Life Shield Reviews

  • Advanced wireless technology
  • FREE Home Security System
  • About $7 a Week
  • Fire protection at no extra cost

LifeShield Reviews

LifeShield was started in 2002 by a homeowner who wanted more advanced technology from his home security system. The system has multiple patents. The Life Shield Security system also has a built in mechanism so that the system will stay on no matter what happens. Unlike its competitors, Life Shield includes fire protection at no extra cost. With easy to install kits and affordable pricing, Life Shield is becoming an alternative provider worth considering.

Features of Life Shield Security

  • Wireless Security
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Interactive home security
  • Fire protection

Life Shield Security Pricing Per Month

  • $29.99 – 4-in-1 package

Review Author: Jason Thomas

85 Reviews on “LifeShield

  1. For the short amount of time it takes to setup Lifeshield, you have no excuse not to protect your home. I am really happy with Lifeshield and encourage anyone who wants a new home security system to explore this device because it is all you need.

  2. I haven’t put together anything in ages so I was reluctant to get Lifeshield out of the box once it arrived mere days after I ordered it. I was surprised how easy it was to install this home security system. My brother-in-law bought a different home security system last month that was a pain for him to install, but Lifeshield was a breezy experience anyone could manage to pull off. Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it too. Most importantly, we feel safe now that we have this extra barrier of protection. Nothing offers better peace of mind than a home alarm.

  3. My best friend told me about Lifeshield which she purchased when she moved to San Francisco this summer. This home security system is sort of one-stop shopping for those of us who want a high quality alarm without spending a bundle.

  4. I read about Lifeshield in a magazine that tested out a bunch of home security systems. I like the wifi component of lifeshield. I can see my house in real time and I love being able to do that since my kids are home alone in the evening.

  5. Not all home security systems are the same! Believe that. I had a different home security system that cost almost double what Lifeshield does and did a lot less for me. As others have mentioned, it’s the wifi system that really makes Lifeshield stand out from the other players in the game. You do have the option of wifi cameras from many home security systems, but all of them charge you more for this feature. That doesn’t happen with Lifeshield. You get all of these cool features for a low price, the same price, every month. It’s all we need for our house to feel secure.

  6. I have had Lifeshield for two years but I am barely making time to write a review. Sorry! Lifeshield is what saved us when someone broke into our condo last month. The alarm sounded and I locked myself in the bathroom. Lifeshield security called me and sent the authorities and the intruder took off.

  7. Our car was broken into two weeks ago. Right away I realized we are not living the ‘80s when crime was relatively low in our neighborhood. Times change and that means you have to be vigilant in protecting your property because people do not want to go out and get a job. I found Lifeshield online and I am so impressed with their services. They have been very receptive from installation to using the app and it is very easy to set up overall. You don’t need to be a techie to do this, so definitely give it a try if you’re looking for a home security system.

  8. Home security was an afterthought for me. We lived here for years before I thought about it. But with all the crime in the news, I wasn’t getting much sleep. After calling Lifeshield, I’m sleeping like a baby with a pit bull.

  9. As a policeman, I deal with break ins all the time. It’s for that reason I have a home security system installed in my own home. The last thing I want to do is have to report a theft – and the best way to avoid it is to protect my home with a 24/7/365 monitoring system. We haven’t had any issues yet, but as I tell everyone I deal with, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Even after I retire, I’ll keep the system installed. I’ll never be without home security, no matter where I live.

  10. After doing my homework, I decided Lifeshield was the home security system that best met my needs. It’s economical, easy to use, and effective. It makes my family feel safe. I’m glad I installed this great system.

  11. Lifeshield home security systems is the ultimate in alarm systems. It’s especially remarkable how easy the system is to use! Even my kids were able to figure it out, and they can’t even figure out Algebra!

  12. As someone who travels frequently, I cannot tell you how awesome Lifeshield home security systems is! The thing is that it functions without wires. You don’t have to worry about tripping over cords. Plus, its security is 24/7, meaning your home is always protected. It makes me feel much safer when I go to bed. It also makes me feel more secure when I am out of town traveling or even just at work. It also offers remote management, which is another plus. I definitely recommend this system for single people, as well as families who have like kids and stuff.

  13. Lifeshield has a great home security systems for staying alert. It provides the protection you need. Plus, it can send you wireless alerts to warn you of any troubles if, you know, you are not at home.

  14. Because of Lifeshield Security I know thieves were scared off. I was working in the back of the house and our gate was left open after the kids left. Someone came up to the side door and tried to get in but the alarm sounded. Thanks Lifeshield Security! Keep those burglars away!

  15. I was surprised how much better we sleep at night knowing we have Lifeshield Security protecting our home. Our neighbors’ home was broken into last month and that doesn’t sit well with me. With Lifeshield Security I know the police will be dispatched almost immediately if the alarm goes off.

  16. I am glad I went with Lifeshield security because you do not see these home security systems for such a good price all of the time. With Lifeshield security you get a quality product at a decent price.

  17. The concept of wireless home security cameras is brilliant to me as a tech junkie and the home security systems from Lifeshield security offer this feature at a very good price. This is all around a good deal

  18. No contract! That’s what we liked most about the Lifeshield security home security system. I am glad we went with Lifeshield security over a pricier option because both companies basically offer the same things only with Lifeshield security you are paying a lot less.

  19. There are home security systems and then there are home security systems that work. The Lifeshield security is one that works, as you are going to really fall in love with all the features offered.

  20. The many features of the Lifeshield security are going to have you enjoying what you get in return for a long time. I like this system because of the features, and of course the level of protection is nothing to sneeze at.

  21. With the Lifeshield security, you are going to like what you see from day one – if you are like me, at least. I was the type of person who never really knew if a home security system was a big deal, but it truly has come in handy a few times. I feel much better about leaving my family at home now, knowing that they are protected at all times. Best yet, the Lifeshield security is not going to cost you an arm and a leg. It is a system that is easily affordable, and that alone should be enough for some to consider this over others.

  22. I wanted a home security system for my mother, but I didn’t want anything too complex. I spend a lot of time out of the country and my mom lives alone. This means I worry about her when I’m away. I called Lifeshield security and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they have plans that let me watch the house from my phone or laptop. This exactly what mom and I have been looking for for years! We were able to install it before I left for China and I can check on mom whenever I need to. Best of all, she knows how to use it with ease.

  23. Our neighborhood has experienced a string of break-ins lately and we figured it was time to explore our options again. Lifeshield security came through and the system works wonders and does more than just call the cops.

  24. There is nothing better than buying a home security system that is both cheap and full of functionality. This is why I have been using the Life shield security for so long.

  25. Save money and get a good system with the Life shield security. You are going to enjoy the low price as well as all the features you get in return. This is the best of both worlds.

  26. I am not a person who usually boasts or brags or talks up a company, but when it comes to the home security system by LifeShield Security, I will boast and brag until I am blue in the face. You see, a few months ago, my family and I were targeted by a robber. Thankfully, however, I had a home security system from LifeShield Security installed on our home. As soon as that robber broke the lock on our front door and stepped foot inside, he was greeted by three cop cars. Our security system notified the police right away and he is now locked away. I highly recommend their exceptional service.

  27. If you are looking for a home security company, stop searching! LifeShield Security is really the best security company out there. They offer exceptional service at a really affordable price. You just can’t beat that combination!

  28. I have worked hard my entire life to create the home of my dreams. It has taken me about 15 years to finally create the house that I always wanted. I have all of the possessions that I have always desired and I am so happy with the way everything has turned out. That said, you had better believe that I am not leaving the safety and security of everything that I have worked so hard for to chance. Thanks to my home security system from LifeShield Security, I know that my house and everything in it is well protected. I never have to worry, thanks to LifeShield Security.

  29. My old home does not have a security system. Fortunately, LifeShield Security is coming next week to install one that I am going to be able to rely on for safety features for many years to come.

  30. When I moved into my new home I wanted a security system I could trust and rely on. When I called LifeShield Security I could tell from the start that they were able to help me out with all my needs.

  31. If you are on the market for a security system for your home, then there is only one company that you need to look into – LifeShield. Before installing a security system in my own home, I did a lot of extensive research. I did background checks on several different companies before choosing a company to protect my home. I checked out the type of program they used, their response rate and testimonials. I did checks on a total of 7 different security companies and they all paled in comparison next to LifeShield. They’ve been protecting my home for over a year and I highly recommend them to anyone.

  32. I love LifeShield! They are a simply amazing home security company! At a fraction of the cost of other security companies, I feel more secure than I did with the last 3 security systems I had.

  33. When it comes to your home, you can’t keep it protected enough. That’s why I am so glad that I have LifeShield. They really offer the best service possible at an exceptional rate. I highly recommend them.

  34. The things I look for when doing business with any company are always the same, integrity and reliability. The helpful people at LifeShield provided both of these in abundance. They did what they said, when they said, and for the price they promised. It isn’t often one is able to find a company that manages to do all of these things and when I do, I want to make sure everyone knows about it. My wife and I really enjoyed working with everyone we had contact with and we will definitely be telling our friends and family to use them in the future.

  35. My mother recently passed away and I inherited her estate. She lived quite a bit away from me and I needed to know the home was safe when I wasn’t able to be there. The nice people at LifeShield have put my mind at ease.

  36. I almost never write reviews for companies but that is only because there are so few companies like LifeShield. They far exceeded my expectations for both customer service and quality and were super friendly no matter what I needed.

  37. Your home is your castle and you want to keep it as protected as possible. While you may not be able to install a moat, with a home security system from LifeShield Security, you will feel even more protected than you would if you were on your own island.

  38. My husband was recently deployed overseas and I was unable to transfer to his new duty station. Without him here our home felt much less inviting and safe than it had previously and I was constantly worried about my safety and the safety of our three children. The helpful people at “LifeShield Security” have helped me feel safer now, even while he is away. It is obviously not the same as having him here with us but at least I don’t have to worry about every little sound I hear in the middle of the night now and he is happier knowing we are all a little safer.

  39. If you are shopping around for a home security system, might I make a suggestion to you? – Check out Lifeshield; you won’t be sorry you did. This security company offers the absolute best services in the industry. When I was shopping around, I spoke to about 10 different providers and they all left a bitter taste in my mouth – until I found Lifeshield. As soon as I sat down and spoke with a representative from the company, I instantly felt at ease. Their system is the top of the line, their staff is highly knowledgeable and they really do provide the best prices I have come across. So, contact Lifeshield; you’ll be happy you did.

  40. If the safety and security of your family, your home and your personal possessions are super important to you, then you are going to want to contact Lifeshield. The services offered by Lifeshield are the best in the industry, and they offer them at the best price!

  41. I am so pleased with LifeShield! Their staff is always so pleasant to work with, and their system is super easy to understand and control. LifeShield makes us feel really safe and secure rather easily!

  42. I’m so thankful we have LifeShield Security. We’ve had three robberies in the neighborhood in the last six months, we strongly feel that having our home protected by LifeShield Security has prevented us from being a victim.

  43. My brother told me about LifeShield Security when we bought our new home. We’re so glad he did! The security system’s easy to use, and their customer service team is super friendly. We’re customers for life!

  44. Our family was looking for a reliable home security company after experiencing a robbery in our neighborhood. There were so many to choose from. We finally decided to go with Lifesheild Security. We highly recommend Lifesheild Security for home security.

  45. What can I say? Lifesheild Security is fantastic. They have a great security system, and they have an excellent support staff to boot. You really can’t ask for anything better than the goods that they provide.

  46. If you’re looking for a home security system, we recommend using LifeShield. They offer affordable rates and they are extremely professional. We feel safe knowing that they are keep our home well protected.

  47. I ordered a home security system from LifeShield. It was very easy to set it up. I didn’t have to watch a lot of videos or read a 200 page operators manual. I feel very comfortable knowing that I have a very secure alarm system within my house. I tested out the alarm and the loud siren noise can be excruciating for anyone who tries to break into my home. The second night that I installed my security system, I had a couple of questions regarding some of the functions that I wasn’t too sure about. The customer service agent was extremely nice and helped me figure out what needed to be done. I have had my security system for a while and I haven’t encountered any problems. It is very easy to use and there aren’t anything complex about using it. I recommend using LifeShield for anyone who is interested in keeping his or her home safe from criminals. In addition, I found their home security system to be very affordable. I didn’t have to break the bank in order to use this new system. If you want a reliable home security system, try LifeShield. They are extremely worth it!

  48. Someone broke into my home and trashed my living room. At the time, I had an old security system that was useless. Ever since I have tried LifeShield, I feel secure knowing that they will protect my home.

  49. I recommend LifeShield for a security system for a house. My neighbors and my family use LifeShield as their security system. We have had no robberies and we feel safe within our home. Try LifeShield and you’ll see the difference.

  50. I am a realtor and I needed to get a home security system installed in one of my model homes. I tried Lifeshield and they offered me an affordable price to secure the home. I recommend Lifeshield for home security.

  51. My parents estate was burglarized. I never thought to get a home security system until my mom’s jewelry was stolen. I tried Lifeshield and I haven’t had any problems with burglaries or robberies. My parents home is safe.

  52. I like using Vivint because they are affordable and totally worth it. I had heard good reviews before about them, so that’s why I decided to try out Vivint for myself and I’m 100% satisfied.

  53. I wouldn’t turn to anyone else when it comes to home alarm systems. Lifeshield is the best of the best. I’ve had a lot of experience with home security companies before Lifeshield, so I can tell you that Lifeshield is worth it. First, getting set up with them is a synch. Then the prices are great as well. But the best part is how high-quality the whole thing is. I’ve had my ups and downs when it comes to house alarms and home security systems. In my opinion, the only security company that is actually worth it is Lifeshield. They make security easy and affordable.

  54. The people at LifeShield Security are nice and easy to talk to. The services are great, and the security system is reliable. Even better, is that their security services are actually affordable. Thank you LifeShield Security.

  55. What made me turn to LifeShield Security was my situation. I live out in the middle of nowhere with my three kids and wife. Of course we love living out in the country, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, but I also feel as if we need just as much security as someone living in the city, if not more. I knew I wanted something that was really going to help protect us out where we lived, so I looked up home alarm systems online and somehow stumbled across LifeShield Security — and boy am I glad I did! LifeShield Security was the answer to my prayers. With all of my family and I living out in the middle of nowhere, you don’t know what’s going to happen or when. To play it safe, I went with LifeShield Security. We called them up, and practically in no time I found myself with a home alarm system set up. Installation as a piece of cake. I have never felt as much security as I do now that my family and home are protected by LifeShield Security. I would recommend LifeShield in a heartbeat to anyone who’s interested in protecting their family and their home.

  56. My wife and I had been looking around on the internet for quite a while before we stumbled upon Lifeshield. After reading only positive reviews on their services we decided to give them a try. We are completely satisfied.

  57. I was told about Lifeshield by a friend a little over a year ago. I had also heard good things about them on the internet. I took a chance with Lifeshield security, and I’m sure glad I did.

  58. When our daughter was born last year, my husband insisted that we needed to protect our home. He wanted to take a gun safety class and get a gun to help us protect our home from unwanted invaders and intruders. The thought alone was enough to terrify my and I immediately told him that just because he took a gun safety class, that did not mean that I would feel comfortable having a gun in our home. I was fearful that when our daughter got older and more curious, she would accidentally stumble upon it and hurt herself. My husband understood my fear and said that we could look for an alternative measure that would still help to protect us and our new daughter in our home. I began looking up solutions online and came across Lifeshield. From everything that I read, they were the absolute best of the best in home security and their home security system got rave reviews from customers. I decided that it was worth a shot and told my husband that we should give them a call and see what their rates were like and how well they would be able to protect us in our home. From the very first phone call with Lifeshield, we were blown away. They had excellent customer service, awesome rates, and really explained everything to us in a way that gave both me and my husband peace of mind that this was the right option for us. We have been with Lifeshield security for a few months now and are very satisfied with our decision.

  59. Lifeshield has the best home security products on the market and the best prices in town. I did a lot of research before deciding to purchase home security and after all of my research I decided that Lifeshield security is the best of the best. They provide great services at a great price and I’m a happy customer.

  60. I used to never have an alarm system at my house. But ever since my neighbor’s house got broken into a couple years ago, I have always been worried for my home and family until I signed up for Lifeshield. Using Lifeshield is the smartest thing I’ve ever done. With Lifeshield security I’ve been able to monitor my home even when I’m gone. My family and I have never been more secure in our lives. We know that we can trust Lifeshield to keep our home safe. Since we signed up for them, I feel we’ve never been more safe. They have an alarm system that is top-of-the-line. Plus other products and features help out a lot. For instance, when I leave the house, I can always keep up with what’s going on at home even when I’m gone through my smartphone. This leading edge technology is the way to go when you want to keep your home and family safe for years to come.

  61. We learned about Lifeshield from our neighbors down the street. They signed up for a home alarm system after the neighborhood had seen a few too many break-ins, all in one year. When it came to the recent break-in, me and my wife didn’t know what to do. It never occurred to us to sign up for a home security system until we walked to the Johnsons down the street. When they told us about Lifeshield my wife and I automatically wanted to sign up. But we were also iffy when it came to the cost. Then our neighbors told us how much they paid and we were swept away. We finally signed up for Lifeshield security and we’re glad we did. Lifeshield fits in our budget but still delivers high-quality service that just can’t be beat by any other home security company. Since we signed up, my wife I have felt happy and protected.

  62. After we had to put down our dog, we didn’t feel as safe in our home anymore. It was at that point that we decided to get a home security system with Lifeshield Security. They had the best prices around and their services were amazing. We’re extremely happy with our decision to purchase a home security system from Lifeshield and think you would be also.

  63. I’m gone from home a lot, but I love my family. I want them to be safe, even when I’m on a flight across the country or even out of the nation. Because I’m so busy, I decided that I needed to be there, connected to them and helping to protect them even when I’m away. For a while I looked around for home security companies that would be protect my family while I’m on the move. After a lot of research and a lot of positive reviews regarding Lifeshield, I decided to give them a shot – and boy I’m glad I did. Ever since Lifeshield, I know my family is secure as can be. Even when I’m traveling around, I’m still informed about what’s going on at the house. Lifeshield is the best way that I feel I can help give my family the protection they deserve even when I’m not there.

  64. Protecting our home was a major priority for us which is why we decided to purchase a home security system from lifeshield. They alleviated our concerns, explained everything to us, and were very friendly. I was amazed by just how cheap it was to thoroughly protect our home and have no problems recommending lifeshield to everyone I know.

  65. Not all home security systems are created equally. Some do not offer very great protection and are extremely pricey. This is not the case with lifeshield at all. lifeshield offers excellent protection at a very affordable cost and gives me the peace of mind in knowing that my family is safe at home.

  66. There are so many home security system companies out there but Lifeshield really is the best. They offer the best protection at great rates and work with you to get you exactly the protection that you need at a price that you can afford. Give them a call. You have nothing to lose.

  67. We knew that purchasing a home would also mean buying a home security system. We wanted to make sure that we went with a good company and that we felt safe. After finding out about Lifeshield we knew that they were the perfect choice for us. Lifeshield gives us the protection we need at a price we love.

  68. Burglars beware! My recently installed security system works so well even Im afraid to enter my own house. LOL. Seriouslyit is so loud that I dont see anyone wanting to break into my home after hearing that thing go off.

  69. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Lifeshield. They have been an absolute pleasure to deal with since having the system installed two weeks ago. Very friendly, courteous staff and they know the system inside and out which helps a lot.

  70. The free fire protection is why I chose Life Shield. I am scared of losing everything I own in a fire and Im glad that Life Shield recognizes my concern.

  71. Life shield has a $0 down payment so I went for it. Glad I did, it works just fine. No reason to pay more money to another company for the same service.

  72. My security alarm is terrific and the company is such a pleasure to deal with. They answer all of my questions right away and are quick to respond if I have a problem—which is almost never.

  73. I never wanted a home security system for my house, but my husband thought it would be a good idea since he goes away on business a lot and wants the kids and me to be safe. I had never thought of us as not being safe in our home, but when we found out that a home a few blocks away had been burglarized, we knew we had to take precautions and protect our home and ourselves.

    We researched a lot of systems and finally decided on the life shield security system. What we liked about it the most was the wireless technology so if we ever forget to activate the alarm before we go out, we could do it from where ever we are. The system is also really easy to use and has a lot of neat features that we did not expect in a home security system. Now when my husband goes out of town for business, he does not worry as much about me and the kids because he knows we are in good hands.

    1. There are so many different home security system companies out there, but Lifeshield is truly a gem! They have very knowledgable customer service agents who walk you through the entire process and help to explain their products well. I feel confident in their product and am glad that I am a Lifeshield customer.

  74. If you are considering home security, you should definitely use lifeshield. Not only are they highly affordable, but they offer advanced technology and free fire protection. What can be better than having your home protected on many levels? Installing the system was easy as well. While they may not be as well known as some other companies, I am positive they will be or even better very, very soon.

  75. It was difficult deciding on a home security company to use. I was not sure if I should go by the price, the options, the customer service, the reviews. There were many factors to consider, but I did not know which one should be the most important one. On a whim, I called the lifeshield since I had seen an ad for them in my local paper. They have not been around as long as other companies, but they the reviews I read were all highly favorable. And now I know why they are so well liked. Their prices were so much lower than other companies, yet they still had so much to offer. Sometimes you do not have to always go with the bigger is better frame of thinking.

  76. It made no sense to me that my sister installed a home security system in her new home that was in a well-to-do neighborhood in a gated community with a security guard. But when she explained to me that men had been posing as city workers in order to gain access into her development so they can rob the houses, it made me understand it a lot better.
    Her home security company, Life Shield, is pretty cool with its smart phone technology. She can do anything with the system all from her phone. I was so impressed that I looked into having the company install a system in my home and ended up getting it after dealing with their friendly reps and having all my homes systems synced. It is not only a feeling of safety, but also a feeling of efficiency as well.

  77. When my husband and I came home after a late night out, we were shocked to see that someone had climbed through our window and had taken some of our valuables. I do not think I ever felt more violated than at that moment when I realized strangers had entered our home and went through our personal possessions. I immediately made the decision that we needed a home security system.

    I was already familiar with the lifeshield after seeing so many signs for them all over my neighborhood. Although it has only been a few months, we are very happy with our decision to use them for all of our security needs. With that many years in the business, I can understand why they have been around as long as they have.

    1. The customer service at Lifeshield is honestly one of the best that I have ever encountered. They really know how to help ease your mind and keep you informed on all of their safety measures that they take to make sure that your family is always protected. I would recommend them to all of my friends.

  78. I was really impressed with the fact the system connects over broadband and it is digital. So far the service has been great.

  79. Great ipad and iphone app for this system. This is why I chose it. Other factors seem to be the same as their competitors.

  80. LifeShield Home Security is one of the best wireless security systems. I had it installed in my home in less than 20 minutes and it has great mobile apps to use with it…I highly recommend.

    1. The free fire protection is why I chose Life Shield. I am scared of losing everything I own in a fire and I’m glad that Life Shield recognizes my concern.

    2. When I decided to go with a home alarm system, I didn’t know where to turn. Then one of my friend’s recommended Lifeshield, and I’m glad she did. Since I’ve been using Lifeshield, I’ve never felt more secure and protected.

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