4 Things Most Home Security Companies Won’t Tell You

Security Companies

If you are thinking about protecting your home with a security system, you may want to do a bit of research first and shop around before you choose a company that you think will best suit your needs. However, in order to weigh your options you should really know about 4 things that most home security companies will not usually tell customers. Keep reading to find out what they are.

  1. A little bit of security goes a long way – Although it may make you feel better to have an elaborate alarm system, the average home security package costs around $1400 for installation and equipment and about $20-25 a month to monitor. The reality however is that usually one should be able to deter most break-ins much more cheaply. The unfortunate news is that most home security companies don’t want you to know this, because most are just worried about making a profit and want you to buy their products. There are many inexpensive and proactive ways that one can go about protecting their home from a break in. Simply keeping the boundaries of your house well lit, or even better, lit with motion sensor lights is one such way that individuals can help deter break ins from occurring. Keep strong locks installed on every door and keep hedges trimmed low to minimize hiding space around the house.
  2. The cops cannot hear your alarm – If you think that your security alarm will ring straight to the police station, you are wrong or the home security companies you have been working with were misleading you. In fact, the majority of today’s home security alarms ring in a call central station, where monitors will phone your house and ask for a code word, then notify police if you do not respond. Sometimes these centers are not even local. This can be a big deal when your life is at stake.
  3. Companies will try and sell you expensive equipment you don’t really need – An effective home security system typically contains a perimeter and interior sensing device. Each system includes many different types of impressive sounding gears, etc. However just because these are available does not mean that they are required or that you will actually need them. They are usually just another way for companies to make a profit.
  4. Once you sign a contract you are stuck with the company – One of the biggest things that many home security companies neglect to tell customers is that their alarm contracts renew automatically. Unless customers specifically request to cancel their service, their contract will be renewed anywhere from one to five years.

Review Author: Jason Thomas