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Vivint Reviews

Vivint Security is a relative newcomer to the home security business. Started in 1999 as APX Alarm, Vivint has grown exponentially since its humble beginnings. Today, Vivint is a major player in both the home security and home automation market. What sets Vivint Security apart is its award winning service plans and customer service representatives. Vivint pays close attention to the rising energy costs that homeowners are paying, and this drove the design of their SkyControl panel. The plan creates a streamlined network that connects all of your home’s smart systems: security, HVAC, lamps, small appliances, video surveillance and others. You may have not heard of Vivint Security, but give them a try. With over 850,000 customers being served, it appears they are here to stay.

Features of Vivint Security


  • Burglary protection
  • Home Automation
  • Energy savings
  • Award winning customer service
  • Wireless technology with smart phone and tablet support
  • Easy to use touchscreen keypad

Vivint Pricing Per Month

  • $53.99 – Security System
  • $59.99 – Security System with Energy Management
  • $69.99 – Security System with Energy Management & Home Automation

Our Rating: 4.6 / 5
Customer Rating:

Review Author: Jason Thomas

129 Reviews on “Vivint

  1. My house was broken into a few months ago and several valuables were taken. Although it was covered by insurance, the response time for the police was disturbing. I called Vivint and had a home security system installed immediately. Best decision I’ve ever made.

  2. If you live in Austin and go to school at UT, you’ll find some really cool houses all around campus. But, like any college town, it’s not without its issues so security is always a good option. I found Vivint by accident when looking for another company online. They had a special going on at the time for new customers, so I called to see what it was about. They gave me the run down on their home security services, and I liked it enough to give it a try. After calling a few other places, this and one other seemed to have the best deal, but Vivint won out for their service. There’s something about service in the south that’s just different than service anywhere else you go. I happen to think it’s some of the best, but that’s just my opinion. Regardless, as a company, Vivint get high marks in the service field. The tech who was scheduled to show up was running a few minutes late and he called me to let me know. He asked if that would still be a convenient time, or if I needed him to reschedule. I loved that. Most people are perfectly alright with someone running a little late as long as they communicate. This tech was doing it right. I was fine with him being late, and when he got there, he was quick about installing my system. He went over everything with me, and it was easy to use. I think just about everyone would be happy with Vivint, so you should call them and see what they can do for you.

  3. I work on the force, which means I’ve got to sleep with one eye open sometimes. It helps having a security system I can trust at my back. Vivint installed a new system recently, and I have a lot of control over how I monitor things. I also like that Vivint will call local authorities if they can’t reach me and someone tries to break in. It’s important that I feel like I can give my all at work without worrying about someone I busted knocking on my door with my wife home alone. She can see who it is without opening the door, and she can respond accordingly. I definitely recommend Vivint.

  4. My husband bought a home security system from Vivint and we recently had it installed. I like that we can use an app to spy on the children in the other room. When they’re especially quiet, I can see exactly what they’re up to. It’s fantastic. Of course, the intended purpose is to ensure that any thieves who are dumb enough to entire our house are caught on tape. My husband has a deep-seated need for justice, so he was excited that his new toy would give him the means to help dole out justice. I think he feels like Batman, but in any case, Vivint made my husband happy, which makes me happy. The staff was super helpful when we were asking questions, and the tech who installed the equipment gave us some tips to help maintain the integrity of the system. We liked that someone was always available when we needed them, and we liked the quality of the work and equipment. When you have kids, justifying an expense becomes a rousing game of who can say it better. We both agreed that the security system was a justifiable expense, which is rare, so we think other families would agree, too.

  5. Vivint is a great company to work with, and I’m comfortable with my home security system. I travel a lot, so it’s good to know I don’t have to worry about my things when I’m away. I would recommend Vivint to anybody.

  6. My family has always had a home security system, so it only made sense to have one myself when I moved out on my own. Of course, I didn’t really know much about them, so my dad called Vivint and made an appointment for me. I spent some time talking to the tech and he told me everything I needed to know about having a security system. He also showed me how everything worked, and what to do if someone broke into the house while I was there. I wasn’t too worried before the system was installed, but now I really feel safe.

  7. I wanted a simple and cheap home security system. That’s what Vivint is. Don’t misinterpret cheap as crap because that isn’t the case. Vivint gives you the quality and level of service you want for far less money than the other guys.

  8. It’s been about six months since I started living alone and I wanted to get a wireless home security system, but I really wasn’t sure how they worked. I love that the Vivint website made it incredibly easy to understand how the system works and why it is the smartest option in the digital age. I had no idea it would be super easy to install the Vivint home security system. I am all about using technology to make my life easier and Vivint security certainly does that. On nights where I work late, I can even check my phone to make sure my condo is safe before I go inside. I live at the end of my property and that means my condo is possibly a more vulnerable target than others, but with Vivint I feel very safe. They are great people and were very nice when I had a couple of questions about connecting the system to my iPad. These people value their customers and I know I will be with them for years to come. Vivint is highly rated for a reason – because it works. This has to be the easiest system on the market, I promise you!

  9. Vivint is comparable to some of the big name home security systems out there but they are giving you all of the latest features for a low price. For me, this is important because I do not want to pay a ton of money every month but I do want to feel safe!

  10. I could not be happier with our new home security system from Vivint. It is effective, yet easy to operate and manage on a daily basis with our large, busy family. It is well worth the money invested.

  11. My husband travels often for our business. I have family in the area and my sister stays with us often, but other than that it’s me and the kids. I really wasn’t sure what to expect from a wireless home security system. In the early ‘90s we had a home security system that wasn’t wireless and it was a pain in the neck because it was very glitch. My husband said this was a totally different type of technology, so I figured we may as well try it if it is an extra level of protection for our home and family. Installation was a breeze and I love that I can control the control panel from anywhere with an Internet connection. I was able to check it when I was two streets down at my sister’s house and set the alarm again after my 15 year old daughter and her friend got home after school. This is an amazing product and there is no contract, which means you do not have to worry about being locked in. That was another issue I had with the old alarm system because after we moved we were billed for almost six months when we were no longer using the darn thing! Not the case with Vivint.

  12. Prior to contacting Vivint for a home security system, we checked out a few different national, well-known security companies to see what they had to offer. We were not satisfied with level of attention to our needs or the price of the packages that they were offering. Plus, they couldn’t tailor a package to meet all of our needs and wants regarding a security system. Their available systems were mostly far too big and complex for our needs. We felt as if our business wasn’t important to them and that they were only focused on protecting businesses or very wealthy people. Fortunately, we have not had the same experience with Vivint Security. They were able to design a custom security system for our home that was much more effective than any of the prepackaged plans that other companies had to offer. It was designed just as if they were living in our home, they understood our needs so well. Our experience overall has been great and I feel as if we will have an ongoing relationship with this company for years to come. I would recommend that anyone who wants to purchase a home security system to call this company first.

  13. If you truly care about protecting your home and your family, you should give Vivint a call. The reason that I know this is true is that last week, I met with a representative of Vivint to assess my security needs, price range, and upgrading of my current system. He was able to show me the most advanced features available that fit within my price range and describe in detail how any upgrades would occur and how much they would cost. These upgrades were not expensive and basically doubled our level of security and protection for our family.

  14. I thought any home security system that was DIY was going to be a piece of crap. Sorry, but I just did not understand how something you install yourself could be effective for keeping your home safe. I remember the old alarms that cost hundreds per month. Vivint has really proved me wrong. Installation was very simple and to the point. I appreciate that the directions were very easy to follow and they didn’t try to over complicate things, which is a problem a lot of companies have when instructing customers with D-I-Y installation. This was a 1, 2, 3 process and when I could see the house on our iPad, I knew this was a keeper. I also like the variety of sensors you can have for your home. There are options that detect a door opening or broken glass and yes, this even works for detecting smoke. Obviously with three kids running around I want our home protected on every facet, but it is great to have one security system that covers so many bases. With Vivint you are not on a contract either, but everything has gone so well with them that I know I will be a client for a long, long time!

  15. This is probably the easiest system to use and we are not techies by any stretch of the imagination, so I think anyone can use it. Vivint wireless home security system is one of the top-rated in its class online and that’s because their customer service is top notch.

  16. We were looking for a wireless home security system that was easy to install and affordable. I know that’s a tall order but Vivint filled it. If you are looking for a security system with quick setup, this is it.

  17. I have nothing but great things to say about Vivint wireless home security system. I have used it for almost three months and I wildly impressed with this thing! Unfortunately we had an incident and within 60 seconds the alarm sounded and the thieves took off. We did get their license plate information for the police report, thanks to our neighbor (sometimes nosy neighbors are OK) and though they weren’t caught, our home was safe. I think Vivint is the best bet for anyone who wants a system that takes little effort to install and yields big results by keeping your home protected.

  18. I saw Vivint Security on a home show that is produced locally. They had an expert on and they discussed a few different home security systems and Vivint had the best ratings. When I went online to check out reviews there, sure enough I saw a bunch of positive reviews which was really impressive. I wanted a home security system that wouldn’t cost a fortune. For over a decade we had one of those expensive home alarms that everyone had back in the ‘90s. I didn’t want to deal with the big fee every month because we have so many more expenses these days as our kids grow up. That said I still wanted our home protected and my family safe, so I felt a home security system was a smart investment that will pay for itself fast enough. Sure enough, within the first six months of owning we’d already saved over half of what we were paying for the old system. I love the customer service offered with Vivint Security. They truly value you as a customer and you can tell they are well-trained to handle customers with care. I have had to call them twice in the past year and both times it was a great experience.

  19. I am so glad we decided to invest in the Vivint wireless home security system. I am very happy with the performance and we have seen it work twice, and both times the thief was deterred.

  20. Vivint fit the bill perfectly and it’s no wonder they have great reviews online. This is a wireless home security system for those who want a cheap option that offers the same protection as expensive brands.

  21. We live in a rural area and were not sure about getting an alarm. My daughter got this system and she lives in a town close by. I did not think Vivint would be able to accommodate us, but I called and they were very courteous and polite with knowledgeable answers. The wireless home security system indeed works, even in our neck of the woods and I’m thankful for it. My husband was reluctant to warm up to the system, but once he saw the kids show us how we can watch many angles of the house from our laptop, he was excited we bought it.

  22. Count me in as another satisfied customer of Vivint. After researching home security systems extensively, you will not do better than Vivint in terms of value. They are truly a great company who take care of customers without asking questions.

  23. The bulk of protection from a home security comes from the alarm. A booming alarm makes people stop dead in their tracks and run. This is all you need in a home security system and Vivint lets you have that plus extras like wifi cameras and motion sensors if you opt to have them. We have the basic system Vivint came with and haven’t added anything else, but it’s worked out well for us. I know Vivint was recommended online by a big tech writer and I can see why. This is value and quality in one bundle – what’s not to love?

  24. Setup for Vivint took me about half an hour and I am someone who moves slowly to make sure everything works just right. Vivint is a home security system I’ll use for my home in California too because it is downright affordable.

  25. I have tried a few different home security systems over the years. Vivint was recently recommended to me by a gentleman I met at a wedding. He is someone’s co-worker, but he actually moved into our neighborhood about two months ago. He told me he would never have a house without a home alarm, but when he moved he switched from his expensive monthly contract home security system to Vivint. He explained to me that first you buy the system and then pay a small monthly fee for monitoring services. This sounds like what I thought home security systems were 20 years ago. Back then, I was wrong, and you ended up paying sometimes over $100 a month for monitoring for your home alarm. That is simply out of our budget, but Vivint is so much more affordable and you are getting the same quality of service as those big-name security systems. There’s absolutely no reason anyone should pay any more for a home alarm than with Vivint. These people value customer service and make it easy for you to install their system and keep it activated every month. The other awesome thing is Vivint requires no monthly contract which is great for us.

  26. I’ve been on the market for a new security system for a while ever since my last security system stopped working. I did a lot of consumer shopping and finally settled on the Vivint security system. I chose this system for a number of different reasons. The main reasons I chose the system was because it was reasonably priced, a durable and effective product and came with a nice warranty package. The system also is linked directly to the local fire and police stations. I’ve been using the system for a few months now and already can tell that it is way better than my previous system. One of the biggest differentiators is how simple it is to arm the system and also how I can even monitor the system remotely when I’m away from my home. I also like how the company has a customer support hotline that’s always on call should you need assistance with the system or have an emergency. I definitely would recommend this security system to anyone who is in need of some protection for your home. Anyone looking for a system shouldn’t look any further than the Vivint security system. You really won’t regret it!

  27. I’ve never felt safer in my home. The Vivint security system is a perfect addition to my home. I now know that I’ll always be protected whether I’m in my home or away from it.

  28. I am very meticulous with safety for my home. I learned of Vivint through a neighbor who also got rid of their more expensive home security system. You will not believe how easy it is to install Vivint. It just takes a few settings and before you know it your alarm is online and it’s all systems go. I would not recommend any other home alarm and I am a very pick customer. The wifi cameras are equally simple to install and you can see the picture very well on your phone or wherever you login from. I love it!

  29. I chose the Vivint security system because it is the same system that some of the top companies utilize. This system comes complete with so many distinct features that truly make it one that’s worth looking into. It’s really heavy-duty and a reliable system because it continues to keep working even when the power is out. It is able to do this through a battery generator that lasts for up to 24 hours. I find this feature especially appealing because sometimes the most burglaries happen during power outages. I never have to worry about being unprotected because the Vivint security system is there for me!

  30. Vivint security is built with the homeowner in mind. The home security system is so user-friendly yet it is robust enough to prevent a burglar from trying to hack it. It’s like my own personal protective army guiding my home and I.

  31. I wanted an inexpensive home security system. I was willing to spend more if it meant that device was better than cheaper models, but with Vivint I see there’s no need to spend that extra money. Vivint has all of the features most of us are accustomed to from a home security system only with Vivint you aren’t paying the ridiculous monthly fees. For anyone who’s ever struggled with bills, you know saving your money counts and Vivint lets you do that without losing protection for your property. I am happy with the system and think it suits any average home.

  32. I recently moved into a new home and decided on the Vivint security system because I knew that I was in need of some protection. I needed a cheap and efficient way to add another layer of security to my home and family. The Vivint system is very affordable and doesn’t require much worry or maintenance. Ever since I installed this system in my home I never have to worry about how safe my home is because my mind is put at ease. I now have time to focus my energies on other aspects of my life. There’s just so many positives to the Vivint security system that I would recommend this service to anyone. I’ll never be looking for another system simply because I really trust this system to do the job. I’ve been recommending this system to my neighbors and now they’re even using it. The only issue that I had with the service was a glitch with one of the buttons, but I called the customer support line and they sent a representative to fix the issue the next day. The service is simply one of the best in the home security industry! Everyone should look to have this service installed in their home!

  33. There are a lot of home security choices on the market today so it’s important to do some thorough research. The installation of the Vivint security system has been a great addition to my home. I feel safe when I’m in my home and at ease when I’m away from it.

  34. Any homeowner should really consider the Vivint security system. This system is so unbelievable because it can be armed very easily and accessed from nearly anywhere in the world. One time I forgot to arm my system and I was already on a flight out of the country. This was not an issue though since I was able to arm it remotely with my cell phone. Another great feature is that I’m able to actually check up on my home remotely through the wireless settings that the system provides. I’ll be sticking with this security system for a good while!

  35. Security systems are really a must have in this day and age. I chose the Vivint security system because I knew it would be easy to use and reasonably priced. I’m very happy with the system and know that I’ll be using it for decades to come!

  36. You can never have enough security in your home. The Vivint security system is simply the best! This system is very efficient and effective and can be purchased at any price point. There isn’t much that goes into maintaining the system, which is the best part. Once the system is installed, it’s ready to be used! I make sure to use the system every day and it gives me some good piece of mind knowing that Vivint security system is armed and protecting my home when I’m away. I also like how the system has a customer support hotline just in case I have any issues with my system.

  37. I’m surprised at how long it took me to invest in a security system, but I’m so glad that I chose the Vivint security system because it’s truly one of a kind. I always put on my system when I’m away and also make sure to arm it when I’m sleeping.

  38. We recently moved and ditched our previous pricey home security system. Vivint is so much cheaper and offers better customer service than our other provider. Forget the expensive contracts and switch to Vivint.

  39. Well so far so good with this home security system! I read a lot of reviews and looked into installation processes for different home security devices before I bought Vivint. This was a great choice because it’s easy to use and it’s something that is second nature to me at this point. I’ve actually never owned a home security system, but vivint is brilliant because it is functional and gives you the choice of adding things later on. For me, this is key since I know I will want to upgrade when I move to a bigger place. No complaints about Vivint.

  40. I read about Vivint online when someone suggested it in the comments section of a blog that focuses on first-time homeowners. Vivint sounded like the answer to our problem because we wanted a home security system right now while we continue to work on the house while living in our apartment about 20 minutes away. Because this system has wifi cameras I can see our house at all times on my tablet and I don’t have to worry about who is lurking around. I am really impressed so far and would definitely recommend it to anyone in our predicament. It’s a good deal!

  41. The zoning system for Vivint is an excellent way to make sure you have covered your entire home for safety. I am so impressed with the level of customer service from Vivint and this is definitely the home security system everyone needs.

  42. This is a home security system people can rely on. I am not a person who is paranoid but there are so many less than scrupulous people in this world it’s worth protecting your home and property.

  43. We bought Vivint after a scare where an intruder was in our backyard. This person didn’t enter but we knew a home security system was something that would sound if someone were to get in the house. Vivint is easy to use.

  44. Affordability is key in this economy and I was tired of overspending on a plethora of things I didn’t need. My home security system was one of those things. I was overpaying for what I was getting and I didn’t feel the alarm company was interested in working with me to keep me as a customer. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered Vivint. Their customer service is fantastic and installation was so easy for this device. I am only interested in spending my money wisely and Vivint lets me do that while still keeping my home safe. You can’t go wrong with Vivint.

  45. The installation part of Vivint is what scared me most but for the price, I figured I couldn’t be picky. Vivint is so easy to install, I promise anyone can do it. I thought installing a home security system would be a pain to deal with but it was easy and saved me a ton of money.

  46. I was trying to find a home security system that didn’t require the pricey monthly payments. I knew there had to be something out there and when I came across Vivint I was a happy camper. Installation took under an hour.

  47. There was no way we were moving into a new neighborhood without a home security system. Vivint does the trick and installation was very easy. I’m glad we ditched the overpriced alarm system we had before.

  48. Looking for an affordable option for a home security system. I didn’t expect to find Vivint, which is a great price and actually does what I need it to. I am happy with the performance and give it two thumbs-up!

  49. I was skeptical about Vivint because of the price. I am not used to spending so little on tech-anything and have it actually perform well. Vivint knows what they’re doing because this is a very tech-savvy home security system yet the price tag would never indicate that. I thought I was going to end up with a junky home alarm that had a million glitches. Nothing could be further from the truth for my Vivint alarm and I like that the motion sensors can be placed at windows too, since we have two very low windows in the front of the house.

  50. I could afford a more expensive home security system, but why would I? Vivint has fantastic reviews online which made me buy it and I’m so glad I listened to these people. It is very easy to install, even for tech-disabled people like me!

  51. I am finally getting around to writing this review about Vivint. My husband did the homework to find the best home security system for us and I just went along with it. I didn’t really think we needed a home alarm until our neighbor’s car was stolen in broad daylight. Now I’m on board to protect our home and property with Vivint. Setup was easy as pie and I love that we can watch all corners of the house when we’re out of town. A neighbor picks up our mail, but it is nice to see your home in real time.

  52. I am really impressed with the folks at Vivint. I installed Vivint for my grandparents three months ago, but I have been traveling a lot so I can’t always be their go-to fix-it person. They understand and actually took it upon themselves to call Vivint when they needed some troubleshooting done. Vivint treated my grandparents nicely and took the time to help them address the problem. I know not all home security systems would be that helpful, so two thumbs-up for Vivint! They are not kidding around when it comes to customer service and I wish more companies would take a note from them.

  53. You wouldn’t think Vivint would deliver the way that it does when you see the price. I know there are a lot of wifi camera-equipped home security systems on the market now but Vivint is the best because they are reliable. Their customer service department is great and always helpful. I used a different wifi home security system (or tried to!) and they were awful when it came to customer service. It took them days to return an email and they never answered the phone. This is unacceptable when you are paying for a service. I don’t care if you’re paying a low price; that isn’t an excuse for them to make their CS non-existent. Vivint gives you what you expect to keep your home safe including the wifi cameras and motion sensors that detect movement. I like the motion sensors because they are sensitive but do not go off for no reason. I am really happy with vivint and the performance of the alarm. I have tested it three times over the past year and it’s been perfect. I couldn’t be happier with the system and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a home security system that won’t eat away at their funds but still provide them with adequate protection.

  54. We learned our new neighbors were burglarized about a week after they’d moved in. I do think this was a case of someone watching their house and seeing what they were bringing into the house to get an idea of what the people owned and whether it would be worth stealing. I am careful to break down any boxes of large ticket items we purchase. I know that sounds paranoid, but you just never know who is watching. We live in a nice neighborhood, but trust me, I have known plenty of rich people who steal. It’s a compulsion for some people! I bought Vivint and installed it the same day, which was an easy process. There were no problems with setup and when I called customer service to buy an additional camera, they were very polite. I installed the second camera near the garage door and it has been great to monitor action outside. Like that Vivint lets you watch your property in real time online, whether it’s through their site or the app, which you can get on your tablet or phone. This is a nice feature Vivint includes without overcharging you. This is as good as home security systems come.

  55. You will not believe how much safe your feel with Vivint. Peace of mind is the best way to describe the feelings I have now that I have Vivint protecting us. I know a lot of people think home security systems aren’t worth the money, but trust me, when you check all of the cameras and have the alarm set for the night, you got to bed and you sleep all night. We live in a community that is going downhill fast and I’m tired of waking up at the drop of a hat. Vivint gives me security and that makes it worth every penny.

  56. We were looking for a home security system that let us watch the house while we’re away. We have a neighbor who lets our dogs out since both my wife and I travel for work about two weeks out of the month. We didn’t intend for things to be like this, but each of our careers have taken a turn and we were forced to take positions that cause us to travel frequently. Because of this I wanted a home security system that let us keep an eye on the house whenever we’re away. I knew Vivint would do that because I read numerous reviews commenting on the wifi capabilities that let you check out what’s happening at home when you aren’t there. The technology is very savvy and easy to use, plus you can use the app to check on your home at any time of day. For us, this has been a godsend and it helps to know our neighbor is trustworthy. We are very lucky to have someone so close who can watch our home with no problems, but Vivint security adds an extra layer of security that gives us peace of mind. I would definitely recommend Vivint to any friend or family member who wants reliable protection.

  57. Stop worrying about what’s happening at home when you aren’t there. Vivint allows you to watch your home while you’re away. I know because I’ve had Vivint security at home for two years and have watched my home from all over the world. The people at Vivint are very nice and do everything they can to help you if you have any questions. When my parents were house sitting while I was in Australia, my mother called them and they helped her troubleshoot things right away. I am really impressed with their continuous top notch customer service. You’re doing the right thing for your family by choosing Vivint.

  58. My husband insisted on installing a home security system when he started a new job that required him to work third shift. I thought he was overreacting, but I did it anyway. I called Vivint security and had a system installed in a matter of days. For over a year, we never had a call from the monitoring department. Then, one day out of the blue, they called and said someone had attempted to enter the home and could not disable the alarm system. I rushed home to find a broken window, where someone would have been able to get my home had the alarm not scared them away.

  59. I am an avid gun collector. As such, I know all about responsible gun ownership, and I keep all my guns and ammo locked away in a safe. Even though I do everything I can to keep my collection safe, with the way the world’s behaving today, there was always a worry in the back of my mind that someone would break into my home, steal one or more of my guns, and use them to commit a crime. I could not live with myself if that ever happened. I finally decided the best thing to do was to have a Vivint home security system installed in my home. This way, if someone tries to break in, I can make sure the police are called immediately and the suspects either run away or are apprehended before they can attempt to get into my safe and get away with one of my guns. I own a gun for protection, but to me, it’s much more than that. Ultimately, guns, like cars, are a wonderful piece of our nation’s history, and I want to preserve that. Many of my guns are irreplaceable, or would be very difficult to find if any of them were taken. That’s why I’m so glad to have Vivint security on my side.

  60. I’m a single mom with three kids. My oldest babysits after school, but because I don’t really like the idea of them being alone, I have a Vivint security system. It’s hard to make ends meet sometimes, but that is an expense I consider an absolute must. It protects my kids when I can’t be there to protect them, protects our home when we’re away during the day, and protects us all as we’re sleeping. Many of my mom friends think I should cut the bill to save money, but I will gladly work overtime to make sure that bill is paid!

  61. If you want an easy to use security system, then Vivint home security system is for you! It took me no time at all to learn how to configure it, program it, arm it, etc. It’s so easy to use that everybody in my family is able to deal with it without triggering false alarms. Yeah… the days of false alarms (think the 90s and 80s) are long gone! Those used to cause me a whole lot of problems. Also, everything with Vivint home security system is connected wirelessly. It’s so much more convenient. The system I used to have had wires running through every room. It was so annoying. Plus, the fact is that the system could have been easily disabled by any savvy criminal. All they would have had to do is just cut a wire! Well, Vivint home security system cannot be disabled so easily! It’s quite amazing! I highly recommend it for people who live alone, as well as, you know, families and whatnot. It’s good for protecting yourself and your all your belongings. It’s also more than reasonably priced. It’s ironic because I paid less for this high-tech system than I did for my original system back in 1998! Crazy, right!?

  62. I like Vivint home security system because it is completely wireless. It’s not dependent on wires like older systems. I used to have a wired system back in the 90s. It was a real pain to handle because there were literally wires everywhere. This required watching our steps whenever we walked around our own home. It also required constant dusting to make sure there were no electrical problems. With Vivint home security system , everything operates wirelessly, so none of these worries matter anymore. Anyway, the system provides 24/7 protection. The power could go out and you’d still be protected from burglars, which is quite amazing. It’s also capable of being remotely managed. So you can check in on it while you are at work. Or you can disarm the system a few minutes before you even arrive back at home. But all in all, the peace of that 24/7 security is very worth it. In this day and age, it seems like bad things happen all the time. And well, I don’t want to be a victim, and that’s why I invested in Vivint home security system! And it’s also why I give it my full recommendation with flying colors!

  63. I thought installing a home security system would be a big ordeal but Vivint Security proved me wrong. The techs were in and out of my house in a couple of hours and I was impressed with how meticulous he was in teaching me how to use the home alarm. I know this is important but with our previous provider, we were never taught anything but the basics. Vivint Security went beyond that and I feel confident teaching my college-age kids how to use the alarm when they are in town. Vivint Security has proven to be an excellent company all around.

  64. We had a break-in almost three weeks ago and our Vivint Security home security system came through. I was able to run upstairs with my kids and the phone rang within seconds of the break-in and the police were sent to our home. I know our dogs barking and the piercing alarm made the burglar second guess what he was doing. I did not see him, since I was in the family room at the time and he attempted to break in through our backdoors which lead through the kitchen. I know the minute I heard the alarm, I grabbed my daughter and ran up the stairs to my son’s room. I did not see the burglar get away, but we saw the damage done to the door after the police arrived. This was in the middle of the day, which tells me thieves these days truly have no shame and will try to rob your home whenever they get an opportunity. Stop them before they do with Vivint Security. We are very glad to have had Vivint Security when this happened and we’re customers for life. This isn’t anything to fool around with and the monthly rates are so low that it is like skipping a dinner out so you can feel safe in your home.

  65. The thing about home security systems is you never know what type of service is going to come with the alarm system until after you see it in action. We have had home security systems in the past and they were not all they promised to be. At the time, my mother lived with us and had to hit the panic button for an intruder and it took the police over 20 minutes to show up, even though no one answered their phones to tell the alarm company to cease service. I read about Vivint Security online and the reviews were great across the board which made me want to try them out. I think Vivint Security is probably the best home security system money can buy. First off, the alarm sounds very loudly. I love this because it not only sounds so practically the entire block can hear it, it also sends our dogs into a frenzy. Our indoor dogs are used to a lot of noise because of the kids, but when that alarm goes off, they go insane barking. I figure between both of these things, the intruders will be scared off. I have also spoken with several reps at Vivint Security at length and they are very nice to customers with a lot of questions.

  66. We were thrilled to buy a new home but we had to get our home security system for it. In the past, this was always set up by the homeowner’s associate. We chose Vivint Security because we liked the idea of wireless cameras that let you see your home when you’re away. We have a lake house about an hour and a half away we frequent on the weekends and the home security systems from Vivint Security let us see the house when we’re on the boat! As long as you have wifi connection you’re good to go and that makes us feel safe.

  67. When buying a home security system, there is always going to be a lot on your mind. Like many, you may want one of these but realize that you don’t want to overspend. Of course, you have to remember that there is no price on your safety. If you think that you are spending too much, you need to realize that you are getting a lot in return. There is always something that may be holding you back, but don’t let it be the price. With Vivint security, you are going to get a lot of bang for your buck. You know you are going to spend money, but you also know that you are going to get quite a bit in return. Just make sure you are comfortable with what you are getting, and nothing will stop you from moving forward. There are other options out there, but when you take a close look at Vivint security and what they bring to the table you are likely going to realize that it could be best for you and your home at the present time. This will give you peace of mind, while also keeping money in your pocket.

    1. The home security systems available through Vivint Security are top notch. We are talking high quality customer service with a team of people who truly know their business, and they also have some of the most innovative technology in the industry with wireless cameras that help you watch your home. For parents who have kids who arrive home alone in the afternoon, these types of home security systems are ideal. Vivint Security has an awesome product on their hands and I’ll be a customer for a very long time. I also like how easy it is to set up the system. If you have any issues, you call them and they walk you through troubleshooting.

  68. Are you ready to add a layer of protection to your home? When I answered yes to this question I immediately looked into the Vivint security. This security system has been known as one of the best, because of all the features and safety points. There were others on the market, all of which appeared to have something unique to offer, but it was this one that really caught my eye. Take the time to learn more about the Vivint security, that way you can decide if it is the right choice for you and your home.

  69. If protection is what you want, the Vivint security is what you need to purchase. You are going to find out early on that you are getting a lot of value in return for your money, thanks to the fact that this system has it all. There are a lot of others out there, and trust me, I have tried most of them. The thing that you are going to enjoy the most about the Vivint security is the way it is so simple to use. It is a surprise, because others don’t work this way, but you know you are going to get just what you want in terms of functionality.

  70. I bought two homes in the past decade as investment properties. One was broken into about four times over the course of those 10 years. I really didn’t think having an alarm in either home would make much of a difference but they have. After having vivint security in my personal home for two years, I decided to install vivint security into both rental properties. I also ended up raising the rent by 8% on both properties and filled both with no problem at all. Both tenants noted the alarm system was something they were looking for in a home. One of the homes is in a relatively nice neighborhood, but it was the one that was broken into in past years. I find many more break-ins happen in this area versus the less affluent areas because thieves assume people living in nicer areas have money. This is my theory anyway and it seems to be true because break-ins are common in that area, especially for cars and ground-level condos and townhouses where people sneak into the gate. I think the investment of having vivint security in my rental homes is well worth the money and I am glad I decided to install them when I did. Since then we have not had an issue with break-ins but if that occurs, I know my tenants and my property are protected with vivint security.

  71. We have had a garage apartment behind our home for years, but it was broken into twice in the past year. I am not looking for it to happen again so I decided to consult with vivint security for a home alarm system. I didn’t think it would be as easy as it was, but within a week vivint security had come to our home and looked at the property, then created a few option plans for our alarm. We decided to install alarms in our home too, but I know now our tenants feel safe. vivint security knows what they’re doing and listen to their clients.

  72. The way that you shop for a home security system should be your choice, however, you also need to realize the benefits of making the same decision as those before you. When you consider what others have done, it becomes easier to realize what you should be doing yourself. In the long run, I gave Vivint security my business because of what others were saying. This was a great decision, thanks to the fact that the features and price are in line with the rest of the industry. What are you waiting on?

  73. If price is on your mind, give the Vivint security a try. You are going to love what you get in return for this system. The deal of the century is what I like to call it.

  74. A few weeks ago, we received some pretty heavy news; our neighbor’s house had been broken into and all of her most valuable possessions were stolen. We live in a very safe and secure neighborhood where security has never been an issue. In fact, in the time that our neighborhood has existed, there has never even been an attempted break in. It’s the kind of community where you can leave your front door unlocked at night and you never have to worry about anything happening. Well, that all changed the night of this burglary. Needless to say, we were all completely alarmed and put on edge. After receiving this news, the very first thing we decided to do was have a home security system installed in our home. We didn’t know much about home security companies because we never had to worry about this sort of thing before. We asked the police who we should contact and they recommended Vivint Security. They said that they are the best security company around and that they would keep us safe from harm. We contacted them and had a system installed the next day. We are all a little shaken still, but now, at least, we know that we are being protected.

  75. I am on the road a lot for work, which means that I can’t always provide the personal safety and security that I want to for my family. It’s a hard situation to be in, but fortunately, thanks to the exceptionally home security system provided by Vivint Security, I don’t have to worry about anything happening to my family while I am on the road. They always have an eye on our house, which means that my family is always protected. Plus, I love the fact that I can easily check in with the company, no matter where I am, to make sure that our house is secure. I definitely recommend them.

  76. You can never take your safety and security too seriously; believe me, I know. I am a retired police officer and I have responded to too many break in calls during my tenure. In fact, I have responded to so many call that I can’t even recall exactly how many. Sadly, most of the calls that I responded to were homes that didn’t have a home security system. I can’t stress it enough; if you want to keep your home, your possessions and your family protected, you simply have to have a home security system installed. In my honest opinion, there is no better security company than Vivint Security.

  77. Vivint Security home security offers the absolute best home security system on the market. With the most cutting edge and state-of-the art technology at an extremely affordable price, you simply can’t go wrong with them. They use a truly innovative approach to home security, which no other security system uses. This, combined with their commitment to providing the best possible prices and the best possible customer service puts them leaps and bounds ahead of every other home security system you will ever find. Not only will you be beyond pleased with the exceptional security, price and service that they offer, but you will also be amazed by how simple the process is. When we decided that we wanted to use them to protect our home, we had a consultation, which lasted about 20 minutes, and then the security system was installed within the blink of an eye. We were never inconvenienced. And, to make their security system stand out above the rest even more, their system is so easy to use! Even my 7-year-old daughter understands how to set it with ease! So, if you want to keep your home protected, go with Vivint Security. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give them a 15.

  78. If you are like me, you want to keep your home and your family protected, but you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to do so. Home security systems can be quite costly, and in this economy, who has that kind of extra money to spend on a high quality system? Well, thanks to Vivint Security, you don’t have to compromise high quality for an affordable price. This home security company truly offers the best possible system for the best possible price. I shopped around a lot before deciding which company to go with. After I collected all of my information, I compared it all and I found that there really and truly was no comparison. For the type of high quality, high tech security system that Vivint Security was offering, and that the price they were offering it for, the choice really was quite clear. Needless to say, I decided to have them install a system in my home and I have been pleased ever since. For just a few extra dollars a day, my home and my family are completely protected, and I’m not breaking the bank! Peace of mind at an affordable price; that’s what Vivint Security is all about.

  79. When we first moved into our new home, my first concern was having it outfitted with a security system. I have been the victim of two break ins in my life and let me tell you, they aren’t a pleasant experience. There is nothing more terrifying than hearing your front door creek open when you know that it isn’t being opened by someone you know. As you can imagine, a home security system is extremely important to me. That is why when we moved, I had my Vivint security system transferred to our new home. Thanks to them, I know that we are always protected.

  80. I am a retired marine and I have been in a lot of dangerous and frightening situations. However, none of them have compared to the fear that I felt when my home was broken into. My entire family was asleep and I awoke to the sound of my little girl screaming, which is the most terrifying sound a mother can hear. Naturally, I ran to her aid and I found that what she was screaming at a robber. He had a weapon, but thankfully, didn’t use it on us. After the dust settled, I immediately called to have a home security system from Vivint installed. We’ll never be victimized like that again.

  81. I’ve been researching the best home security companies for months now and finally decided to call the professionals at Vivint security after reading so many positive reviews. None of the reviews really explain how awesome the staff is, they rock!

  82. The guys at Vivint security really know what they’re talking about. They took all of my concerns and addressed them point by point until I understood everything and was able to make my decision based on facts and not fears.

  83. I was once attacked while entering my home after a late night of grocery shopping. Fortunately this experience wasn’t extremely violent, only extremely scary. Even though I wasn’t hurt I have been scared to enter and exit my home and even to be at home alone at night. After a few months of being scared all the time one of my coworkers recommended I call the people at Vivint security. I was a little resistant because I assumed all of these companies were basically the same. They would hear my story and prey on my fears to talk me into buying something I didn’t need and couldn’t really afford. I couldn’t have been more wrong!! They did take the time to listen to my story and I really felt like they cared about me as a person. Surprisingly, they didn’t try to sell me the most expensive products they worked within my budget until I had a solution that was both affordable and increased my feeling of safety. Don’t wait until your feeling of security has been stripped from you, call Vivint security and let them tell you how you can make your home truly become the sanctuary you already believe it to be.

  84. I have always been a dog person. That maybe sounds like a funny way to start a review but I want to explain why in 48 years of life I’ve never been worried about my home security. Recently, however, my pup passed away and because of my work schedule I didn’t feel like It would be fair to take in a brand new puppy. Unfortunately, this left me feeling not only lonely but also very exposed. No barking dog in the middle of the night when someone was walking by on the sidewalk and no one to alert me when the doorbell was ringing and I was in the shower all got me to thinking about how much I relied on my dog to keep me and my home safe. I looked around for alternative options and finally decided to give “Vivint Security” a call. I am so thankful I did. They were able to help me come up with a solution that requires far less of a time commitment from me than a puppy but still lets me feel like I don’t need to worry about my own safety when I’m at home or the safety of my home entertainment system when I’m gone.

  85. We just bought our very first house and were super excited to move in and begin decorating. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the need for home security but a friend mentioned “Vivint Security” and we decided to give them a call and they were amazing! They were friendly and helpful and showed us how easy and affordable it was to protect our home. I now feel like our new home is absolutely perfectly decorated and perfectly safe. It’s the best feeling in the world! I totally recommend Vivint to all of my friends and coworkers and love them so much I wanted to let other new homeowners know that this is the company to talk to when you buy a new house.

  86. I don’t know what I would ever do if something happened to my family. I shudder to think of something bad happening – which is why I make sure that we are all safe and sound with a security system from Vivint Security. My parents have a security system from Vivint Security and they have always had fond things to say about them, so naturally, when I wanted to have one installed, I contacted their provider. Well, speaking from my own personal experience, I am beyond thrilled with the safety that they offer, and I’m also delighted by the price. This truly is the best security your money can buy.

  87. Last year, we were the victims of a break in. It happened while we were all sleeping. In the wee hours of the morning, I heard a crack of glass and the next thing I knew, there were loud footsteps walking down the hallway and into our dining room! We saw them at the same time they saw us and we just let them take what they wanted; we didn’t want to get hurt. Well, we weren’t hurt, but needless to say, we were really shaken up. And, because we have really great insurance, most of what was taken was covered (though those items that were heirlooms will never be replaced). After that happened, we called Vivint Security to have a security system installed. Our friends said that they dealt with them and that they were extremely professional, that they offered the highest quality devices and that they offered all of this for a fantastic price. Well, after we met them, we knew that we had to have them install a security system in our home. The installation process was quick and easy and since they have been guarding our home, we feel more protected than we ever have before. Thanks, Vivint Security!

  88. Let me tell you why I love having Vivint as my home security service. About a couple months ago, my husband was away on business. It was just me and my two little boys home alone. It can be hard to sleep when he’s away, but I manage. Anyway, about 2:00 AM, I hear some noise out in the front lawn. It really freaked me out. As I start to panic, the security alarm goes off. Within seconds, Vivint’s security team responds. I tell them what I hear and they assure me that help is on its way. Nothing bad happened – the alarm scared whatever made that noise away. However, I am absolutely convinced if that was someone trying to break into our home, something terrible might have happened. My boys and I were safe because Vivint’s security system worked like a charm. It really put it in perspective how important it is to have a reliable security system that you can trust attached to your home. I still do not like it much when my husband has to travel for business, but I can at least take comfort in knowing that when he’s gone, we’re still protected from danger.

  89. I’m one of those guys who never thought about a home security system until someone in my neighborhood got their house burglarized. Now that I have Vivint Security’s system installed, I can’t believe that I lived so long without it protecting my house. Everything about Vivint Security is terrific. The customer service reps are pleasant and know their stuff, and the system itself is easy to manage. Plus, their prices are very competitive, which is pretty important if you’re a person on a tight budget like me. If you don’t have a home security system, you totally should give Vivint Security a call.

  90. I didn’t believe that it was important to have a security system installed. For one, I worked from home and someone was always on the premise. Secondly, I live in an area that has a very low crime rate. Then a couple of people on my block were robbed in broad daylight. I realized that it was time for me to get a home security system. I choose Vivint for my home security system. Their system has changed my life. I feel safe with their security system installed in my home. Robbers are less likely to get robbed when you have an alarm system.

  91. I was hesitant about getting a security system for my vacation home. I am so glad that I got Vivint security system because someone attempted to break into our home, but decided against it. Our security system saved the day!

  92. I assumed that getting a new home security system would cost me thousands and thousands of dollars. I was wrong. Vivint security offers a strong security system at very affordable prices.

  93. I had a choice to use Vivint and two other security systems. Vivint is considered one of the most reliable home security systems. This is why I decided to go with them. They also have great customer service support.

  94. I had so many problems with my old security system. I would set it and then it would go off every twenty minutes. I finally decided to disconnect it and try Vivint. Vivint is a secure and reliable security system.

    1. I’ll be the first one to tell you that I am a complete numbskull when it comes to technology. I swear, I’m over at my brother’s house once a month with my laptop, asking him to fix some stupid thing that I can’t figure out. And it’s always something really, really dumb. So you can imagine that I was reluctant to use Vivint security’s services because I was afraid that their system would be too complicated for me. But I was eventually talked into checking them out. Oh. My. Goodness. It’s the easiest thing to manage ever! The person that installed the system was super nice and super patient with me, and he answered all of the questions I had for him (which was impressive – I think I had a thousand of them). Better yet, he gave me clear instructions on how to use the system in a way that I could totally understand. And when I do have a question about the system, Vivint security’s team is always there to help me in a cheerful manner and in a way that doesn’t make me feel stupid. If someone like me can fall in love with Vivint security’s security system, so can you!

  95. I rarely tend to leave reviews on companies, but Vivint is worth it. Vivint is my number one choice as far as home security goes. Their equipment is top-of-the-line to ensure that my home is secure. I am satisfied with Vivint all the way. If you were to ask me to rate the company with a 5 start rating system, I would give them 5 stars easily. Don’t believe me? Give them a try! You’ll probably be surprised with just how amazing their customer service really is and how much peace of mind you and your family will end up getting.

  96. It’s Vivint all the way for my home and family. After my little baby boy was born, I knew I had to do something to really make sure that our home was protected. That’s when my husband and I started talking, and we finally decided that installing a home alarm system might just be the way to go. We looked around forever, but really didn’t know which was the best. Eventually we turned to my husband’s father, who also has a home alarm. He recommended using Vivint. We took his advice and we’re sure glad that we did. We are totally satisfied with what we have. Vivint has provided us with a leading edge alarm system and cool apps to stay connected to home and see what’s up at the house even when we’re not there. At night, I have never slept better. Now with my son brought into this world, I know can’t protect him from everything, but Vivint has really added the extra security that we need, as well as that peace of mind that is just priceless. I have advised all of my friends to look into Vivint, and so far everyone who has given them a call have all been satisfied, too.

  97. I don’t go much for home alarms, but recently someone at my church told me to try Vivint. It wasn’t that I was looking around for a home security system, but I did want some way to have peace of mind. Having a home alarm didn’t appeal to me much, but the more I looked up about Vivint Security, the more I became interested. It was only last month that I contacted Vivint. Ever since , I have been completely satisfied and keep asking myself why I didn’t go for them earlier. I advise anyone who is looking for more home protection to go for Vivint.

  98. Vivint security has just found themselves a new life-long customer. It is amazing to me that they are so professional and yet so caring at the same time. They have amazing home security systems and rates that cannot be beat. I know that they will be there when we need them most and am glad to have their protection.

  99. Vivint is the best home security system provider around. We compared many different companies and none were as professional and informative as the people at Vivint. They were extremely professional and courteous. Plus they really do have great products at great rates which also helps. We recommend Vivint to everyone that we know!

  100. Everyone wants to feel safe in their home. Our homes are supposed to be places of refuge where we can unwind and spend time with our loved ones and those who we care about most. Unfortunately, there are bad people out there who choose to invade homes and make us feel less safe in our domiciles. That is why there are companies that are specifically run to make us continue to feel safe in our homes even if there are bad people in the world. These companies are home security companies. Home security companies are created to help protect residents in their homes should an invader try to break in. Not all home security companies are as good as the next and almost none are as good as Vivint. I can tell you that from first hand experience. Vivint has been there for me protecting me and my loved ones for the past few years and without them I would not feel as safe as I do in my home. They have the best technology to help stop invaders and alert me, my family, and the authorities if an intruder enter my home. They have the best prices around and do not charge absurd prices to protect my family like similar home security companies do. They also have the best customer service agents and customer support around and their employees make you feel as though you are family. Every time I have ever had to call Vivint, I have always been treated very warmly and been greeted in a friendly and professional manner. Vivint security is truly a gem.

  101. I was always told to lock my doors at night, and in the neighborhood that I live in, this couldn’t be more true. But when a break-in took place right down the street from my house, I knew that locking the doors was only the bare minimum of what I could do to protect my family and home. So I decided to go on a search for the ultimate security company. After a few cups of coffee and a few goods hours of research, I realized that there was one company that I kept running into that always had positive reviews – vivint. I hesitated at first because I knew that by picking one company, that I was placing the lives of my family into their hands. But, after signing up with vivint, I’m sure glad I did. I’ve never been more satisfied by a company in my life. And my family has never felt more secure. I give vivint a two thumbs up and highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking about signing up with a security company.

  102. I never really knew too much about security systems or home alarms, that is until my buddy recommended that I look into Vivint. What happened was that his home was actually broken into. Luckily no one was hurt and the suspect was caught. But after that him and his family, as well as me and my family were all shaken up. They decided to look into Vivint, and since then there hasn’t been anymore break-ins. That’s when my family and I decided to follow in his footsteps and look into Vivint. Vivint provides security that is top-of-the-line. I really like how I can stay connected to the home even when my family and I are gone. And doing business with them was a piece of cake. If you’re looking for an alarm system or a security company that’s really worth it, then check out Vivint for your home’s security.

  103. We knew that Vivint was a great company from the moment we called them. Their customer service agents were very knowledgeable and extremely informative and helped us to understand why Vivint was better from the rest. They offer top of the line security at very affordable costs and that makes me happy!

  104. My parents travel a lot. They love to vacation, visit their grandchildren, and see the world. Because of this, they are gone from their homes a lot and are very rarely there to make sure that no one breaks into their home. Sure, they have great neighbors that keep an eye on the place, but the neighbors cannot be there all of the time and they have their own lives to live. I hated knowing that my parents had no home security system in place and recommended that they look into a home security system with Vivint. We have been using Vivint for our home security needs for years and have always been impressed with their services and very low costs. I also believe that they are the best in the industry and told my parents that it would really help them to have a company like theirs protecting their home while they are away on their travels. My parents agreed and decided to sign up for a home security system with Vivint. They were just as impressed as we were with their customer service and protection plans and so far they have been very glad that they purchased a home security system from Vivint. They now feel safe going to visit their children and grandchildren and knowing that when they get back, their home will still be safe and that they do not need to rely on their neighbors to protect the home that they love so much. Vivint has been great for our entire family and I would recommend them to anyone that I know.

  105. No other security company out there even comes close to what Vivint provides its customers. Vivint is an outstanding company, a business worth doing business with. They quickly install a system that will always keep you and you family safe. I know because I’ve had them for the past few months now and I’ve had absolutely no problems with them. There no hidden fees, they deliver service that is number one, and they supply customers with an alarm system like no other all for a price that people can actually afford. If you’re looking for true peace of mind and true security for your home and family, then you should look into vivint security. They make sure that your home is always going to be protected every day of the week, every second of the day and night. Look into vivint security and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when you sign up with them.

  106. This website was helpful in making my home security choice. I thought I was going to go with ADT, but I was attracted to Vivints home automation systems. I’m glad I chose Vivint because the system works great.

  107. The person I did business with on the phone was courteous and took the time to explain to me the systems and the pricing. This is important to me because I have dealt with other companies before and I always felt they were trying to hide the truth from me. The person at Vivint was knowledgeable and helpful. The system works great too.

  108. Because I lost my job, I had to move my family to a less desirable neighborhood. There is gang crime going on everywhere. In my opinion a home security system in my neighborhood is not a luxury it is a necessity. After doing my homework I went with Vivint because of their equipment pricing and flexibility in equipment. I know have a job that keeps me away from home so I really like the Vivint home automation features and smart phone accessibility. Buy Vivint and you won’t be disappointed.

  109. A+ service and installation. The system is easy to use. Everyone in my family uses it. The monitoring center always calls within seconds of an alarm.

  110. I would never use this company again. I got lied to once. I have spent hours on the phone trying to correct billing issues, installation problems, and have never got what the Utah base salesman promised. Would not refer this company to anyone.

  111. When my wife and I were looking into getting a security system for our home, we were a bit overwhelmed by all the choices there were. After lots of free estimates and consultations, we decided to go with the ADT security system. They had a great reputation and many of their customers gave favorable reviews—raving about how much they loved the system.

    What we love most about it was how easy it was to be installed and the options we have if we choose to expand the system later on. Their systems were also customized to what our needs were and they had a very impressive feature that included remote activation abilities so we could actually use our smart phones to monitor our home.

    We did not want a one-size-fits-all system because there were a few specifics that we wanted with our system that others might not need or want. And knowing that our system is under twenty-four/seven monitoring makes us feel confident that we are being well protected.

  112. Feeling safe in your home should be a given and not a luxury. But after my neighbor’s house was broken into and thousands of dollars of jewelry and money were taken, I no longer had that safe feeling.

    I immediately looked into getting a home security system. Vivint security company was my first choice because I had read so many great reviews about their systems and all the options they had. I am not disappointed at all with my decision to get a home security system, but I have to admit I am saddened that I needed to get one at all.

  113. Is there anything worse than coming home to a house that has been robbed? When this happened to me, I was not sure what I was supposed to do—move, put armed guards outside my house, booby-trap the doors and windows? My friends told me to good a security system and suggested Vivint since it has been around for so long and has a good reputation. When I called them for an estimate, they were very friendly and helpful.
    They understood my fears and concerns which put me at ease. They explained how the system would work and why I should no longer feel unsafe in my own home. I am so glad I went with them for my home security system. I could not have asked for a better company.

  114. I had ADT for six year – didn’t know what I was missing until I just got VIVINT….. Awesome equipment but most of all their customer service seems to be second to none! Their instal tech’s are wonderful…… They do a great job and are professional. I think every ADT customer should convert….. You will not be sorry!

    1. We live in one of those neighborhoods where you don’t think a crime like burglary will happen, until it does. It happened to our friends down the street from us, which then prompted us to call Vivint security. Instantly, their customer service team didn’t just make us feel that we made the right choice they made us feel that we were taken care of and that everything was going to be okay. It felt like Vivint security had prevented the burglary before the system was even installed. I have total faith that they will protect us from being victimized in the future.

  115. If it were not for the vivint that I began using last year, I would never feel safe again in my house. After a robbery left me shaken to the point I wanted to pack up my things and move, I realized that doing that would just be running away from the issue rather than doing something about it. So I signed up with Vivint for my home security needs and have never looked back. I now feel safe without the sudden urge to pick up and leave.

    1. With Vivint security, I know they have my back. Their home security system just can’t be beat. Since I signed up with Vivint, I’ve never felt more safe at home or even away from the house. I’ve been able to stop worrying every night and every time I go off to work since I got started using Vivint security. Their service is always available, and I can always keep up with what’s going on at the house even when I’m working or traveling. It’s hard to believe that I once didn’t use Vivint security for my home security company, but now I’ll never go back to the way it was. I feel too secure and safe with Vivint to ever let them go. And with high-quality customer service always available as well, I know that Vivint security truly cares about its customers. If you’re looking for a home security system that lets you stay updated with what’s going on at home even when you’re not there, then I highly recommend using Vivint security.

  116. I cannot stop raving about my new security system. Vivint truly is the best company I have ever dealt with. Aside from the fact that they do not cost me an arm and a leg, their customer service and representatives are all a pleasure to deal with. They are polite, patient and very knowledgeable about the system so if I call with a problem, they know the answer immediately. It is nice to work with a company who treats its customers with respect and kindness.

  117. My be a little more expensive than adt but a much better system. I’ve had brinks for years but as soon as they merged with adt I knew it was time for a change. I had ADT before and hated there customer service. Vivint has much better equipment and there techs and sales reps are very professional.

  118. I recently had this system installed after being with ADT and it is one of the best alarm systems I have own to date, very easy to operate at home or away from home. I don’t know about the rest of you but I have been broken into before and I will tell you now that you can not through a price on protecting you, your family and or personal items. This system is great!

    1. We were moving into a new home and we needed to have a new home security system installed. Vivint security helped us to get set up. We are so grateful for them security our home. I you need home security, try

  119. This company was suppose to come back and finish installing my security system and they were no shows and didn’t call 4 different times and no reason why. The customer service isn’t very good at all when you have to call them. I had to keep retelling them my story and it had been over a month and I still haven’t got refunded. I would go with a different company.

    1. Nothing really comes close to Vivint. Vivint Security is dependable, yet affordable. If you are looking for a home security company that you can depend on and afford, I would advise Vivint in a heartbeat.

    2. There’s so much to like about Vivint Security! For one thing, the home security system itself is awesome. It’s not complicated at all to manage, so you don’t have to worry about some complex electronic thing giving you fits because you can’t figure out how to use it. Secondly, everyone that works at Vivint Security is totally professional. From the installers to the customer service reps, they really know how to make you feel important and not just some faceless customer. Finally, the price tag is very reasonable, especially considering the quality level of service you receive. I highly recommend these guys!

    3. When it comes to home security, you’re going to want to work with a company that you can count on – and Vivint Security is that company. Friendly, expert and knowledgeable consultants and exceptional systems are what you will find here.

    4. Though Vivint comes with pre-settings keep in mind you can change all of this at any time. That’s why I love Vivint for a home security system that really gives you options should you move or make an addition to your home.

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