and lock it properly before leaving the house.

Use the timer to switch on & off the lights in your house. A dark, quiet house or a light switched on for 24 hours is a sure sign that the house is not occupied.

The burglars will try to find out whether your house is empty or not before an operation, so before leaving town ask your neighbors to pick your mails, stop the delivery of newspaper at your door steps and so on. These small signs, if taken care of, might confuse a burglar about your presence and deter him from entering the house.

Another thing that you can ensure is to stack away tools and devices lying around your house compound. Like a ladder lying in your garden will provide easy access to the burglars in the second floor of your house where there is higher chance of your window remaining open.

Once you take care of all these little things before leaving your home, it will be a difficult target for the burglars to break in. Along with these if you install a vivint security system, your house is well secured. But do remember to activate the system before you leave your house as any system no matter how expensive or technologically advanced, will render no service if you forget to activate it before leaving.

It is a wise move not to compromise with the safety of your home even if you have to shell out a considerable portion of your pay packet when the installations are underway. This investment will definitely pay off in the long run.

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5 Quick Home Security Tips

Quick Home Security Tips

When you are away from your house, the security of your empty house is a constant concern for you. Here are some home security tips that will be helpful.  Generally, the burglars are on the lookout for these easy targets. It is always easier for them to ransack your house while you are away. Here are 5 quick and easy home security system techniques that you may apply:

  • Install good locking system: The first thing that comes to our mind is to lock the house in such a manner that the burglars cannot break in. For this, it is important to install a strong lock that the intruder may find difficult to break through. Statistics reveal that if burglars are unable to break through a locked door or window within the first few seconds, they tend to leave that house and look for an easier target. So a strong door or with a solid lock is one of the most important precaution that you may take to prevent burglary.
  • Take care of those windows: The next important entry point in your house is the window. Take care and check the locking system of your windows. If one can reach your windows from the ground level then install some anti-lift device which will prevent burglar from lifting the whole window and making a comfortable entry space. When the entry doors and windows of your house are secured, more than half of security woes for your house are taken care of.
  • Right use of light and sound effect: To give the impression of an occupied house, you need to use your lights in the right manner. One method that we frequently use to create an impression that the house is occupied is to keep the lights on in a room or in the porch for the entire day, but this overused formula are a dead giveaway sign that the house is empty and an easy target for the burglars. But you can use this same method little wisely, use the timers to control the on & offs of the lights in your rooms, kitchen, porch and this will create the right impression as if you are there in the house. To add more effects to it, you can set timers for your TV or radio and that will add the correct sound effect and will make the perfect impression of someone’s presence in the house.
  • Lock your Garage: Garage is another entry to the house, so it is important to check the locks on your garage door even when your car is not parked there. The big and poorly locked garage doors are the easy targets for the burglars to break inside your house. A good lock in your garage door will ensure proper security for your house.
  • Fake it to save it: One easy and cheap method to save your house from burglary or theft, while you are away is to install fake home security alarms, cameras and lawn signs. This will cost you a little but will provide you a good amount of security. The burglars unaware of the fake systems will definitely avoid breaking into your house which will give the effect of a highly protected house with all the hi-tech security gadgets.

When away from your home, you will never want its security to be compromised. Try these easy and simple steps and safeguard your house from possible theft or Keep Burglars Away.

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Making Your Home Childproof

Making Your Home Childproof

Making Your Home Childproof

If you have a child living in your home, then this is an absolute necessity. A home can be a dangerous place for a child if proper safety measures are not put into effect. Thus, let us consider some ways to make your home a safe place for children. Some of these suggestions may seem obvious to you. They are very important things to consider, however.

The first objective has to be making sure that any objects a child can harm himself with are removed from the child’s range of movement. Be sure that there are no small items within reach that the child can choke on. One thing that is often overlooked is a refrigerator magnet. If small and left too low on the refrigerator, it can be a choking hazard. Anything hanging off of a table can also be dangerous as a child may unwitting pull something off of a table onto himself. Electrical cords especially need to be kept out of reach and electrical outlets should be covered. Some houseplants can prove to be a danger as well. Make sure nothing poisonous is within reach. Keeping the garbage behind a door that the child can’t open is also a good idea.

Be sure to secure doors and cabinets with childproof latches. This will keep children from getting into situations that can cause them harm. End tables with sharp edges need to have protectors put on the corners so that the child doesn’t harm himself.

What are some more things that can be done to protect a child? Consider just a few things:

  • Make sure any weapons in the house are securely locked up.
  • Never hang anything over a crib.
  • Bathtubs and shower enclosures should have non-slip floor grips.
  • Make sure to have a carbon monoxide detector in each child’s bedroom.
  • Make sure that any medicines are safely locked and out of a child’s reach. Don’t rely on those childproof caps.
  • When cooking, make sure to have the pot handles turned in so that a passing child can’t pull something hot off of the stove and be seriously burned.
  • Beware of water hazards. Don’t allow your child near pools of water unattended either in or out of the house.
  • Keep furniture away from the windows to ensure children cannot fall out.

A home security companies is another great way to protect your family. Carbon monoxide detectors, for example, may be included in the system. Be sure to choose the right system for your needs and your budget.

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Keeping Our Homes Safe from Predators

Homes Safe from Predators

Our homes can be easy targets from burglars; it is one of the leading crimes and contrary to popular belief, most incidents take place during daylight hours.  For some, Burglary is a career choice with flexible hours; this fact subjects us to criminal activity when we are most vulnerable. Home security is a judicious choice considering the protection for our family and security of possessions. Choosing the benefits of a security system offers a high level of protection for our family and possessions against exposed risk to criminal activity.

Consider what Criminals see as opportunity in a target rich environment:

  • Easily available items like; Bicycles, BBQ’s, Patio Furniture, Tools, Toys
  • Expensive items like; Jewelry, Cameras, Electronic Devices, Metals, Clothing
  • Communication Devices, Laptops, HDTV’s, I-Pads, Video Players, Monitors
  • Collectables, Art, Family Heirlooms, Antiques, Cosmetics, Sports Equipment

Criminals equate your possessions as marketable merchandise; their assessment is a simple equation, Risk verses Profit, now consider their overhead cost. The only question for us to ask ourselves is; how easy will we permit them the opportunity they seek.

The decision to protect our families and the valuables we earned through honest hard work is protection from those who seek to cause us physical, emotional, and financial harm. Collectively consider the emotional, health, and financial value of your family and the possessions you have worked hard to provide for the ones you love. Now consider the cost of a security system to protect, which in many cases is a life’s effort.

In the business of criminal activity, they see our Hopes, dreams and Needs as periods of opportunity. The dream vacation, sporting events for our children, holidays with family, a untimely emergency and even tragedies which may require absence from your home to reconcile a situation. Criminals know well, responsible people have commitments, and obligations requiring their absence on occasions. Monitoring your activities is business as usual for them.

Choosing Home Security like frontpoint security is a decision we make, for the comfort sought lays in the protection we engage, thereby expelling villainous activities of those who seek to do us harm.

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Making your Home Child Safe

Home Child Safe

When it comes to our children, we do not take chances. Removing potential dangers from harmful accidents is first, and foremost our strongest concern. What may seem a safe and comfortable environment for most people, can potentially be a dangerous place for children.

In a child’s new found world of wonders and curious adventures, their need to explore is amazing for them and us to observer. We must see their world from a different perspective, their size, and unawareness of hazards coupled with that amazing curiosity, could potentially subject them to unidentified dangers. One of our first considerations is size and reach ability of all objects, children push, pull, climb, and fall, causing objects in higher places to become within their world of access.

Children have a fascination with tasting every object they encounter for several reasons, what we know is food, they have not the life experience to understand, if it looks interesting, they try it out. This can be prompted by factors like simple teething, understandably they may just be seeking relief, provide them good options.

Things like electric cords, power strips, and wall outlets, cleaning agents, and cutting devices, need consideration for potential of harm. Even houseplants, some varieties have serious risks, for example; cactus can turn a moment of playful wonder into a life-altering incident.

Doors, cabinets, chests, furniture cabinets, sharp edges of tables and even the lamps or other arrangements must; all be considered for a childproof. Our children want to explore and experience the environment around them to begin the developmental stages of learning, removing hazards is our responsibility.

Let us look at some other factors, which pose serious dangers;

  • Guns and weapons need to be secure
  • Hanging items above a child or within reach
  • Tubs and showers need non-slip surfaces
  • Carbon monoxide detectors in a child’s room
  • Medicines, need to be safe, secure and out of reach
  • When cooking; using rear burners, turning handles away from access
  • Water features of all types pose dangers, even shallow arrangements
  • Windows are high hazard areas; consider access from a child’s desire to explore

Home security companies offer great protection, feel secure in choosing the right features for the safety of our families is a decision of love.

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3 Ways to Save Money on Insurance

Save Money on Insurance

How much of your income goes right back out of your pocket to pay insurance premiums? Between health insurance, car insurance, life insurance, home owner’s insurance (or renter’s insurance), and liability insurance for work, one of your biggest expenses may be your collective insurance premiums. You likely pay hundreds of dollars, perhaps even a thousand or more, on a monthly basis to keep yourself, your family, and your belongings protected.

It’s important to have insurance. However, why spend more money than you have to? Here are three Save on Homeowners insurance tips that will allow you to allocate more of your hard earned money to things you need and want.

Raise Your Credit Score. Your credit score will affect your insurance rates. Why do insurance companies take credit into account? Studies have shown that people with poor credit produce more insurance claims. I’ll keep my own counsel on why that may be the case. The sad fact for the consumer is this: Having bad credit makes you a bigger risk for payouts and that means a higher premium.

If you are considered to be a credit risk, there are many companies out there that will help you. It may take a little time to repair your credit, but it is certainly worth it. You will be rewarded with lower premiums as well as lower interest rates on loans or credit cards.

Home Security. If you have a car alarm, airbags, and other safety features, you can get a better rate out of a car insurance company. If you have a home security system like protect america, it will lower the price of your home owner’s insurance. If you do not yet have a home security system, this is something simple you can do to protect your home and decrease your insurance rate. Make sure your insurance company knows about the system. Just because you have a system, it doesn’t mean you are getting the discount you deserve.

Multiple Policies. Many insurance providers offer a discount if you purchase more than one type of insurance through them. Ask your insurance agent if you can save money by bundling your insurance in this manner. Since you’re already at the party, you may as well ask them if there is a discount available for being a long time client (assuming you have been with the same company for a few years).

These are just a few ways to save yourself money on your insurance, and that is something we can all benefit from.

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6 Reasons to Get a Home Security System

Reasons to Get a Home Security System

Well all know the primary reason for getting a home security system. We want to protect our family and possessions from criminals. This isn’t the only reason to get a home security system. Consider six more reasons, many of which are more likely to be used.

Deterrent. Thieves are after easy money. If you display a sign and have a visible security system, there is less likelihood of an attempted break-in. Having signs is good. Having an actual system is better. Make sure if someone cases the joint that they’ll notice a camera or motion sensor.

Fire Protection. Many home detection systems offer more than just anti-theft services. Smoke detectors tied into the system can be set to contact local fire authorities automatically. This will decrease response time and make it more likely for the fire department to respond in time to save your possessions.

Home Owner’s Insurance. With a fast response system in place to protect your belongings from theft or fire, insurance companies are likely to offer you their best rates. Less chance that they will have to pay out means more money in your pocket on a monthly basis.

Self-Triggered Silent Alarm System. Many alarm systems have this feature. Let’s say you stumble into a thief or attacker in your home. Even if you have been taken hostage, many home security systems have a fake code that allows you to disarm the system, but also alert authorities that something is wrong at your home.

Protection Against Leaving Openings. Have you left a door or window open? Most robberies occur without forced entry. A home security system will alert you to an open door or window before allowing you to set the alarm. This will help your system to be effective by limiting human error.

Door Chimes. Even when you are home and the system is off, it will inform you when a door a window opens with a little dinging sound. The kids can’t sneak out. Their friends can’t sneak in. And if the family pet nudges a door open you will know right away.

While you may never need to protect your home from an intruder, there are many other ways you can benefit from having a home security system. These 6 are some of the benefits you are more likely to use.

Some people say they don’t need a security system. Perhaps they just are not thinking about everything a home security system can do for them.

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