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ADT Security is the home security company that nearly everyone knows. With over 130 years of experience in the home security industry, ADT Security provides a vast menu of services and incredibly powerful equipment to meet your home security needs. ADT Security is unique because they pay special attention to the needs of senior citizens and offer services that cater to their needs. If you have an elderly member in your family, or if you want to know that you have the longest standing name in the business watching out for you, then you definitely want to consider the services that ADT Security can provide.



  • Burglary, fire, and life safety alarm
  • Direct communication with local police and fire
  • 6 month satisfaction guarantee
  • Manage your system on the go with the powerful smart phone application
  • Home automation with endless possibilities
  • Wireless keychain remote with emergency response button

ADT Monitoring Pricing Per Month

  • $27.99 – Basic
  • $53.99 – ADT Pulse®
  • $58.99 – ADT Pulse® + Video
Our Rating: 4.5 / 5
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Review Author: Jason Thomas

134 Reviews on “ADT Monitoring

  1. I see a lot of reviews about ADT Security and how friendly and efficient they are, and I agree. I also think they’re very accommodating with their scheduling, too. I had an issue with the timing of their scheduling, and they were able to work it out with me so that I could meet the tech at my house and not reschedule 50 times. It’s the little service-oriented details that have customers coming back to ADT Security and referring their friends. I’ve sent all of my family, friends, and coworkers to ADT Security, and every one of them have been satisfied. If you need a home security system for your home, I can’t say enough good things about these guys. They’re all on top of their game, to start with. Everyone knows their jobs inside and out, and if someone is new or training, then an experienced person is right there with them. They take pride in making sure your experience is well above what you expected, and frankly, their products are a far cry better than what’s on the market right now…in my opinion, anyway. You won’t be disappointed if you go with ADT Security.

  2. I got a home security system installed by ADT and the whole experience was great! From the start, they were interested in me and my needs. I felt valued, and frankly, it was great to find a company so dedicated to service. They answered my questions, and they were honest about their prices, which I loved. The features available to me were awesome, and I was very glad I made the choice I did. If you need a security system, call ADT. You’ll get more than you think for a fraction of the cost.

  3. Life’s priorities have a funny way of changing once you’ve experienced a break in, and I certainly don’t want a repeat of what happened. I’m sure it’s not as bad as it seems, but when someone breaks into your home, you feel violated. I called ADT because I didn’t want to feel like I couldn’t sleep in my own home anymore. They were very understanding and told me that, unfortunately, most people wait until after something happens to install a home security system. I signed up for one of the most inclusive packages available. I wanted it all: lights, cameras, motion sensors, regular sensors, everything. ADT installed it, showed me how to work it, and now I feel like I can sleep in my home again.

  4. I have had a similar home security system that didn’t really let you see your home because the camera quality was so poor. I’d get scrambled picture especially if I were out of the country. With ADT I do not have this problem.

  5. We’ve been on the hunt for a wireless home security system since they hit the market and ADT seemed to be our best bet. I love how easy it was to install ADT on our own. We both travel a lot and I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to schedule a time to have the company come install it. We checked out their website and it was clear that we could go the DIY route. There were a lot of positive reviews of people saying how easy it is to install a ADT wireless home security system, so we took the chance and I’m glad we did. I have tested it out a few times and it works like a charm. I also love that I can monitor my home from my phone. Like I said we both travel frequently for work, which is what made us get a security system for the house. We were tired of feeling our home was vulnerable when we were away and our neighbor had a near-break-in two months ago. This made us feel our property was threatened and I want a way to take care of our home even when we can’t be there. ADT has been amazing and I’d highly recommend the system.

  6. I know home security systems because I have been in the biz for 20 years. Let me tell you that home security systems have changed tremendously in that time period and we’re no longer in the ‘90s where people pay big bucks for monthly home security. Those days are long gone and now you can get all of the protection you did back then plus more with a system like ADT. ADT security is where it’s at for an alarm that will get the job done and customer service you can really count on. I love that ADT is easy to install and it is very simple for everyone in the house to use.

  7. I own a small business where patrons can come in and take a painting class. It is BYOB as well. We are located in a shopping strip and there have been two vehicle break-ins during the day (when we are closed) and one robbery at night. I knew it was time to invest in a security system, but at my previous job we had one that was faulty and didn’t perform well. One of the other tenants in our strip uses the wireless home security system from ADT Security and told me about how easy it is to install. That sold me! As a single mother, I did not want something I would have to have installed and stay late because I have a young daughter I care for in the day. With ADT Security I was able to set it up within an hour and I could see my business once we took a quick trip to the coffee shop. I am amazed at how far technology has come and I’m glad to use it to protect my business. We have tested the sensors on multiple occasions (once was because of our dog!) and have not detected any issues in this department.

  8. The installation team that came to install our home security system was amazing. They were knowledgeable, friendly, and taught us everything we needed to know to effectively operate about our system. ADT Security worked quickly and got us all set up.

  9. The salesperson that I initially dealt with at ADT has been nothing but professional, gracious, and a pleasure to work with on every level. Every step of the way, he has answered my questions and given me the information that I need to make the best decision about purchasing a security system. Although I was skeptical at first about spending so much money over time on a product, he ultimately won me over with the practicality of the system. It is easy to operate, user-friendly, and specifically designed with my home and family in mind. He didn’t push me to buy a particular product or system. Instead, he simply presented the options and allowed me to make an informed choice on my own. When it came time for installation, the service was also extraordinary. The technician was respectful of my home and my time, taking care to appear at a time that was convenient for me. He also minimized the wiring system so that it was not an eyesore in our home. He cleaned up after himself and always removed his shoes when entering my home, with no prompting from me. He was also very knowledgeable in teaching us how to best utilize the system.

  10. We have used ADT as our home security system provider for the last five years. We have never had any major problems with our system or in dealing with ADT. They are always polite, friendly, and knowledgeable when we call with questions. I am never made to feel as if I were bothering them or asking a stupid question. Best of all, I am able to speak with a live person as opposed to a recording when I call this company. I have never had a substantial wait in doing so, either. Overall, I am highly satisfied with ADT Security and would recommend its services to all of my friends, family, and neighbors.

  11. I have used ADT for seven months so I feel at liberty to give a report on this wireless home security system. I have to say this is probably the best bang for your buck in the wireless home security system area. It does everything you need it to and there is no cost for installation because you do it yourself. I am used to doing projects around the house, but the directions are practically self-explanatory and it’s easy for anyone to install. Two thumbs-up for the ADT security system! It is well worth the investment if you want to keep your things safe.

  12. My mother is elderly and lives on her own in a different city. I wanted to get her a home security system and read all about wireless home security systems which are the rage right now. With ADT I just went to the site and everything I needed arrived within two days. I was not expecting it to get there that fast! I was visiting my mom for a long weekend and the ADT home security system got there before I did! I was able to set it up very quickly and any questions I had were answered by the FAQs section on their site. I was very impressed with how easy they make it for you to set up the alarm system and test it out. I showed mom how I would be able to monitor the home security system and see how the house was doing from a different city and she was amazed. More importantly, this woman now feels safe and knows that if she has a problem, she can call me and I can help her. I also spoke with ADT about their monitoring system and I was told they always call the home and they can call me too if an problem arises. That is awesome customer service in my book.

  13. There is no reason not to get ADT! This is a wireless home security system that actually works. I was very happy to learn about ADT online and I think it is an awesome value. There’s no reason to feel threatened or insecure in your own home. There were times when we felt that way and the ADT wireless home security system has changed that. We can monitor the house even when we are not home and we have a sensor for a vulnerable backdoor that has been a problem in the past. I am very pleased with ADT and highly recommend it to anyone.

  14. I read about home security systems for a month before deciding on ADT. I knew ADT was a great product because my neighbors own one and the husband worked in home security for 20 years. If it’s good enough for him, it’s definitely good enough for me and after I did my homework on ADT I knew it was the right choice. I’d also read about ADT on a home improvement blog where they rated some of the most affordable yet efficient home security systems. I ordered ADT on a Tuesday and had it installed by that weekend. I have to comment on how simple it is to install this device. Even the cameras are a breeze to setup and that is coming from someone with limited DIY installation experience. I am not a person who understands the technicalities of installing devices like this, but ADT is really easy and makes it comfortable for anyone to install their own home security system. I didn’t think I needed a home alarm for months until our neighbors across the street were burglarized in the middle of the day! I didn’t even know that happened but they wiped their house clean including all laptops with personal information. That’s scary!

  15. Yes, ADT is the home security system we’ve all been waiting for. I first read about home security systems with self-installation awhile back in a home improvement magazine, but I had no idea they were also a lot more affordable than the conventional home alarms. I came across an article about ADT online and decided to do some research on the system and the overwhelming reviews made me pull the trigger. The installation is as easy as they say and it is helpful to have CS that aren’t rude or clueless when you call them with a question. I would never leave ADT.

  16. Our neighborhood is undergoing a renaissance for the worse and that means a lot of petty crime and robberies. I do not want that to creep to our home, so I’ve installed ADT. First of all installation for this home security system was simple. I bet you’d be hard-pressed to find an alarm that’s easier to use than ADT. My 14 year old was able to learn how to use it with one lesson and I have not had any glitches with the program. The way ADT works is there are pre-settings that come with the device, but you can go in and customize it changing the zones in your home. You can also add extra motion sensors if you choose to. We decided to add two extra motion sensors – one to the garage door and one to the backdoor, which makes us feel like the entire house is protected. The monthly fee is reasonable when you understand it’s protecting your family. I can’t imagine our family living without it after seeing what our neighbors are dealing with having to replace every laptop and tablet for family members. That isn’t happening to us! We’re thankful to have ADT after seeing what others have faced.

  17. I am glad I moved to ADT. I was laid off from my job and dipping into savings a little too much for my liking, but I wanted things to stay relatively the same since I begin a new job in less than a month. That said, we did have to make cuts here and there and one of the ways was by ditching our old home security system and moving to ADT. With ADT we are still getting the protection we want and paying less than half of the previous monthly bill. It’s amazing to have that extra money especially when it counts.

  18. After spending the week at my parents’ house, I decided I wanted a home security system. I couldn’t afford an expensive alarm like their hardwired system, but I found ADT while hunting online. Wow! I am getting the same thing they have for a much cheaper price on a monthly basis. I was a little nervous about installation, but it was simple as 1-2-3 so if that’s what’s holding you back, take a chance and order ADT. I sleep better at night knowing I have ADT as that barrier to keep me safe when I’m alone. It offers a lot of security for a low price – just what a singleton like me needs!

  19. I recently made the move to a new neighborhood and thought it was the right time to also invest in a security system. I decided to have the ADT security installed because of all the nice features that are included with this system. I’ve been really impressed with this service because not only is the price-point for the system really reasonable, but the company has a really nice customer service team. There is an entire team that is dedicated to service and support. Upon order of the service, a team was at my doorstep ready to install the system. All I had to do is pay for the system and I didn’t have to lift a finger for any of the installation. The system was ready for use within a couple hours after installation and now I’m still getting used to arming the system every day. I make sure to turn it on when I’m away from my home as well as when I’m at home asleep. As far as security systems go, I’d say this product is very well made and definitely a worthwhile investment! I know that it will last for a long time and hopefully be the last security system that I’ll ever need!

  20. I saw ADT featured on a home improvement TV show with a lot of DIY things to upgrade your home. This is the first time I have purchased something seen on these types of shows, but I thought it would be a good move for us. We have discussed getting a home security system for years, but never did it for whatever reason. ADT is awesome and doesn’t add much to our monthly bills, which was one of our main concerns. With ADT we get protection and safety without dipping into our bank account (by much). It’s a win-win for our family.

  21. You hear about break-ins everyday but seldom think that it will happen to you. The reality is that anything can happen anywhere which is why it’s necessary to be prepared should the unfortunate happen to you and your home. I recently made the decision to protect my home with the ADT security. I’m definitely glad that I decided to give this system a shot. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t know how well it would actually work. I have to say though that I’ve been really impressed with how well the service has provided me with a sense of safety and security. I like knowing that there is a watchdog that is constantly looking out for my home. Whether I’m at home or not, it’s nice to know that my home is being protected. It’s also especially nice to know that I can check in on my home remotely by way of my phone. Should an issue arise, I also like that the local fire and police departments would be able to check in on the house without a phone call having to be made. It should also be noted how simple the service is to use. I was never the best with technology, but I am able to arm the system with ease and I don’t worry about the system being hacked since the customer support center will be notified should a disconnection take place.

  22. You can search high and low for a better price for a home security system and it isn’t out there. This is it! I have been a fan of ADT for two years, but most recently convinced my mother and in-laws to invest in this nifty alarm. We are talking about the most affordable way to protect your house. No matter what type of neighborhood you live in, you are a target. Most cops say it’s not a matter of if, but when, your home will be burglarized. ADT can stop them with the crazy alarm. It sounds threatening – as it should!

  23. There’s so much to say about the ADT security service that I feel like no review can do it justice. The home security system really works and it works well. I can speak first hand of an encounter when the service went to work for me. Last year, my daughter was home alone when she heard some noise at the front door. At first she thought it was another family member returning home, but she quickly realized that it was an intruder who thought no one was home. Luckily the security service was turned on and it immediately sounded off the alarm. The alarm alone scared off the intruder, upon which the police and fire department followed. I am really grateful that the security system was turned on at the time and that it was linked directly to the authorities. I really truly feel that the system helped save my daughter’s life as well as my home. It’s hard to know when someone may break in to your home, so it’s important to be prepared. Take my advice that this service is as close to full-proof protection as you will get. There really is no excuse to not be prepared in today’s age, especially when a service as safe and effective exists as ADT!

  24. Living your life in fear is really no way to live. There are so many crazy stories that you hear on the news about burglaries, that it can get so depressing just to go on living your life. That’s why I decided to invest in the ADT home security system. Let me tell you, this was the best investment that I have made since purchasing my home. I used to feel a little uneasy when I was home alone or away from my home. I never thought I would be able to afford a security system that would be of such high-caliber. But with ADT there are so many features included that the price I spend is worth every penny. The price point for the service is really reasonable compared to other security systems on the marketplace today. Not only that but I really like how I’m able to activate and deactivate the system from anywhere. Most times I never actually even use the keypad when arming the system since I’m able to use my cellphone from the comfort of my bed. I also purchased the added camera feature which allows me to check in on my home when I’m not there. I used to be a worrier but now I have peace of mind thanks to the ADT security system.

  25. There’s not enough good things to say about the ADT security system. I feel very safe and protected when I have this system armed. I use this system every night when I’m in my home and I also make sure to turn it on when I’m not in my home. I live alone so the extra protection is very comforting. I’m also very pleased with the price point for the system and the fact that it comes complete with a limited warranty. I know that I’ll be using this system for a long time because it’s very simple to use not pricey at all. It’s also very appealing how it is connected to the police and fire dept.

  26. I recently moved to a new neighborhood which has been very exciting but at the same time very unnerving because I do not know any of my new neighbors. I have three young children and my elderly mother also lives with me. I wanted some peace of mind knowing that they would all be safe when I’m not in the house. As such, I decided to get a ADT home security system. I chose this system because of how much value you receive for the price. The system has many bells and whistles while still also still resembling a true blue security system. It has a touchtone keypad so my mother can use it and then it also has set up devices that can be used from a cellular phone so the system can be set up remotely. This part of the system is really my favorite part. It makes using the system so convenient. Since I travel a lot, it’s nice to know that I can arm and disarm the system from anywhere in the world. It’s also nice knowing that should a burglary or fire arise the security system will automatically notify the local authorities. To be frank, the ADT security system has really changed me and my family’s life while not breaking my bank account!

  27. I thought was going to be a lot more difficult to setup, but all in all it took me about 45 minutes. This was a huge surprised because I helped my girlfriend install her home security system and it took us hours and two calls to customer service. Not the case with ADT! The siren is piercing should it go off and I think it’d scare off even the most seasoned burglar. Remember that this system comes with pre-settings but you can change those to your own liking and depending on the layout of the house. This alarm definitely makes me feel safer at home.

  28. After reading reviews on numerous home security systems online I settled on ADT. I was really impressed with how fast the package arrived and I liked that the components felt like a good weight. Overall this was the easiest DIY installation I’ve ever done and I’m reluctant to use the DIY term to describe the process of setting up ADT. I do not want anyone to think that because they don’t have DIY experience they can’t get ADT off the ground. The truth is, as long as you follow the directions you should be 100% fine with setup. If you were to have a problem call one of the friendly reps at ADT because their customer service is top notch and always really nice when we call. So far I’ve installed ADT at my own home, my parents and my sister’s apartment. A bonus for renters is because ADT isn’t hardwired you can take it with you when you move on to your next casa. Very nice for those of us who aren’t sure we’ll be in the same place this time next year. I highly recommend ADT to anyone who is looking for a good alarm system without spending too much.

  29. After my husband passed away, I didn’t know what it would be like in terms of my safety. I do have a dog, but I do not want my dog hurt in any way in the event of an intruder. I decided to buy ADT because my friend told me she installed it herself. No offense, but if she can do it, I figured I can do it too! Sure enough I had ADT installed the same day it arrived at my doorstep. I am floored at the things we can do for ourselves now that big companies used to insist on handling. And when they did that of course they charged us a major premium, but that isn’t the case anymore. Now there are a lot of things that are much cheaper with the same quality of service we were getting before and that’s the case with ADT. Remember when home security systems used to cost a fortune? I sure do! I know we cancelled the service in the early ‘00s when we both retired and we just went without a home alarm for all of that time. I am glad I can add this back to my home while on a fixed budget.

  30. I thought ADT would be confusing to set up, but it is self-explanatory! I am not a techie but ADT took me just 20 minutes to install and I had the app opened on my iPad within the hour. This is an awesome home security system.

  31. For me, ADT has been an excellent means of protection while living in a new city on my own. I recently retired and moved to Florida. I am not living in a senior living community, but I am in a condo where other elderly people live (though not exclusively seniors). Too many people target elderly people because they know a lot of us live alone. This is why thieves and criminals will watch elderly people’s habits and patterns coming and going from the house. I wanted a home security system that would be easy on my wallet and not too much fuss to install since I did not have anyone to help me. I received ADT and gave it a good once over before starting the project. It took me about an hour to install and I picked up the wifi signal right away. This is a smart, affordable way to make sure you are protected with an alarm. The minute people hear that alarm, they tend to stop what they’re doing and leave the scene of the crime. As a 67 year old woman living on my own, this is what I want from a home security system. Excellent company to work with.

  32. I’ve dealt with a plethora of home security systems over the years and never have I seen an alarm that gives you so much bang for your buck. For the price you’d think this home security system was a lot simpler, but the fact is you get features like motion sensors and wifi cameras. For those who’ve never used a wifi camera on their property, it is very easy to use and makes life so much better because you can see everything going on outside without stepping a foot outdoors. My husband is a very light sleeper so a bomb could go off and this man would not wake up. I am on the opposite end of the spectrum and the smallest noise from a stray dog or passing car wakes me and I can’t go back to sleep until I’ve sourced the cause of the noise. I am not loving that my poor sleep abilities alert me to these things all of the time, but I do like that ADT allows me to see my front yard and the street that runs on the side of the house without going outside. I am not going to go outside in the middle of the night, but because of the cameras I keep my tablet right by the bed and if a noise scares me, I just check the site to see what’s out there.

  33. I work in customer service at the management level so when a company impresses me with their customer service skills, that really says something. I’ve seen all kinds of companies who do not want to take the time or spend the money on properly training employees, but ADT does an exceptional job. I’d seen a lot about the great CS reviews for ADT (in addition to the device itself) and that’s partly what made me choose this home security system. I installed ADT easily and it was working great for several months. Then my dogs were running while I was setting the motion detectors and I received an error message I did not know how to troubleshoot. I placed a call to ADT and they were accommodating and helpful and took their time explaining my hiccup. It was an easy fix, but it was something I likely would not have been able to manage on my own even if I tried looking it up on the Internet. With ADT I had awesome customer service to walk me through the process and the rep even stayed on the phone with me while I tested the main console. That was very courteous of them!

  34. You will not find a more affordable home security system than ADT. This is a home security system that everyone needs. It just makes life easier when you have kids and jobs and no time to watch out for the bad guys. I’d highly recommend ADT to anyone because installation is very easy and the cost is low compared to other alarm systems on the market. I have used ADT for eight months in our brownstone and it is awesome to have the cameras keeping watch in the back of the building which leads to an alley way. You can see why cameras are ideal for us.

  35. My sister thought I should get a home security system because I was moving off campus for the first time into a small apartment complex. I didn’t think I’d be able to find something in my price range and I wasn’t sure how much monthly fees would run. Overall it was something I didn’t want to deal with. However she was kind enough to do the legwork and found ADT for me and I couldn’t be happier! If you are a student or anyone on a budget get ADT because it is an affordable way to protect yourself. I promise it’s worth the money!

  36. The mounting strips forADT are great because they keep the motion sensors well-connected unlike other home security systems. With our old home security system, which also ran on wifi, the sensors would not stay up because the mounting strips were so crappy. I don’t want to overpay for a home security system, but I also don’t want to end up with crappy sensors that aren’t doing their job because they can’t stay in place. ADT is ideal because it gives you everything you want out of a security system without any of the stuff you likely won’t use. I’ve seen some keypads for home security systems that look like you’re going to take off in a spaceship. That’s not the case with ADT. It’s the most user-friendly system I’ve ever seen and I am eager to see it work in our cabin. I have just ordered one for that second property because with it running on wifi, it makes the perfect home security system for a cabin where you have limited electrical. I definitely like having this layer of protection for our home and we feel safer than ever. There’s no one thing that guarantees safety, but it’s always great to feel you have that buffer zone.

  37. I am very satisfied with ADT Security. We moved into our house just a month ago and right away we wanted to get a home security system. It’d been a long time since I shopped home security systems, but I found a few online reviews that pointed me in the right direction to price compare for myself. I wanted to compare prices because my sister-in-law told me that there are a lot of home alarms that offer the same features but some are really expensive, which we can’t afford at the moment. ADT has everything you need and nothing you don’t, which is great for our growing family. If we decide to add a camera or motion detector later down the line, we’re able to do that with no problems and we aren’t locked in. I think one of the best things about ADT is you can move it from property to property, which is great for renters. We will be in this house at least a year, but I like that I can take ADT security when it’s time to move. The setup is simple and it works great. We enjoy this feature because it lets us watch the kids when they get in. They are home alone for an hour, but I still like to know they’re safe.

  38. I grew up with a home security system, but when I bought a house of my own I was floored at how much they cost! They were serious money and there were so many fees and add-ons. I just didn’t want to spend the money, so I put it off for a long time. My brother bought ADT when he moved into his new condo, so I figured it was time to reassess and see what the fuss was about. ADT is excellent and everything from the quality of the alarm to the customer service you get is top notch. I am happy I took the time to learn about them.

  39. I know ADT has been praised here a lot, but I am someone who has experienced ADT in action. Someone tried to break into our home through the backyard. The camera picked him up so I called 911 immediately and remained calm. The guy was apprehended and I am safe!

  40. My best friend moved across the country and when she did she got ADT for her home security system. I have been out of the loop in this department because I had no idea there were now home security systems that let you keep watch on your home from an Internet connection. That’s genius! I ordered ADT and set it up in under an hour. Actually that’s all it took for me to be connected to the app. Sure enough, there’s our driveway and backyard, which opens to a forested area. I love ADT and it’s so easy to use.

  41. We’ve been doing the home security systems song and dance for some time and I read about ADT online after months of research. We had a home security system at our old home and it was OK, but not as extensive as the different home security systems there are out there now. There are really a lot of options these days and we weren’t sure where to begin. Once we moved into the house it helped us see what we’d really need versus buying a generic home security system. I love that ADT lets you check out your home when you’re away with their wifi abilities. I know others who would appreciate this and complain that their home security system hasn’t upgraded to this. With ADT you are getting the latest available in home security systems and for me that’s worth the price. I know our home is safe and we like the ability to login and see what’s going on inside with the kids and outside in the perimeter surrounding the house. I think ADT is a great home security system that any parent will appreciate if they are away from their family as often as I am. This is a home security system that performs well.

  42. As a self defense instructor, I teach women how to defend themselves should they be attacked. This is important because of how many woman are alone at night walking to their cars from work or from the grocery store. Even though I’m trained to defend myself, I also have a home security system from ADT security, to protect myself when I’m asleep, and keep my home safe when I’m away. Simply knowing what to do to prevent attack is not enough – you must also be proactive to prevent certain situations whenever and wherever possible. Many of the women in my classes have also gotten systems installed, to err on the side of caution.

  43. Once I started collecting grown up toys, like my expensive big screen and my jet ski on it’s convenient trailer, I realized I need to protect my stuff. After I installed a ADT security system, I quit worrying.

  44. I am a very independent woman – I live alone. I don’t have a husband or children. That may change at some point, but for now, it’s just me. I refuse to be a victim. In addition to taking self defense classes and learning to be more aware of my surroundings, I have recently decided I need to take it one step further and protect my home with a home security system from ADT. After all, I know all these tactics to take care of myself when I’m alone working at night, or walking to my car, or in a social setting where I’m being harassed. But, what about protection when I’m home, whether I’m up late watching a movie or asleep? What about protecting my home when I’m at work, or away on vacation? The ADT security system takes care of that for me, so I truly have peace of mind. It doesn’t cost me much at all, and because of the discount my insurance company offers me on my homeowner’s insurance premium, it nearly pays for itself. I tell all my single female friends, as well as ones who are alone with their children while their husbands work that they need to invest in a system to protect themselves – not because they are weak, but because it’s the smart thing to do.

  45. This is a good system for the elderly. I purchased ADT home security systems on behalf of my mom. My dad died passed half a year ago, and I’ve been really worried about my mom’s safety and health. She’s rather old and has lots of problems, and I don’t want to lose her the way I lose my dad. The good news is that ADT home security systems is really easy to use. Not only does it protect her from potential burglars, but it provides me with the comfort of knowing that she’s safe. I really, really appreciate that! Thank you, ADT!

  46. I got ADT wireless security system about 2 months ago, and I have fallen in love with it! It was a little tricky to learn at first, but it’s really, really easy once you figure it out. Beware, though. If you are going to test the system, cover your ears! The sirens are really, really loud! It’s like a smoke alarm but 100x louder! The good news is that it’s easy to turn on and off. It’s all done through the central dashboard. Even better is the fact that the dashboard operates wirelessly. Plus, it can be remotely managed from anywhere. That’s a great convenience to have. I also appreciate ADT awesome agents. They are courteous, and they don’t mind taking the time to answer your questions and explain things. Another thing I appreciate is the pricing. It’s very, very fair! I also like the fact that it doesn’t trigger false alarms. The last thing I want is to annoy me neighbours to death or be woken up through all hours of the night because of a malfunctioning alarm system, you know? In conclusion, I’m super impressed and am really glad I invested in this alarm system. It does the job it’s supposed to do, and it does it exceptionally well!

  47. This is an awesome security system. I love the fact that ADT alarm system is completely wireless. You don’t need to worry about someone cutting wires. Plus, all its features and settings can be accessed wirelessly via remote management tools!

  48. I am really happy with our home security system. ADT Security has been fantastic to us and the prices are very reasonable. I like that ADT Security hears you out on what your primary concerns are for your home’s safety, then they come through with a plan that fits your needs. As elderly people we are on a limited budget and ADT Security understands this and their rates are good for anyone who is on a budget. I love that the system is very easy to work too, even if you are not very good with computers or other technical things. ADT Security makes us feel safe!

  49. I think there’s a reason you see so many glowing reviews for ADT Security online. These people know customer service and take their job seriously. With my old home alarm, I was lucky if I could get a rep on the phone because they wanted me to do everything online only! Being an older woman I am not comfortable communicating that way. With ADT Security I have never had a problem trying to reach someone when I have a question. It is also a very easy security system to learn to work. I know I will be a customer for years to come because of this.

  50. I love that ADT Security lets you choose the system that works best for your house. Our home is on the corner which means we need a little extra protection since people walk by the house and it is totally exposed on the side. The home security systems from ADT Security are excellent because they cater to the individual home and let the consumer zero in on the vulnerable areas of the home. I am very happy with ADT security so far. It’s been six months and we have not had any problems with the system and it works well for us, so two thumbs-up!

  51. I like that ADT Security takes the time to show you the different packages and home security systems they have available for consumers. A lot of home security systems only have a couple of packages to choose from and not all security is the same for all homes. We needed two extra motion sensors which ADT Security allowed us to buy and we are not chained to a contract. That makes me feel so much better about the alarm because if it hadn’t lived up to my standards, I could cancel at any time. These people do provide awesome customer service and they are nice through the process.

  52. Using ADT Security for 10 months now I can say they are an awesome company to work with and yes, their home security systems are well worth the money! Because we live in a fairly safe area I wasn’t sure we needed a home security system until our neighbor’s car was broken into. That isn’t something we want to deal with at our home, so I was able to get wireless security cameras that watch over the car port. I love having these features because they let you protect your home with technology on your side for once. I am very happy with setup and it is a very easy process to get the security system going. Overall I am very impressed with ADT Security and the level of service offered to us considering the affordable price. I have tested the alarm system twice over the course of the first six months and it worked flawlessly both times. As someone who travels frequently, I do not want my wife worrying about the family’s security when I am not in town. With ADT Security we are both able to login and see what the cameras are watching and feel safe. I think ADT Security is a smart investment for any family.

  53. The time it takes you to learn more about home security systems can be enough to hold you back from actually making a purchase. That being said, this is time that can be well spent if you know what you are doing. There are a lot of options out there, but none have the same level of features as the ADT Security. Even better is the fact that you can rely on this to be a reliable option, and that is just what you need. I like the ADT Security for many reasons, and you should at least think about giving it a second look.

  54. When my home was broke into, I was scared about what would happen to me and my family in the future. Even though we were not home, this is something that really put the fear into my heart. This is when I went out and purchased the ADT Security home security system. I heard good things from family members, and I knew the time to buy was now. I have been happy with the system from day one, knowing that it is giving me the level of service that I truly need to feel better.

  55. Safety has always been a concern of mine, so when we moved into a new home I knew it was time to take a closer look at the home security system that I would be installing. The problem was that there were so many options on the market that I didn’t know where to start. This is when I took a closer look at ADT Security. This is when I finally realized that I was on the right path, knowing what I should and should not be doing in terms of making a purchase. The ADT Security is one of the best of the best, thanks to the high level of features combined with an affordable price. And of course, when it comes to security you know you are always going to be in good hands. There are a lot of home security systems to choose from, but when you rely on this one you are going to feel good about your decision. I purchased this once I moved in, and my family really loves everything that it has to offer. I could have went in another direction, but the ADT Security really made me happy thanks to all the features it offered.

  56. I bought my home four years ago and I love it, but because I moved jobs, I can no longer afford the mortgage on my own. I decided to rent out a room because I live in a tech city where tons of people are looking to live in rooms just so they can live in the city. I did this and it has worked out well, except that two weeks after the girl moved in, we had a break-in. Living in a new city I know this freaked her out in a major way so I called ADT security to have a home security system installed. The break-in happened while we were away from the house, but it is still scary to come home and see someone has rummaged through your belongings. ADT security came to the house that weekend and installed the alarm and took the time to make sure both me and my housemate understood what was going on. I am very thankful to ADT security because it has given both me and my housemate peace of mind. Plus, each of us can control the alarm when we are away from the home and check on the house, which makes you feel secure.

  57. Thanks to the ADT I am able to feel more safe at home, while also knowing that I am not overspending. There is nothing better than the ADT. Get yours today, if you know what is good for you.

  58. My friend recommended the ADT and I am glad I listened. This is the best of the best, in my mind, and it is a system I will be relying on for many years to come.

  59. The cost of a home security system may be holding you back, but do yourself a favor and realize that this is not something that should get in your way for too long. If you are going to spend money you might as well realize that you are going to get a lot in return. This is definitely the case when you look into the ADT, thanks to all its features. I found this one to be among the best of the best, and not just because of the features but also because of what you get in return for your money.

  60. I am a retired marine and I have been in a lot of dangerous and frightening situations. However, none of them have compared to the fear that I felt when my home was broken into. My entire family was asleep and I awoke to the sound of my little girl screaming, which is the most terrifying sound a mother can hear. Naturally, I ran to her aid and I found that what she was screaming at a robber. He had a weapon, but thankfully, didn’t use it on us. After the dust settled, I immediately called to have a home security system from ADT installed. We’ll never be victimized like that again.

  61. I want to take a few moments today to talk to you about a home security system from ADT. This time last year, my wife and I bought our first home together. We were completely delighted by the idea of owning our very own home, but we were both a little nervous, too. We have two small girls and I travel a lot for work. I didn’t want to leave my wife and children unprotected while I was away. So, we decided that the best way to provide added security for our family and for our house would be to have a security system installed. We did a good bit of research. We met with several security companies and heard what they had to say. After we compiled the information and went through it all, the choice was clear; we knew that ADT was the best option. Not only do they provide the best quality security system, but they do so at a fraction of the cost of what other security companies are charging. We got the best security possible for the least amount of money. So, if you are also looking to protect your family and your house, I highly recommend you contact ADT today!

  62. When we first moved into our new home, my first concern was having it outfitted with a security system. I have been the victim of two break ins in my life and let me tell you, they aren’t a pleasant experience. There is nothing more terrifying than hearing your front door creek open when you know that it isn’t being opened by someone you know. As you can imagine, a home security system is extremely important to me. That is why when we moved, I had my ADT security system transferred to our new home. Thanks to them, I know that we are always protected.

  63. A few weeks ago, we received some pretty heavy news; our neighbor’s house had been broken into and all of her most valuable possessions were stolen. We live in a very safe and secure neighborhood where security has never been an issue. In fact, in the time that our neighborhood has existed, there has never even been an attempted break in. It’s the kind of community where you can leave your front door unlocked at night and you never have to worry about anything happening. Well, that all changed the night of this burglary. Needless to say, we were all completely alarmed and put on edge. After receiving this news, the very first thing we decided to do was have a home security system installed in our home. We didn’t know much about home security companies because we never had to worry about this sort of thing before. We asked the police who we should contact and they recommended ADT Security. They said that they are the best security company around and that they would keep us safe from harm. We contacted them and had a system installed the next day. We are all a little shaken still, but now, at least, we know that we are being protected.

  64. I am a security officer, so as you can imagine, security is one of the most important things to me. Of course, it goes without saying that I have a home security system watching over my home to make sure that my family and my personal possessions are protected, even when I am not there. Before having a system installed, I did a lot of research. After doing a lot of comparing and contrasting, I decided to go with ADT Security. They really offer the highest level of security, but they do so at an amazing price. You just can’t beat what they have to offer.

  65. Last year, my home was broken into. It was one of the most devastating experiences of my life. Fortunately, I wasn’t home when it happened, but I can’t explain how defiled I felt when I returned home from my vacation and found that the lock on my front door was broken and that my house had been ransacked. It was completely horrifying. They stole some of my most prized possessions, including heirlooms that have been a part of my family for generations. While I can’t erase the past, I can ensure my safety in the future. I had a security system from ADT installed in my home. Now I know that I will never be subjected to a break in again.

  66. I want to take a moment today to send a special shout out to ADT. You see, I don’t normally post reviews about businesses because, well, a business is supposed to do the job that they say they will. However, in the case of ADT, they really need to be recognized. My girlfriend and I were at home watching a movie one night when out of the blue, we received a phone call from one of the representatives at ADT security. They said that they didn’t want to alarm us, but that they had notified the police because they noticed some suspicious activity outside our house, and we had no idea that anything was going on! Thanks to their eagle eyes and their quick response time, the cops were on location in a matter of seconds after we received the phone call and the burglar was nabbed! Who knows what would have happened to our house, to our belongings – and most important, to us, had ADT not been on the job. We will forever be grateful for the exceptional service that they have provided for us. If you are looking for a security system, your search has ended! Call ADT today!

  67. There are no words to express how thankful I am for ADT. When a burglar was on the prowl, they notified the police in a matter of seconds and my family and my belongings were safe. Thanks, ADT!

  68. I usually work the night shift and get home at hours when most people are sound asleep. This makes going home a little scary sometimes but with the help of ADT Security I now know that as soon as I get home I’m safe.

  69. As a long distance truck driver I am away from home for long periods of time. Some people might not think I’d be the perfect fit for the services at ADT Security, but they were able to give me more peace of mind while I’m away. I like knowing that no matter how long my trip will be or how frequently I have to be away from home my things will be waiting for me when I make it back. The customer care was fantastic and they were able to work around my weird work schedule without any problems at all. Excellent service all around!

  70. I’ve been told I am difficult to please but that is simply because my standards are placed at the level required to please me. If other companies find it difficult to meet my standards then they obviously do not need my business. It may not come as a surprise then, that I frequently do a great deal of comparison when choosing a new company with which to do business. This was certainly the case when it came to finding the right company to handle my home security needs. After talking extensively with several businesses, I finally selected ADT Security. They were able to intelligently and thoroughly answer all of my questions, provided the contact information for other clients who had requested similar services, and were always prompt with their communications to me. I was very impressed with them and their attention to detail from the initial research phase of my purchase all the way through to the end. In fact I was so pleased with the service that I am now taking the time to write a testimonial simply to encourage others to give ADT Security the courtesy of answering any questions they may have. I think once you talk with the excellent customer service staff most people will find they have found the most qualified business to take care of any home security needs.

  71. My daughter recently moved away from home to attend college in another town. Instead of living on campus she and a few friends decided to rent a home and now with the help of “ADT Security” I know she is as safe as she can be without me being there to watch over her. As a parent it has been very difficult for me to let go and this was one way we could agree that I was able to help without pushing her further away by being overprotective. What a relief to be able to find such a great company to help ease the anxiety inherent in separation.

  72. My family is the most important thing in the world to me. I’d like to think this is true for most men but I sometimes think when I read reviews that people are more worried about the safety of their big screen television, stereo, or collection of antiques than they are about the people they see and talk to everyday. My children and my wife mean everything to me and while I do my best to keep them safe and care for them I know that my best may not always be enough. I’m not always at home and even when I am I do, on occasion, sleep. After talking to a friend of mine about “ADT Security” I decided to give them a call and see if they would be able to help me make my most precious belongings even safer and it turns out they had some pretty great ideas. I now feel like my best is even better and I hope other men will read this and think about what they can do to protect their families even when they aren’t home, or awake. Don’t think about home security as a way to protect things, those can be replaced. Think of it as a way to protect the people you love and cherish.

  73. Safety is my top concern. There is nothing more important to me than making sure that the welfare of my family is secure. Thanks to the security systems by ADT Security, I never have to worry about the safety of my family.

  74. Safety and security is something that all of use desire, and with a home security system from ADT Security, you can be sure that you will be as safe and secure as possible. I have been using their services for years and there is no other security company that I would ever trust more.

  75. We were blessed with twin baby boys last year. Once they arrived, our whole perception on things changed. We knew that we needed to keep them as safe as possible, which meant that we needed to install a home security system. We asked around to see if anyone we knew had a home security system, and as it turns out, several of our friends and family members do – and we didn’t even know it! And, what is more surprising is that most of them have a home security system from ADT Security! We couldn’t believe our ears! So, being that the general consensuses was to go with ADT Security, we decided that we should set up a consultation with them, and we really are so glad that we did. We were so impressed by their level of professionalism! We couldn’t believe how friendly they were, how high quality their service was and how outstanding their price was. It truly was mind-blowing to find out that they provided so much for so little! Well, after our meeting, we had them install a system in our home and we are so happy that we did! Now, we know that our boys are as safe as safe can be!

  76. When I first signed up to use ADT as my home security service, I did it primarily because of the price tag. It fit into my budget and that was that. Some of my friends gave me a hard time for not basing my decision on things like service and reliability, and while I could see their point, the bottom line still drove me. However, now that I’ve been with ADT for as long as I have, the price point isn’t why I’ve stayed loyal to them. The fact is these guys are great at what they do. Everyone is professional, polished, and knowledgeable. When I’ve had to talk to them, they have treated me with respect and not like I’m just a number. Plus, I can’t be more impressed with how simple it is to manage their system. Yeah, the price point is still important to me, and from a price perspective, ADT can’t be beat all things considered. But the total value of ADT’s services come from all the other stuff. And truth be told, their service is the real reason why I’m such a raving fan these days. The affordable price tag is just a nice bonus.

    1. I am a single father to 5 girls ranging in age from 3 to 14, and you better believe that I will stop at nothing to make sure that they are safe and sound. This is exactly what I had a home security system from ADT Security installed. My cousin uses them and said that they really are the best of the best, so I gave them a shot. Well, let me tell you that my cousin was right (which I hate to admit). This security provider is exceptional. Thanks to them, I never have to worry about the safety of my girls.

  77. I’m the mother of three young girls. Naturally, I’m a little sensitive to making sure my home is safe from danger. And that’s why I love ADT Security. They go out of their way to make sure that my family and I feel safe and secure. Their customer service team truly cares about the product they represent. More than that, it’s quite clear that they care about the customers that use their service. When I talk to them, I feel like a person, and not some number on an invoice sheet. That alone makes ADT Security an important part of my home.

  78. When my sister’s house got burglarized last year, it freaked me out. She lives in a much better neighborhood than I did; one where crimes simply are not committed. It made me think if that can happen in her town, what’s to say it won’t happen in my town? That’s why my husband and I signed up for ADT Security. We wanted the kind of peace of mind that can only come from being protected. And believe me, we feel very safe. ADT Security’s home security system is simple to manage, yet it feels iron-clad. I can’t see how a burglar would be able to sneak past it without the alarm going off. Not only that, ADT Security’s support staff treats you like they are protecting your well-being, instead of just a customer paying an invoice or something like that. That level of support gives you a strong sense that they care about who you are and what they are doing for you, which of course gives you an even greater sense of peace and comfort. Because we have ADT Security guarding and protecting our home, I feel completely confident that we will never go through an ordeal like the one my sister did.

  79. We have a lot of stuff in our home that you just can’t replace through insurance. Stuff like family heirloom jewelry and whatnot. So that’s why we have ADT Security’s system installed in our home. The reason that we won’t ever look anywhere else for our home security needs is because of their service. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and they respond to things incredibly fast. The one time when I accidentally tripped the alarm, their team contacted me in seconds to make sure everything was okay. That right there was enough to let me know that ADT Security is an exceptional service.

  80. A couple years ago, our home was robbed when we were out on vacation. Unfortunately, it took an incident like that to convince me that I needed a home security system. And I have to say, I wish I had contacted ADT Security sooner. They’ve been amazing to work with. When I told them what had happened, I was amazed at how sympathetic they were to my story. That went a long way into building a relationship. And since I signed up with ADT Security, that positive attitude has continued to be there, which is why I’m probably a customer for life.

  81. We feel safe knowing that our home is well protected – whether we’re at home or away from home. Our home security system is robust and affordable. We didn’t have to pay a lot of money for installation.

  82. My grandmother lived on her own for nearly 20 years. She is a tough woman and never thought twice about getting an alarm system. One night I spent a night over at her home. Someone broke into the front door and I happened to confront them. They disguised themselves as state workers. We called the police and they filed a report. This incident compelled my grandmother to finally get an alarm system with ADT Security. This alarm system protects my grandmothers home when she is home alone. I feel good knowing that she has some form of protection when I’m not there to protect her.

  83. My husband and I decided to get a new security system installed in my son’s apartment unit. My son is a college student and he has three roommates. Although there is always someone home during the course of the day, I still felt a little panicky about him not having an alarm system installed in the house. The landlord considered installing one in the past but it was too expensive for him to get it installed in the house. He figured that he didn’t really need to install an alarm, especially since he lives across the street and keep an eye on the house all day. This still didn’t convince me that he didn’t need full protection from an alarm system. He mentioned that he would have to raise the rent to $200-$300 extra per month just to pay off the new alarm system. This is when a friend told me about ADT Security. The installation and set up is extremely affordable. I offered to have the alarm system installed. The landlord agreed and even took off $100 from the rent if I installed the system for you. It feels good knowing that my son has a secure home security system.

  84. A home security system is not only suppose to warn robbers, it is suppose to alert the home security company and police when there is a robbery attempt. I’m thankful for my new security system from ADT Security.

  85. I am so glad that I choose ADT Security for my new home security system. I originally purchased a do it yourself home security system. I figured since it was an expensive system and it was high-tech that it would be easy to install. I was wrong. It was so complicated that I couldn’t even get the alarm to perform. So, I decided to call upon ADT Security for a new home security system. I am so glad I did. Their system is easy to install and so easy to use. I highly recommend using ADT Security as a home security system. I am so thankful for their service!

  86. I travel on business all throughout the year. I am constantly contacting my neighbor to check up on my house. Although my neighbor is retired and can keep an eye on my house while I’m out of the country, I’m constantly paranoid that a robber will break into my house. I have a lot of expensive items, such as jewelry, electronics, computers and other valuable items. One of my close friends suggested that I call a home security company to get a new alarm system installed into my home. I did a little research on the Internet and came across a company named ADT Security. One thing that I liked about using ADT Security is that they have one of the best customer service teams available. I didn’t have to be transferred to different departments or placed on hold for a long time. I also like the fact that I was able to quickly install my security system. Plus, I feel a lot safer knowing that my home is safe 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. I can be away from my home for 2 weeks and even a month and I know that my home is in safe hands with ADT Security home security system.

  87. My ex-girlfriend broke into my house and tried to confiscate some of my belongings. I decided to get a home security system installed in my house from ADT Security. This was the wisest decision I have made.

  88. If you’re looking for a home alarm system that you can depend on, then definitely look into ADT Security. I use ADT Security to protect my home and family and wouldn’t trust anyone else.

  89. Hands down, ADT Security is the best choice as far as home security systems go. They are both high-quality, yet inexpensive. If you’re looking for affordability in top-notch security, then ADT is your answer. In fact, I can safely say that ADT Security is one big reason as to why I sleep better at night. I actually chose ADT Security two years ago after one of my friend’s houses got broken into and robbed. It was a scary night for everyone, but no one hurt. That’s when I decided to look into home alarm systems for my family. After a bit of searching on the internet, I found out about ADT Security. Apparently, there are a lot of other people who gave ADT really great reviews. That’s when I signed up with ADT and haven’t looked back. ADT Security is great and keeps me connected to my home when I’m gone, and keeps the whole place protected. Now I feel safer than ever. If you were to ask me, I would definitely recommend using ADT Security for your home alarm system. ADT Security is especially great if you’re looking for an easy and fast installation, plus great customer service all at a great price that won’t empty your bank account.

  90. My wife and I wanted something that we could trust to make our house more secure. It was our first house together, and we knew we wanted something that would really work. That’s when someone told us about ADT Security. I remember that I wasn’t too sure about home security systems back then, but I knew my friend wouldn’t lie so I decided to give ADT Security a chance, and I’m glad I did! Now my whole family sleeps even better knowing that we have ADT. We’ve had ADT for a year now, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  91. Few companies come close to ADT. ADT Security is my number one choice for the ultimate home security system. I would trust anyone else. ADT is the ultimate solution for security and for peace of mind.

  92. If you are looking for a top-notch home security system, I would recommend ADT security. ADT security has been good to my family by providing us with real peace of mind and protection ever since we signed up with them.

  93. When I signed up with ADT security, I didn’t know what to expect. T he thing is, my husband and I had made a big choice to get an alarm system for our house since we were expecting our first child. We wanted to make things as safe as possible. That’s when one of my friend’s told me to check out ADT security. She had also gotten ADT when she had her first baby as well, and she told me that she and her husband have been using it for their family ever since. She’s one of my close friends, so I knew I could trust her. I called up ADT security the next day, and before we knew it we were on our way to having a great security system set up at our house. The installation part did not take long at all and was surprisingly simple. The people I talked to on the phone were really courteous and answered every question that I had. Now, I’ve got a beautiful baby girl who lives in a well protected home. I got ADT six months ago, and I’d never trade it for any other home security system. If you need a home alarm, I would recommend ADT security in a heartbeat.

  94. I used to think that everything was fine and dandy without using a home security system. If anything, I thought that home security companies were not needed as long as you lock your doors at night. Unfortunately I learned this is not true. After the break in at my house in 2009, I was pretty shaken up. No one got hurt luckily, but I knew my family needed more protection. So I turned to ADT Security. Ever since that frightful night, I have never felt as if my family or home were safe again until I signed up with ADT. Their products are genuine and their service is one that can’t be matched. Coming from someone who didn’t used to use home security systems, I can safely say that ADT Security is definitely necessary if you want to keep your house and family safe. Signing up with them can save you a hectic night like the one my family and I had to face a few years ago. Since then, we’ve never felt so safe at home.

  95. We recently started a home business out of our very cramped home and decided that in order to adequately protect our new business and home from intruders, that we would have to set up a home security system. We didn’t want to pay a lot of money because we are on a very tight budget but we still wanted something that would provide excellent protection and would have great customer service. We wanted a company that cared about us and our home/home business as much as we did, and that’s why we went to ADT Security for our home security needs. We had heard great things about ADT from friends of ours who had been using them for years and we knew that they had a great reputation. When we called we spoke to very friendly customer service representatives who really listened to what we wanted and the type of protection we needed. They truly catered to us and worked around our budget to get us a great home security system. The technicians that came out and installed it where informative and worked quickly to get our home security system installed. So far we have been thrilled with the protection that we get and feel confident that both our home and our home business are being protected. We are very happy with our decision to go with ADT Security and would easily recommend them to our friends and family members. They are leaders in their industry and truly care about their customers and treat each of their customers as though they were family.

  96. ADT Security is the best security company around! I feel so safe in my home knowing that my family and I are protected by ADT and their state of the art home security system. Their prices and services are unbeatable and Im so glad I chose them for my all of home security needs.

  97. ADT offers great home security at a price that simply cannot be beat. They have excellent customer service agents and will walk you through the whole process very effortlessly. I am very impressed by both the company and the people who work at ADT. I would definitely recommend ADT to anyone I know.

  98. Being gone from my home for many long hours made me worry about my family’s safety. Because of this, i chose to purchase a home security system from ADT. So far I have been extremely impressed by the people and services at ADT and would recommend them to my friends and family.

  99. ADT is the best security system out there. I swear they can’t be beat. I’ve actually tried other systems before and none of them have made me or my family feel secure the way ADT. ADT is the leading home security company because they provide unbeatable service. With an alarm system that actually works, and a way for me to monitor my own home when I’m gone, I haven’t been more happy or satisfied since my family and I went with ADT. Plus they offer their products and security all for an affordable price. That’s definitely saying something now in an economy when people are trying to save money, including myself. Ever since we went with ADT, my home has never been more protected. If you’re looking for an effective method for keeping your family and home safe, then definitely take a few minutes to check out ADT – you won’t regret it.

  100. If you’re searching for a security company that you can actually trust, then you should look into ADT. Speaking from my own personal experience, ADT is the best security system on the market. They go out of their way to make sure that their customers are as protected as they can be. I’ve never been more satisfied or happy before from such a company. Before ADT, my family and I had actually been signed up with a different security company. But after one terrifying night in which a break-in happened and we felt helpless, we decided that we needed more help. That’s when we looked into ADT. With an alarm system that actually works, and features that allow me to know what’s going on at my house even when I’m gone, I know that ADT is always there for my family. If you’re looking for the best security company you can get, ADT is it.

  101. Before ADT my wife and I felt vulnerable. We live in a dangerous neighborhood just us and our sweet cat. Of course we’re really smart when it comes to locking up when we leave or go to sleep at night, but with the news always showing stories about criminal attacks, we came to realize that we wanted more protection in our lives. That’s when we called ADT. We’re as satisfied as can be ever since we signed up with ADT. We’ve got a high class alarm system making sure that we’re always protected. Plus doing business with ADT security has never been easier, especially because they have such high-quality customer service. If you’re looking around for a company that you can trust, ask both my wife and I we’ll tell you to call ADT. With them, we know that we’re always secure even in a neighborhood that isn’t always the safest place to be.

  102. Peace of mind. I’ve never really truly had that until I signed up for ADT. ADT has been delivering peace of mind to me and my family for a couple years now. We have never felt more secure or protected until we went with them. There is truly no other security company out there that can really compete with them. They deliver high-quality service and leading edge technology and products. You can truly be connected with your home even when you’re gone at work or running errands. With ADT security has never been better. It’s time to step it up a notch and get the finest security system and products out there. ADT has all of that and more. So if you want to truly protect your home and family, I advise getting your security system from ADT. They make sure that your home is always protected 24/7 through a system that just isn’t matched by any other companies out there.

  103. I never really thought much about a home alarm system until the night my parents’ house was broken into. Thankfully no one was hurt. But it was then that I realized that I had to help get them protected – even if I wasn’t there. That’s when my friend recommended getting ADT for my parents. ADT is top notch when it comes to home security. They deliver the finest services around, plus you can always see what’s going on at the house even when you’re gone. On top of all that, they are actually affordable – unlike a lot things these days. So I set my parents up with ADT and they haven’t felt more protected. I was even pleasantly surprised myself, and since then I have signed my own family up with ADT so that the whole family can always stay protected. If you’re looking for home security, then turn to ADT.

  104. I used to think that an alarm system for my home was too expensive. I used to think that home security systems are just outrageous and unneeded. Then when the house next to me got robbed, I started thinking on a different level. I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that signing up for a security company for my home was actually affordable and in my budget. Without breaking my budget, I signed up for the highest security and protection out there with ADT. Since the break-in in my neighbor’s house, my family and I have felt safe. We feel secure everyday and every night, and now I realize you just can’t put a price on peace of mind like that. However, it is always good to know that I’m still not emptying my bank account with ADT. Regardless, I want to thank the great people at ADT for keeping my family and home safer.

  105. If you’re looking for peace of mind, then look no further than ADT. ADT Security is a company that is actually worth signing up with. Business is easy, the people are nice, the installation was fast. What more could you want? I love being protected with ADT because they really do provide my family and I with the protection and the security that we deserve. Even when we’re gone the house is always being protected – every night and every day, every second and every minute. These guys truly do know what they’re doing when it comes to protecting your home and family. Speaking personally, I have never felt better about my family being more secure or safe than when we signed up for ADT. If you want that same feeling of peace, and the feeling know that you and your family are always as safe as possible, then I advise looking into getting ADT home security.

  106. When my daughter bought her first home we told her that she needed to get a home security system. We recommended ADT security because they are the best home security system provider and we knew she would be safe with them. She now has ADT and loves them as much as we do.

  107. We set an ADT Pulse system and it works great. I love the convenience of being able to turn my air conditioner on so that my house is cool for me when I get home. It helps me save on electric bills.

  108. When someone tried to break into my house through my back door, my alarm system went right off and the police were at my house in a matter of minutes. They never caught the intruder, but knowing my house was well protected and the system did what it was supposed to do and made me feel safe.

  109. ADT is a company I am happy to do business with. The people on the phone always answer my questions and I’ve never had a problem with my equipment not working. ADT works just great.

  110. I decided to splurge and get the touchscreen and pulse home automation system. This thing is amazing. I don’t think any other provider offers this.

  111. I chose ADT after completing my research on this webpage. Due to our medical needs, ADT seemed like the logical choice with their medical alert functions.

  112. The fact that ADT has carbon monoxide and smoke detector services is why we chose ADT. I have always been terrified of a fire occurring while we are sleeping. Now my family sleeps soundly

  113. My belief was always if something is cheap enough, it is probably not good. Well, I was proven wrong when I had the ADT company’s home security system installed in my home. I went with an inexpensive company because I did not necessarily need a security system, but my wife insisted on it.
    So I chose ADT because they were cheaper than the rest. But I soon learned after having it a few months, that the system is top notch and there is no sacrificing on quality just because of the low price. I guess I learned my lesson.

  114. It is a nice feeling knowing that you and your home are well protected. That is how I feel about my home security system that I purchased from ADT. I do not worry about having my house broken into and having my things taken from me. That feeling of being violated is not something I want to have happen. I have heard stories from people who have been robbed so I took the steps needed to prevent that from happening. I am glad I did. With ADT, I have no worries whatsoever.

  115. I felt like someone was trying to tell me something after the house across the street from me was robbed and then my buddy at work told me the same thing happened to him.
    I decided I did not want to be the next one with the same story, so I enlisted the ADT security company to install a security system for me. The installation was quick, the price was right and I loved the advantage of having the ability to use my smart phone to turn the system on if I forget. I’m hoping with this system, I will not have a story like the ones I keep hearing

  116. If it were not for this great home security system that I purchased with ADT, I do not know what I would have done. After numerous break-ins in my apartment complex, I had no choice but to be proactive before I became the next one to be burglarized.

    Living alone is scary enough, but knowing that people are watching your every move waiting to bust into your home is completely frightening to me. But having a security system like the one with ADT has given me much more peace of mind knowing that I do not have to always look over my shoulder or worry about someone coming into my house and taking my things.

  117. I am glad to have found this webpage because it helped me make a choice. I chose ADT based on their long standing reputation and years of service in the business.

  118. Living in a floodplain has always made us worry about the risk of flooding. We went with ADT because of the flood sensors. Customer service and installation was a breeze.

  119. This website really helped me make my choice. I do not like to install anything myself since I am disabled so I went with ADT security because they do home install and also they have services that suited my needs better.

  120. I chose adt because of their reputation as being the best in the business. They may not be the cheapest but the cost difference is minimal. I have had excellent customer service and the installation occurred without a hiccup. I would recommend ADT

    1. Our home was broken into a few months ago and it really shook us up. Thankfully no one was home and our homeowner’s insurance was able to cover most of the lost goods that they took, but after that incident, we no longer felt safe in our home. That’s when we decided to get a home security system. Our friends had recently installed a home security system in their home through ADT Security and said that they were very good, professional, and had great rates. We decided to go ahead and give them a call and were very impressed. They walked us through the entire process of what we were looking for, what we needed, and what we were comfortable spending and were really able to get us a great home security system at an affordable price. They also really seemed to care about me and my family as well. The installation process was very easy and before we knew it we were up and running and our home was being protected. Luckily, we have not yet had to use our home security system for stopping any unwanted intruders. Even though we may (hopefully) never need our home security system, I feel much more comfortable having ADT Security and would recommend them to anyone who is looking to protect their family, homes, and loved ones. ADT Security is a great company with a great reputation and we will be loyal customers for years to come. Thanks ADT Security for helping us to feel safe in our home again!

  121. I am not a young woman anymore and unfortunately I am prone to falling down. Adt is elderly friendly with the services and devices they provide. I will use nobody else.

  122. My ADT system scared away a recent home invader. I am very glad I did not wait too long to get a security system. People seem to think they dont need one, well I think its better to be protected then to try and clean up your life after a home invasion.

  123. We went with ADT because of the fire and carbon monoxide monitoring. To my knowledge nobody else offers that. It is excellent piece of mind when we are not at home.

  124. The iPhone app and computer interface work great. Im not sure why ADT is number two on this website, it is a great service.

  125. My ADT security system utilizes a wireless signal and I also have video cameras hooked up to it. No issues with functionality and customer service is great so far.

  126. Call me paranoid, but I really like the panic button on my ADT system. I live in the south side of Chicago and I hear gunshots at night. Its nice to know the police are just a button push away

  127. We built our dream home last year and wanted to build in a home security system. We went with ADT because of their pulse automation system. My family loves it. We can control lights, appliances and of course the alarm system. The touchscreen is really easy to use, even my mother in law can do it!

    1. We have lived in our neighborhood for almost 20 years and this year crime has been awful. Our next door neighbor’s home was broken into and several cars in the area have been stolen. I didn’t want us to be the next victims, which is why I started the process of looking for an affordable home alarm system. I didn’t want anything that was difficult to use either. I thought ADT security sounded good according to their site and reviews and called them. They were very prompt coming out to the house and looking what main areas we needed protected. I liked that ADT security also showed me how to do everything online, from make a payment to check on my home. We travel about three times a year to visit our daughter in a different state and with ADT security I have the peace of mind knowing I can check on the house whenever we want. The world has become a scary place and all you can do is take the proper precautions to try and keep burglars away from your property. I know we are very pleased with the customer service we got with ADT security and recommend them to anyone who needs an alarm system at home.

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