5 Quick Home Security Tips

Quick Home Security Tips

When you are away from your house, the security of your empty house is a constant concern for you. Here are some home security tips that will be helpful.  Generally, the burglars are on the lookout for these easy targets. It is always easier for them to ransack your house while you are away. Here are 5 quick and easy home security system techniques that you may apply:

  • Install good locking system: The first thing that comes to our mind is to lock the house in such a manner that the burglars cannot break in. For this, it is important to install a strong lock that the intruder may find difficult to break through. Statistics reveal that if burglars are unable to break through a locked door or window within the first few seconds, they tend to leave that house and look for an easier target. So a strong door or with a solid lock is one of the most important precaution that you may take to prevent burglary.
  • Take care of those windows: The next important entry point in your house is the window. Take care and check the locking system of your windows. If one can reach your windows from the ground level then install some anti-lift device which will prevent burglar from lifting the whole window and making a comfortable entry space. When the entry doors and windows of your house are secured, more than half of security woes for your house are taken care of.
  • Right use of light and sound effect: To give the impression of an occupied house, you need to use your lights in the right manner. One method that we frequently use to create an impression that the house is occupied is to keep the lights on in a room or in the porch for the entire day, but this overused formula are a dead giveaway sign that the house is empty and an easy target for the burglars. But you can use this same method little wisely, use the timers to control the on & offs of the lights in your rooms, kitchen, porch and this will create the right impression as if you are there in the house. To add more effects to it, you can set timers for your TV or radio and that will add the correct sound effect and will make the perfect impression of someone’s presence in the house.
  • Lock your Garage: Garage is another entry to the house, so it is important to check the locks on your garage door even when your car is not parked there. The big and poorly locked garage doors are the easy targets for the burglars to break inside your house. A good lock in your garage door will ensure proper security for your house.
  • Fake it to save it: One easy and cheap method to save your house from burglary or theft, while you are away is to install fake home security alarms, cameras and lawn signs. This will cost you a little but will provide you a good amount of security. The burglars unaware of the fake systems will definitely avoid breaking into your house which will give the effect of a highly protected house with all the hi-tech security gadgets.

When away from your home, you will never want its security to be compromised. Try these easy and simple steps and safeguard your house from possible theft or Keep Burglars Away.

Review Author: Jason Thomas

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