• 30 Day Risk Free Trial
  • Simple Do It Yourself Installation
  • Wireless Equipment
  • Cost: $34.99 – $49.99 per month
  • Call for Free Quote: 833-224-3583

Frontpoint Review

Frontpoint has quickly become the best value in home security systems. The do-it-yourself kit to install your system is so simple that it only took 30 minutes to setup the entire house. The security sensors are easy to apply and have a surprisingly sturdy hold from the adhesive. The state of the art system utilizes wireless technology which provides maximum flexibility for both homeowners and home renters. The pricing is competitive with all of the major service providers. Frontpoint is so confident with the quality of their products and services; they offer a 30 day risk free trial. We have been using a Frontpoint system for over 3 years and we have been absolutely pleased with the results. They are dependable, the equipment is easy to use, and the flexibility is second to none.


Features of Frontpoint Security

Frontpoint Security

  • Burglary, fire, environmental, and life-safety alarm
  • Video camera integration that is viewable on your smart phone
  • Highly flexible system that can grow and move with your family
  • Manage your system on the go with the powerful smart phone application
  • Home automation including door lock, thermostat and appliance control
  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents
  • Professional installation available

Frontpoint Pricing Per Month

  • $34.99 – Protection Monitoring
  • $44.99 – Interactive Monitoring
  • $49.99 – Ultimate Monitoring
Our Rating: 4.9 / 5
Customer Rating:

Review Author: Jason Thomas

162 Reviews on “Frontpoint

  1. My roommate and I got a new home security system from Frontpoint and we’re both happy with the way it works. Both of us can check things from our smartphone, and the system is easy to use. Since we have opposite schedules, we feel better knowing the other is safe by themselves.

  2. I moved to a big city with my musician boyfriend, and we soon discovered it wasn’t easy for me to travel with him to every gig. I had a job to keep and the groupie hours didn’t match the lifestyle we wanted to build, so I ended up staying at home more while he continued to travel. Of course, I was nervous about being in the big city by myself, so my boyfriend suggested we call Frontpoint and get a home security system installed. After speaking with one of the service representatives, I felt like it was a good idea to get one installed. I was able to customize my package to meet my needs, and it has worked out well for me.

  3. When my boyfriend moved in, he insisted we get a home security system. We called Frontpoint and they were fantastic. They explained the process and set us up with everything we needed. It’s been very easy to use, and we love it!

  4. I have a large family, and it’s important to me that they’re safe. So, I called Frontpoint to ask about home security systems. I didn’t know where to start, but they were so helpful and patient with me. The installation was easy, and I know my family is protected now.

  5. My company installed Frontpoint at the office, and they offered us a promotion if any of the employees wanted to get home security systems. I talked to my wife about it, and we set up a consultation to hear what they could offer us. We’ve never had a home security system, and we weren’t sure we needed it. We were still on the fence after meeting with a tech from Frontpoint, but the next morning, our neighbor told us someone on the block had been burglarized. We took it to mean we should get the home security system and haven’t looked back since. It’s well-worth the cost, and there are plenty of features for every need.

  6. You never think you need a home security system until you do, so I always recommend people think ahead. I called Frontpoint after my home was burglarized, and it was a good decision. I know that a security system is going to deter more trouble in the future, and that’s a very good thing.

  7. There are a plethora of home security systems to choose from these days, but Frontpoint is the real deal. You will not find another home alarm that gives you more features for a decent price. This is a home security system anyone can afford.

  8. My brother-in-law told us about Frontpoint wireless home security system. I thought it sounded like a good idea but the concept of a DIY installation soured me because I am not handy at all. He told me he would come over and helps us out, and it was truly a piece of cake! I was very impressed with how secure the house is with sensors throughout our doorways and certain windows. I think the set comes with everything the average home needs to feel protected. My brother-in-law proved me wrong, but the best part is now I know our house is safe for our kids, even when we aren’t there.

  9. Our family needed a simple yet reliable home security system that would give us peace of mind. Frontpoint offered us a system that both meets our needs and truly protects our family. Moreover, it is very easy to operate and disarm.

  10. I love Frontpoint because they are making home security systems democratic and something everyone can have for protection. I remember in the ‘80s home security systems were incredibly pricey and only something you saw in upper middle class subdivisions.

  11. Frontpoint is such a great company. We explained our specific needs and we got a system that precisely addresses those issues. We got exactly what we needed at a competitive price that we couldn’t match elsewhere.

  12. Frontpoint has amazed me with its responsiveness and professionalism. From the customer service representative to the technicians who installed our new security system, everyone was great and helpful to us throughout the installation.

  13. Based on my positive experience, I will recommend anyone who is looking for a security system to contact Frontpoint right away. I receive quick responses to my questions and the best customer service available.

  14. Whenever we accidentally set off our alarm or otherwise make a mistake, we always receive prompt and courteous service from Frontpoint. Our service is dependable and so is the consistently good customer service that we always receive from this company. We are always provided with the latest upgrades and potential features as home security system technology develops, which has always been a huge benefit to us and our safety. By keeping its customers up-to-date about any developments or issues that might arise with our security system, Frontpoint security provides its customers with an invaluable service that we have been unable to find anywhere else.

  15. I am very happy with my security and smoke/fire alarm system. You are helpful and courteous, even when I make an error upon entering my home. Overall, I am very satisfied with Frontpoint!

  16. We bought the Frontpoint wireless home security system for my daughter who recently moved to another city. I wanted something affordable for her that would let her keep an eye on her home too. Great product!

  17. I have used Frontpoint for almost a year. I had an issue with an intruder which is what prompted me to buy the wireless home security system. With Frontpoint I am able to keep watch on my townhouse, even when I’m not there. Sometimes I get off of work after dark and that means coming home to a dark area which is where the intruder hid over a year ago. Frontpoint lets me check the area from my car and I know it is OK for me to proceed and go to the front door. For anyone who lives alone, especially in an urban city, I think Frontpoint security is a smart thing to have working in your favor.

  18. With kids you never know what can happen and the Frontpoint wireless home security system provides great protection with support that notifies you of the alarm sounding within 60 seconds. You can’t beat that especially considering the price.

  19. I love my Frontpoint wireless home security system. I have had it for the entire time I’ve been in my new apartment and I’m so thankful for it. Luckily I haven’t had to see it in action, but it offers a lot of peace of mind knowing it’s here. My parents helped me move in several states away and we did research before buying this particular system. Since it’s DIY I figured we could do it quickly before they left town and sure enough, it was very easy to install. In LA anything happens, no matter what area you’re in and Frontpoint makes me feel safe.

  20. I cannot believe how awesome the Frontpoint wireless home security system is for protecting our property. I thought alarms were the way they were in the ‘80s but this isn’t the case. This thing is light years better!

  21. Thumbs-up for Frontpoint. This is easily the best home security system we’ve ever used. We used one similar that was also no-contract but the customer service was so ridiculous to deal with we ended up looking for other options and came across Frontpoint Security. With Frontpoint you aren’t missing out on other important features just because you’re trying save a few bucks. This is just as good as the other guys for a lot less money and you aren’t skimping on quality in any respect. Even the device itself is decent to look at and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb on the wall.

  22. I think every home needs the Frontpoint wireless home security system. No matter how nice your neighborhood is, things happens these days. The ability to watch my home from my phone at work is fantastic.

  23. Frontpoint is so cheap it is worth trying! I have recommended it to half a dozen clients since I work in real estate and everyone is satisfied with this home security system. That says a lot about a product.

  24. I’d recently cancelled services for a high-priced home security system you’re probably familiar with. Then the following weekend I heard Frontpoint advertised on a radio show. I took this as a sign that yes, I needed my home protected still but I could do it for less money than I had for all of those years. I will say the knowing part of having a home security system does a lot of your psyche. Frontpoint has excellent features like a motion sensor and wifi camera which makes it more tech-savvy than my more expensive previous alarm. That says a lot.

  25. Forget about all of the fancy and high-priced home security systems out there. Frontpoint may not have the name brand, but it takes care of your home just the same. I am thoroughly impressed with this device and setup was super simple!

  26. Your home should be a place of comfort and safety. A security system can really do wonders when it comes to making you feel at home and at ease. I’m glad that I purchased the Frontpoint security system because I’ve never felt safer!

  27. What I like best about the Frontpoint security system is how easy it is to set it up and use. It’s not very complex and always works without any issue. My favorite part is how the system is also automatically set up to reach the police or fire dept should a crisis arise.

  28. Frontpoint security system really knows how to protect its customers! Once the home security system is set up, it can be activated quickly and easily. The feature I like the most is how it can be activated remotely, so I can set it up even when away from my home.

  29. After a series of break-ins occurred in my neighborhood, I knew it was time for me to invest in a wireless home security system. I chose Frontpoint because of it’s easy installation process and superior customer service. It’s a decision that I do not regret!

  30. Frontpoint is as good as any professional or more expensive home security system. You will not be disappointed with this alarm and it gives us everything we want out of a security system especially the awesome wifi cameras which can be accessed remotely.

  31. There’s never such a thing as being too safe. With the Frontpoint security system your home will feel nice and secure from possible outsiders. My favorite feature of the system is that it can be armed from anywhere, even when I’m not in the home.

  32. Gone are the days when you can live your life without a security system. These systems are pretty much a necessity these days. That’s why I invested in the Frontpoint security system. Not only is this system really reasonably priced, but you can also set it up quite easily as well. It doesn’t take too much brainpower to arm and disarm the system and it can be armed while on the go. I can even check in on my home through my mobile device and set the alarm remotely if I forget to set it up. This system is really one of a kind!

  33. You can never be too careful, which is why having a security system really is quite crucial in today’s unstable environment. I decided on the FrontPoint security system because of how easy it was to set up, not to mention how reasonably priced it was to maintain. Not only that, but the company provides customer assistance and support with purchase of the product. It also has the capability to be connected to local authorities which can really come in handy should a break-in occur. I’ll certainly be a loyal user of this security system for life. You really should not look any further when considering a system!

  34. I never thought I would be a person who would want a security system, but after my neighbor was recently a victim of a break-in it made me change my mind. I’m so glad that I had Frontpoint security system installed.

  35. Safety in your home is super important so it’s a wise decision to invest in a home security system. Having the FrontPoint security system installed was certainly a good decision for me. All my valuables are protected when I’m away and my family and I are able to sleep easily at night.

  36. I’m very fond of the FrontPoint security system because it’s been a way for me to think less about security and more about other issues in my life. The system is just what I was looking for – an affordable, easy to use, effective security system. I’ll be using the system for years to come and think it will be my only brand of choice for the short term. What’s also great about the system is how it is set up to the fire, police and ambulance services which can come in handy during a crisis. I’ll be using the system for the near future for sure!

  37. The FrontPoint security system is something that every person with a home should look to purchase. Not only is this system highly secure and easy to use, but it comes with a nice warranty so you know that it will always be up and ready for usage.

  38. Security is really important to me. I live in an area that can be susceptible to crime so I really needed to make sure that my home was protected in the event of a burglary. I had the FrontPoint security system installed and it was a very painless process. The system didn’t take long to set up and now I make sure to use it every night before I go to sleep. I’m also very fond of how you can get in touch with the company’s direct support should you need help with the system or if there’s an emergency. The company also has a program that sends someone to your home if your alarm sounds. Definitely happy to use this system!

  39. My neighbor recommended the FrontPoint security system to me a few years back and I never really took the time to have it installed until recently. I’ve only been using the system for a few months, but I’ve been impressed with the easy of use and all the features!

  40. Customer service from Frontpoint is top notch. You are talking about people who do not mind to take the time to help a 67 year old woman troubleshoot the home security system. I am happy we chose them over the other guys.

  41. Our neighborhood has gone downhill substantially in the past year. It is a reality of life but we do not have the funds to pick up and move since our home is paid off. The other thing is I don’t want to feel like we’ve been run out of our home and neighborhood, where we’ve lived for over 22 years! That isn’t how things should work. Frontpoint is the best price for a home security system I could find. I know Frontpoint was recommended by a famous tech blogger and I can see why. You really get all of the perks you could need from this home alarm.

  42. I learned of Frontpoint through my brother who was looking for a home security system at a good price. He lived in an expensive suburb for years and after his divorce had to downsize but still wanted protection from a home alarm. Of course he didn’t need the elaborate setup he had at his old house with his family so he found Frontpoint. I bought mine a week later and we both love how easy it was to install this home security system. It lets me sleep easy and keep more cash in my bank account. Thanks Frontpoint for protecting us!

  43. Frontpoint is the best home security system out there for renters. I know for us it is very convenient to be able to take the alarm with us when we relocate in a few months and I do not know of other alarms that are this simple.

  44. Even my 14 year old can work Frontpoint. It is small, convenient and installation just took an hour or so. It was my first time using this style of home security system, but I’m glad I took a chance on it!

  45. I used to be with one of the mainstream home security systems but once my neighbor (a rep for the company) moved on, so did I! Frontpoint offers everything I got from that other home alarm system without the hefty monthly fees.

  46. You need an alarm for your home. It’s the crazy siren that will keep your family safe. It will send your dogs into a frenzy and the bad guys away. Frontpoint is the only home security system that is easy to setup and scares away intruders.

  47. Just order Frontpoint already! We bought a different home security system that was not good quality and we ended up returning it and ordering Frontpoint. Frontpoint Security showed up on a Wednesday and I decided to make it project night and get it running. OK this ended up taking less than an hour, so it isn’t the type of installation process you have to devote an entire Saturday to. For us busy people, this is perfect because you aren’t waiting around for a guy to install the alarm. Frontpoint has exceeded my expectations and I am a fan for life because of the quality and the price.

  48. Installing Frontpoint was one of the first things we did when moving into our new condo. This home security system is simple and to the point, so it’s perfect for busy folks like ourselves. We use it daily and love the app.

  49. I was impressed with the level of customer service that comes with Frontpoint. I have called them twice in the past six months and it was always a pleasant experience. I found this surprising! For the price you may think you’re getting shoddy service that doesn’t care about your needs, but Frontpoint has the nicest customer service and I’m glad I found this home security system because I wanted something affordable. So much cheaper than the competition. Smart shoppers know how to spend their money wisely and with Frontpoint you get everything from bigger names without that big monthly fee. That’s not for me!

  50. Frontpoint is the home security system I’ve been after for ages! It is a decent price but that doesn’t mean it’s a piece of junk. The device is high quality and the camera quality is great when using your tablet.

  51. You will love Frontpoint. It’s a home security system that’s easy to install and even easier to use. Our teens have no problems setting it when they leave and the cameras are a nice touch for peace of mind.

  52. I read about Frontpoint online when looking for home security systems fit for renters. I have been a renter for longer than I’d like to admit, primarily because I do not want to plunk down and settle on a house when my job causes me to travel so often. As a renter, I do not have to take care of a lot of the big ticket things I’d have to take care of if I were a homeowner, nor do I have to be around for those things to be fixed. At this point in life Frontpoint makes it easy for me to protect my property without being a homeowner.

  53. I like that Frontpoint lets you buy only what you want. We live in a small bungalow and don’t need a lot of the extras other home security systems make you buy. Frontpoint lets you customize which is affordable for us.

  54. I am using Frontpoint for two purposes: normal home security and for our string of babysitters. It is hard to find a reliable, trustworthy person but they know I have cameras installed via Frontpoint and I can watch from anytime on my phone. Busted!

  55. It isn’t every day you have someone try to break into your home, but it happened to us. To stop it from happening again we got Frontpoint. The customer support is top notch and the alarm is one crazy, loud sound that will make the bad guys go the other way.

  56. Our home was recently burglarized. It’s a frustrating thing to deal with and the most important thing is making sure my family feels safe after our home was violated. I bought Frontpoint because it would give me the ability to watch the house when I’m not here, plus it has all of the features of your standard home security system. I know ever since we installed Frontpoint we’ve all felt better about our safety. It is one thing to have people steal electronics and jewelry, but I do not know what I’d do if someone broke in while we’re home. With Frontpoint security, we’re protected.

  57. I love having Frontpoint. After a year of using this home security companies, I’m not sure how we lived without it before. It’s convenient and very affordable, so it’s really something every house needs in this day and age.

  58. My husband and were so excited buy our first house, but it made me nervous to go from sleeping in a house filled with family to sleeping alone while my husband was on the road. Thanks to Frontpoint, I feel safe again.

  59. Reports of a peeping tom in our neighborhood convinced me it was time to get a security system. A friend suggested Frontpoint and it’s been great. I feel confident that no pervert is skulking around my back yard!

  60. When I moved to a new city from the small town I grew up in, I never felt safe at first. My dad suggested I get a security system and after looking around, I settled on Frontpoint. It was affordable and easy to install. I love it!

  61. I readily recommend Frontpoint home security systems for folks out there who want the peace and security of 24/7 monitoring. I thought I’d never be a victim, but then my home got burglarised. Well, I know for certain I will never AGAIN be a victim!

  62. Frontpoint home security systems is a complex but not difficult to use tool for protecting your home from burglaries. It is really simple to use. Even my kids are able to arm and disarm it. Plus, it runs 24/7. I used to get so nervous when I went out of town. Now I can truly be relaxed when I am on vacation, because I know for a fact that my home is safe. In addition, Frontpoint security agents are really nice and informative. They were able to answer all my questions, and I feel better knowing that they are ready to respond immediately in case my alarm goes off.

  63. My favorite part about Frontpoint home security systems is the fact that it’s wireless. The system I used to have had wires running all through my home. I hated that! This system on the other hand doesn’t need a single wire!

  64. This has got to be the most comprehensive home security systems thing ever! It has great sensors and cameras that protect your home all hours of the day. There’s just no way a burglar would be able to get past this beast!

  65. Frontpoint works fast. We are in the process of moving into our home and I wanted as many things done before we got into the house. Frontpoint was understanding of this and worked at lightning speed to make sure the system was ready to go by moving day.

  66. We were impressed with the fast response from Frontpoint. Initially we weren’t sure if we needed a home alarm but a tech broke down the benefits and statistics. These people came and secured our home in one afternoon.

  67. I learned of FrontPoint Security from other teachers at my school. One runs tutoring out of her home and has to be careful since so many people drive up, etc. FrontPoint Security is one of the only home security systems she trusts.

  68. I thought FrontPoint Security wasn’t as good as other home security systems simply because of the price but I could not be more wrong. We have loved our experience with them after almost a year and recommend them to friends frequently.

  69. All I can say about the service with home security systems from FrontPoint Security is wow! These people know how to treat customers and no longer worry about what’s going on at the house when we aren’t there. I have three teenagers (I know!) who arrive at the house at different times because of school activities and I get home about an hour after the last one. With FrontPoint Security I can make sure everyone is safely in the house and the alarm is easy for the kids to work too. I really think we’ll be lifers with FrontPoint Security because it’s a simple system that works.

  70. My mom first installed the Frontpoint, and I went next in line in my family. This is definitely a system that is well worth your time and money. At least give it a try to see what it can do for you.

  71. If you are like many people, you realize that a home security system is a must. This may be something you have shied away from in the past, but you don’t want to do so any longer. The world is a dangerous place, and you need to make sure your home is protected at all times. Enter the Frontpoint. This system is one of the best, thanks to all of the features and the fact that many others have fallen in love with it. If nothing else, give it a try so you can realize just what it can do for you.

  72. My friend told me about the Frontpoint and at first I was not sure of if this was right for me. Over time, however, I came to find that it was just what I was looking for.

  73. We’ve had Frontpoint security installed for three months so it’s a good time to make a review and I can honestly say I feel it’s a solid system for protecting our home. It’s zero hassle and even our 10 year old knows how to set the alarm.

  74. There are few things that I don’t shop around for because I’m all about getting the best deal on anything I buy. I’ve always been frugal. Once I got the lowdown on my plan from Frontpoint security I decided it was something I wasn’t willing to live without. Our home was burglarized two months ago and though we live in a “nice” neighborhood, I know nothing is off limits when it comes to thieves, which is why I wanted a home alarm installed. There is a fantastic peace of mind that comes with an alarm system and I know we’re doing what we can to protect our home.

  75. In the world of home security you have quite a few options, and there are none better than the Frontpoint. I have loved this since day one, and will continue to use it for a long time.

  76. When you spend a lot of time searching for information on home security systems you never know what you are going to find. The good thing is that you know that there are options out there. You know that you can make the right choice if you put your mind to it. The time that you spend learning about these systems is crucial. It took me a while to find the Frontpoint but I have enjoyed everything that it offers. From the features to the reliability, it has the things I was looking for.

  77. The features of the Frontpoint are so exciting that you will forget about the fact that this is what you will be relying on to keep you safe at home. Definitely give this system a try.

  78. When my daughter decided that she was ready to get her own apartment, I have to admit that my wife and I were more than a little reluctant. It is never easy to see that your little girl is all grown up, and it was pretty hard for me to cut the ties. However, despite how much I would love for her to stay home with us, I knew that the time had come for her to move on with her life and get her own place. In order to ensure that she is safe, though, I did have a home security system from FrontPoint installed. Now, she is happy living on her own and I am happy knowing that she is safe.

  79. I have been working in the police force in my city for over 20 years. As you can imagine, I have seen quite a few robberies during my days on the force. No matter how many I have seen, my heart always breaks a little when I respond to them. The families are always so distraught seeing that their belongings have been stolen and that their homes have been victimized. Many of the homes I have responded to have had security systems, but I have never responded to a break in call for a home that was guarded by FrontPoint. Why? – Because they really are the best security system around.

  80. The last thing you want to do is leave the safety and security of your family at risk. That’s why I had a security system from FrontPoint installed. Thanks to their service, I know that my family is safe.

  81. I am on the road a lot for work, which means that I can’t always provide the personal safety and security that I want to for my family. It’s a hard situation to be in, but fortunately, thanks to the exceptionally home security system provided by FrontPoint Security, I don’t have to worry about anything happening to my family while I am on the road. They always have an eye on our house, which means that my family is always protected. Plus, I love the fact that I can easily check in with the company, no matter where I am, to make sure that our house is secure. I definitely recommend them.

  82. It is so funny how you go about life in a bubble, not knowing what danger lurks around a corner. My husband and I were off on our honeymoon a few months ago, and while we were in complete and total bliss, our home was in danger. As it turns out, there was an electrical fire that started in a faulty plug in the house. Thanks to the ever watchful eye of our home security company, FrontPoint Security, our home was spared being completely demolished. They noticed the fire and they notified the fire department right away. The fire was contained to a single room, and the damages that occurred were very minimal. Of course, we were very shaken when we received the phone call from our parents, but they eased our minds and confirmed that they had seen the house, that the damages were minimal and that we should continue our honeymoon. When we returned home, we didn’t really know what to expect. As it turns out, the damages were, indeed, so minimal that we hardly had to replace anything. I can’t stress to you enough how very grateful we are that we had FrontPoint Security watching over our home for us.

  83. After my home was broken into, I knew I needed to have a home security system installed. My friend recommended FrontPoint Security and I couldn’t be happier. They have given me the peace of mind that I need.

  84. If you want to keep your family as safe and protected as possible, contact FrontPoint Security. They will keep your house completely secure and at a fraction of the cost of other home security companies. Amazing!

  85. I am not a person who usually boasts or brags or talks up a company, but when it comes to the home security system by FrontPoint Security, I will boast and brag until I am blue in the face. You see, a few months ago, my family and I were targeted by a robber. Thankfully, however, I had a home security system from FrontPoint Security installed on our home. As soon as that robber broke the lock on our front door and stepped foot inside, he was greeted by three cop cars. Our security system notified the police right away and he is now locked away. I highly recommend their exceptional service.

  86. As a twenty-something woman living in the midst of a big city, I have to admit (reluctantly), that I always feel a little bit insecure when it comes to my safety. Sure, it is nice to live alone in a fabulous apartment at such a young age, but I do have to say that I often get a little bit nervous when the sun goes down and I am home alone. I decided to have a security system from FrontPoint installed in my apartment in order to ease my fears, and I have to say that it has really helped. Thanks to their exceptional security, I know that I am always protected.

    1. The many features of the Frontpoint are going to have you enjoying what you get in return for a long time. I like this system because of the features, and of course the level of protection is nothing to sneeze at.

  87. Ever since my house was broken into 5 years ago, I have never left the security of my home and my family to chance. Right after that break in, I had FrontPoint installed and they’ve been protecting my family ever since.

  88. My husband has always made the safety and security of my family his top priority. He is a police officer, so it kind of comes with the territory; not to mention the fact that his family is his biggest pride and joy. Needless to say, in order to keep us all safe and secure, he has had a security system from FrontPoint installed in our home. They’ve been protecting our house for years, and now that our kids are growing up and moving out on their own, he always keeps a watchful eye on them because he has had a security system from FrontPoint installed in their homes, too.

  89. The last thing you want to do is leave the safety and security of your family at risk. That’s why I had a security system from FrontPoint installed. Thanks to their service, I know that my family is safe.

  90. The safety and security of my family is the most important thing to me. Thanks to FrontPoint, I was able to get a security system that keeps the most precious things in my life as safe and secure as possible.

  91. If you are looking for a home security system, look no further than the systems provided by FrontPoint. Thanks to the expert insight and exceptional products, I have a top notch security system installed in my home and I feel safer than ever.

  92. My family breeds championship dogs on a small scale and while that may not seem like what someone would typically want to increase security for, it was our primary concern when we first started talking to the helpful people at “FrontPoint”. They listened to our specific concerns and were able to design something that addressed everything I mentioned. They even said I wasn’t the most unusual customer they had worked with. Either they were being exceptionally nice to me or they really are able to help anyone. In any event I was thoroughly pleased with my experience and highly recommend “FrontPoint” for any home security needs!

  93. When I moved into my current house, one of the very first things that I did was to start researching home security companies. You see, I am a worry wart by nature, so I would never feel safe living on my own without the safety of a security system protecting me. While researching, I came across FrontPoint Security security company. Out of all of the other companies that I found, they were the only ones that offered the extensive service that they did, and for such a fair price. Once I saw what type of services they offered and how much they charged, I contacted them to set up a consultation. I was so glad that I did. I was even more impressed when I spoke to a representative than I was when I looked at the website, which says a lot, because I was really blown away by their website. After conducting a brief interview, I signed on the dotted line. I have now had FrontPoint securing my home for over five years. I just feel safe and secure knowing that the expert staff at FrontPoint Security is keeping my family and I as safe as can be. They truly are the best.

  94. When I found out that we were going to have our first child, I wanted to provide her with every protection possible – that meant installing a home security system from FrontPoint Security. Their system is extremely high quality and makes me, my wife and my newborn daughter feel more secure than ever.

  95. I just had a home security system installed and I am beyond delighted with the service that I received from FrontPoint Security. I’ve had other systems before, but I’ve never been as satisfied as I am with this one. Great job, guys!

  96. My sister told me about how FrontPoint Security’s services gave her peace of mind, so when my wife and I bought our home, FrontPoint Security was the first place I contacted. I am very glad I did.

  97. I am always worried when I post reviews that I will seem silly for doing so but sometimes I like a company so much that I decide it is worth the risk. I spent a lot of time talking to the staff at “FrontPoint Security” before deciding on going with them because I am very careful with my money and I don’t like to be taken advantage of. They were always so helpful and never made me feel pressured to purchase. They took their time with me and I really appreciated both their thoughtfulness and their attention to detail. I am very happy with every aspect of my experience with FrontPoint and encourage anyone reading this to give them a call.

  98. If you are in the market for a reliable home security system, I highly recommend FrontPoint Security. We started using their services about two years ago, when we bought our first home. FrontPoint Security has been great to us since day one. Anytime I’ve had a question, they’ve not only answered it, they’ve made sure I’ve understood the answer completely. They never make assumptions that I have figured things out on my own based on what they’ve told me. Considering how complex some of these home security systems can be, that’s a refreshing bonus. We’re very pleased that FrontPoint Security protects our property.

  99. I can’t get over how fantastic FrontPoint Security’s customer service has been! Everyone that I’ve spoken with has been friendly and professional. Plus, they make sure I understand everything about my home security plan. Thanks, FrontPoint Security!

  100. When we bought our home, home security was a top priority. It didn’t take us long to figure out Frontpoint Security was perfect for our budget and needs. They know how to make you feel safe!

  101. All I can say is, “wow!” FrontPoint knows how to protect your home, and they know how to do it without breaking your bank. If you don’t have a home security system, call these guys!

  102. I’ve used a couple of other home security services in the past. In each case, they left me feeling uncomfortable. I either felt like they were too incompetent to help me in the event of a crisis or the system that they installed would fail to do its job. I don’t have either of those fears when it comes to FrontPoint. And that’s a good thing. I mean, what good is a home security service if you can’t trust it? FrontPoint trains its staff exceptionally well, to the point where they’ve been able to answer quite a few questions for me before I even get around to asking them. The fact that they know the system well enough to anticipate certain questions tells me all I need to know about how well run FrontPoint really is. I hope that I never have to use them for a crisis situation, but I can at least rest easy knowing that I’ll be in good hands if something bad happens. I can’t say I have ever really felt this way about another home security system before, especially since I now know for sure what using a strong, competent security company actually feels like.

  103. Frontpoint security is great at what they do! It is incredible to me how a home security system can be so complex, yet be so simple for me to manage. But however it works, the important thing here is, it works! Since I’ve started using Frontpoint security, I have not had a single worry about my house being in danger. And I have no doubt that they will be there for me day or night if something bad was to happen. That is the most important thing about the service that Frontpoint security offers. It gives me and my family peace of mind.

  104. I trust Frontpoint security’s home security service totally and completely! I’ve never had a negative experience in all my years of dealing with them – everyone’s so friendly! They really know what they are doing over there!

  105. The service that Frontpoint security provides is exceptional. They do more than keep you safe. They genuinely care about the process of keeping you safe. That’s why I’ll recommend Frontpoint security to anyone looking for home security.

  106. My wife talked me into signing up for FrontPoint Security when we first moved into our house. And I’ll admit that I didn’t want to at first, since we live in a nicer neighborhood. But then some idiot tried to break into our home about a month after the system was installed. That made me a believer; FrontPoint Security’s system scared the guy away, and FrontPoint Security couldn’t have responded any faster to the situation. They triple-checked to make sure that we were fine and that nothing bad happened. And that’s why I have no problem telling you to check these guys out.

  107. I have a real estate office within my home and I have a lot of client files stored on my computer and file cabinet. I needed to get a security system installed in my home right away. I have heard so many stories about people losing their personal information from identity thieves. I wanted to not only make sure that my client’s personal files are secure, I also wanted to make sure that my home was secure as well. Although I have insurance to protect my home in the event that anything is stolen, that only protects my home to a certain extent. FrontPoint Security is the company that I chose to protect my home and I am so glad that I did.

  108. My elderly mother needed to have a security alarm system installed in her home. I was going to choose a couple of security companies, but their prices were outrageous. I decided to choose FrontPoint Security, they are not only affordable but they are secure.

  109. I was looking for an alarm system to protect my family while I was working late nights and weekends. FrontPoint Security offers a robust security system. I will feel safe knowing that my family is safe when I’m away.

  110. I am very happy with my new home security system that I just got installed. It is one of the best investments that I have made this year. For the past few months, I have been deciding whether or not I should get a new home security system installed in my home. I tried getting quotes from three other security alarm companies, but all of their prices were completely out of my range. That’s when I found out about FrontPoint Security on Facebook. One of my friends gave them a raving review and recommended that people try their security system. The first thing that I like about this system is that it is very easy to install. It is also very easy to use. You don’t have to be a technical genius to use this home security system. In fact, it is so easy to use that my 14 year old can use it without any trouble. I recommend anyone who wants to keep their home safe to get a security system like FrontPoint Security installed in his or her home. I only wish that I knew about this security system sooner. It would have made my search for a new security system a lot easier.

  111. I remember the days when all you needed to do was lock your front door and call it a day. It wasn’t necessary for a person to get an alarm system unless they wanted to get one. Today, times have changed. I have learned the hard way. Someone broke into my house from a side door. Although they didn’t steal anything, I felt violated and saddened that someone would have the audacity to break into my home. I’m glad that I decided to choose FrontPoint Security as my home security system. They protect my home 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

  112. My roommate decided to hire the neighborhood handyman to install a security system. We choose him to install our system because it was a lot cheaper than going to one of those retail alarm companies. I have learned that there is a good reason why people choose commercial alarm systems for their home. For one, the system is more reliable. Plus, you don’t have to worry about it breaking down. When it does break down, you have a team of professionals to help. This is why I decided to go with FrontPoint Security. I feel safe knowing that their system is protecting my house.

  113. With a home security system from FrontPoint Security, you can feel safe knowing that they are protecting your home 365 days of the year. I can finally go to sleep at night knowing that my house is safe all day and night long.

  114. A couple of years ago I had a bad experience with someone breaking into my home. They not only cleaned me out, they stole my personal information and even my credit cards. I had a problem with someone stealing my identity. This affected every aspect of my life from my finances to my job. It took over a year to get my life back on track. This is when I decided to get a home security system installed within my home. I feel so secure in knowing that my home whether it’s 3:00 in the morning or 3:00 in the afternoon. FrontPoint home security system is working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week – even the holidays. In the event there is a break-in, the authorities are notified immediately. If I ever have any technical issues with my security system, all I have to do is give FrontPoint a call and someone will assist me right away. I also like the fact that the alarm system has a very loud siren that will frighten anyone who attempts to break into my home. I love using FrontPoint, I have complete faith in them. I highly recommend using FrontPoint for homeowners everywhere.

  115. My sister and I have been begging my mother to get a security system installed in her house. She refused to get one installed because she assumed it would cost a fortune. For her birthday, we surprised her with new security system. At first she was shocked. A few weeks later, her best friend had a robbery. She was so relieved that she finally got an alarm system for her home. We choose FrontPoint for our security system because they are the most efficient system available on the market. Their home security system is also very affordable and easy to use.

  116. I tried Frontpoint for the first time last year and am sure glad I did. Frontpoint security provides my family with a high-quality alarm system that we can rely on at prices that don’t cost me an arm and a leg.

  117. When my father died almost two years ago, my mother was living on her own. I’m not going to lie, I was kind of afraid of her living by herself. But she insisted on it. So I at least begged her to get a home alarm. She didn’t really think much of it, so I did all of the work and research. I looked around for a while on the internet, and didn’t find much at first. Eventually I found a lot of positive reviews about Frontpoint security. That’s when I decided to sign my mom up for Frontpoint security. I called them up, and found that their people were really understanding of the situation. In no time, the system was installed. From that day on, I have felt a lot more secure and have had a lot more peace of mind when it comes to my mother. She too, is has loved having Frontpoint security keeping her and her home more secure. Now I can have a better night’s sleep knowing she has the security she needs. I only wish we could have got it for her sooner. In the end, I got it for my home too, and I do recommend Frontpoint security if you’re interested in quality home security systems.

  118. I usually don’t post reviews or comments on companies or businesses, but ever since I signed up with Frontpoint security because they won my heart. I think it’s definitely worth it to say that Frontpoint is the best home security system I’ve ever been signed up with.

  119. Excellent customer service, affordable, and easy to install. What more could you want out of a home security company? When we turned to Frontpoint, I gotta be honest, my wife and I were a little hesitant. We didn’t know exactly what would happen because we had used a home security alarm system before, and were greatly disappointed. But Frontpoint had been recommended to us by my wife’s boss, so we had to give it a try. Let me tell you now, it’s definitely worth it. My wife and I proudly use Frontpoint security for our home security and would highly recommend to anyone who asks.

  120. My wife and I wanted an easy and fast home security system after we had heard that our neighbors had gotten robbed. That kind of stuff never really happens much in our neighborhood, so we were kind of surprise, not to mention scared. My wife and I wanted peace of mind, so we decided to look into home security systems. We eventually found out about Frontpoint. Now we sleep better every night. I recommend Frontpoint Security if you’re looking for a home alarm system that you can really trust. As for it being easy, we found out that installation was in fact a synch.

  121. I would go with Frontpoint any day of the week. Most home security systems don’t come close to what Frontpoint Security provides. I have Frontpoint for my home and family and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  122. Frontpoint Security is such a great company. They offer the best of the best in home security systems and really care about me and my family. My sister and her husband also use Frontpoint for their home security needs and they love them as much as we do. There is something to say about a company who makes you feel protected and safe in your home.

  123. If you’re looking for a home security company that you can trust, I highly recommend using Frontpoint. Their company is well worth it. They know how to make your house into a secure home. They are also friendly as can be, and their products make your home more secure than ever. I know because ever since I signed up for them, I haven’t felt more secure. In fact, I didn’t realize how vulnerable my family and home were until I realized everything that Frontpoint delivered. Now these days, I don’t ever have to worry. Even when I’m on the go or traveling for a business trip out of the country, I know that my house and family are being protected. I can even check up with my house using smartphone so I always know what’s going on. It’s time to be smart, step it up a notch, and sign up with Frontpoint security. Doing so can really make things safer in the long-run for your house and family.

  124. After we had kids, my spouse and I decided that it was time to purchase a home security system. We wanted a good and reputable company to use for our home security needs without spending an arm and a leg. That’s what we get with Frontpoint. They are a great company.

  125. I knew I needed to help protect my family by more than just locking the doors at night. After contemplating for a while, I was told by a friend about Frontpoint. I was actually looking into a different home security company at the time, but when I noticed a load of differences, I knew Frontpoint security was the better choice. For one, Frontpoint didn’t break my budget. For two, Frontpoint also delivers security products and high-quality service that no other companies out there seem to have. The best part is being able to see what’s going on at my home even when I’m on the other side of the country. With products like that, I can’t believe that more people aren’t signed up with Frontpoint. Frontpoint security blows my mind with how great they protect my house. I’ll never find a better home security company out there and that’s the cold hard truth.

  126. When my son moved out of my home, I no longer felt safe being in my home alone. I had gotten so used to having another person living in my home that any time I would hear a sound that I hadn’t created (like the wind of a creak of the stairs), I would get panicked and jittery. I told my son this and thought that maybe it was time I move into a senior living community where I could be surrounded by others again. I didn’t want to leave my home that I loved so much, but I also didn’t want to freak out any time I heard a noise because I no longer felt safe in my home. My son told me that there were other options if I wanted to stay in my home and recommended that we look into Frontpoint’s home security system. I had never heard of a home security system before but the idea sounded great and anything that could keep me living in my home was definitely worth checking out. My son helped me call Frontpoint and the people were very friendly and informative. They explained the whole process to us, the protection that they offered, and their rates. I was amazed that I could get such high quality protection from such a reputable company at such an affordable cost and immediately decided to get Frontpoint’s home security system. With the help of Frontpoint security I now feel safe in my home again and no longer jump any time I hear a noise. Thank you to Frontpoint for helping me feel safe and for keeping me in my home.

  127. Good home security does not have to cost a small fortune. Frontpoint security offers the best in home security at a very low and reasonable cost. The offer great protection and are alerts there when you need them most. They have a great reputation and I am happy to be their customer.

  128. Shopping for home security systems is never fun, but frontpoint made the process easy and painless.  They told me exactly what I would need and why and were never pushy or trying to get me to sign up for something I didnt need. Their customer service is top notch and very professional.

  129. My spouse and I are both gone a lot of the time. We both work very long days and even nights on the occasion and both of us have jobs that require us going away for business. Because we are both gone from our home so much, we both worry about our home being vulnerable to burglars while we are away. We figure that if someone watches our house for a few days they would really quickly pick up on the fact that we are very rarely home and that our house is an easy target for break-ins. We decided that we didn’t want to risk losing everything we owned and that it was time to get a home security system. We had heard great things about frontpoint so we decided to give them a call and see what they could offer us. We were very impressed by their professionalism and the product that frontpoint offered. It truly seemed like they have great technology and care about their product and really stand behind it. That is why we chose to go with frontpoint. The installation process was easy and quick and in no time at all, we we had top of the line home security. We now feel much safer being away long days and knowing that if someone should try to break into our home, frontpoint would have us covered. It gives us a great sense of relief in knowing that someone is protecting our home even when we are not there to do so ourselves.

  130. There are many reasons to sign up for a security system. For one, your home. For two, your family. If you are looking to protect either of those, it’s time to sign up for frontpoint. Frontpoint security is the one true company out there that you can actually trust. I know, because my family and I have been with them for a few years now and we have never felt more protected or satisfied. With an alarm system that truly works, and with features that let us to stay connected to our home even when we’re not there, we know that our house and our family are that much safer. And with high-quality customers service and 24/7 connection to help if need be, the protection they give us is just phenomenal. If you’re looking for top-of-the-line protection, then get frontpoint today. When you do, you’re looking at a safer place for you and your whole family to live.

  131. There are so many different reasons why you should go with frontpoint but the most important reason is because they really will protect you and your family. Their home security systems are the very best in the industry and they really care about the safety and satisfaction of their customers.

  132. FrontPoint is the best security company you can ever sign up for. With leading edge technology, they help to keep your family and home that much safer. I should know – my home and family are being kept safe every day and every night by them. They are a company that cares about people and the safety of the household. They’re always there for my family and I when we need them. Once the break-in happened, I realized how true this was. When it happened, we were connected to police right away. Luckily no one was hurt, but it was a scary moment and a scary memory. But I still know that my family and home are as safe and as secure as possible with frontpoint. I fear what would have actually happened had we not been with FrontPoint for that frightful night. Thank you everyone at FrontPoint – my family and I appreciate you greatly.

  133. Would you put your family’s safety in the hands of just any company? No! That’s why you should go with Frontpoint security. They are truly the best of the best in home security. They provide excellent protection for your family at a very reasonable cost and are why I would recommend them any day.

  134. I completed my installation in under 30 minutes. Very easy to use and the instructions were clearly written. Product is good to go.

  135. We received our front point system last week. The installation was easy. When I called the service representatives to activate I didn’t have to wait on hold which is always nice. The support person was friendly and they walked me right through the setup. I’m glad I got this system.

  136. I wish there were more websites like these. They save a bunch of time. I chose FrontPoint because I do not have a lot of time to wait around for an installer. Easy to use and no false alarms or issues.

  137. Our FrontPoint system worked when we needed it the most. A break in occurred and the alarm scared off the intruder. I was notified on my iphone and then I received a call from the monitoring folks. The cops were at the house in minutes. If we didn’t have the system who knows what we would have lost. Worth every penny

  138. Everything with FrontPoint has been great, but I was a bit confused with the installation at first. I am not good at installing things as my husband used to do that kind of stuff. I called FrontPoint and a nice young man walked me though everything. He was very patient.

  139. I am glad I came across this website because it saved me a few hour of research at the varous providers websites. After reading through the overviews and other peoples testimonials I chose to use froint point, mainly because of the self installation and the iphone app

  140. Safety is never to be taken lightly and when you think about being safe in your home, this is a serious issue. For that reason, my husband and I chose to use frontpoint for our home security system. Between the fire protection, the no money down and the reliable service, we are more than pleased about choosing this company for our safety and security needs. No other company can compare to what frontpoint can provide.

  141. Last week I had my new home security system installed. I used frontpoint for it because I was familiar with the name. Probably not the best way to choose a home security system, but it has been a great experience thus far. Their customer service is superb, installation was simple and the prices for their plans were better than I expected. I may not have known much about frontpiont when I ordered the system, but now I know a great deal and all of it is good.

  142. Panic struck me when I kept reading the police log in my local paper and how many homes in my town were being robbed in broad daylight while people were at work. This got me to act quickly so I was not the next one listed in the log. I shopped around a bit for a security system and finally went with FrontPoint.

    Their price could not be beat and their plan options were great. You will not be reading about me in the local police log that is for sure.

  143. I am not one to post reviews or make a big deal out of things, but I need to make an exception when it comes to FrontPoint—my home security company. First of all, there at-home installation system was incredibly easy to do and the fact that it was wireless made it even better. The price cannot be beat when you compare it with other home security systems out there. The company told us we could try it risk-free for a month. I realize now that they do this because they know customers will fall in love with the system just like I have.

  144. My family is terrified of home invasions because one happened on our street last year. We decided to use FrontPoint after researching it versus other providers. We thought that the 30 day trial and the self installation set them apart. We feel more secure now with a home security system.

  145. I love my FrontPoint Security System. No wiring to mess with. Very easy setup. And the cost is much less than some of the other “bigger name” companies. We haven’t had a break-in attempt, but my husband came in one day while I was gone and forgot to “disarm” the alarm. FrontPoint was right on top of things. We had two county sheriff’s to our house within minutes and made my husband show his ID to verify he was suppose to be in the house. They also called my two daughters and myself. I would recommend FrontPoint Security to anyone!

  146. I and my bother-in-law have been using frontpoint security for 2 years. I love their customer service and quick response for emergency. I for sure recommend anybody is looking for a wireless security.

  147. FrontPoint is excellent. I have had other systems in the past but this one is the easiest to set up and they have the best customer service in my opinion.

  148. I live in Detroit and needless to say the crime in my neighborhood has gotten out of control. I am on social security and dont have a lot of money as this is fixed budget. I can afford FrontPoint and it has been a good investment. It has deterred two burglaries in the last year.

  149. I have had an easy time doing business with Front Point. My wife and I both work and have 3 children and we do not have time to take off work to wait all day for an installation technician to come over the house. I found the do it yourself installation extremely easy. Just about anyone could do it. I have also found the iPhone app helpful. I would recommend Front Point to friends and family.

  150. I was attracted to FrontPoint because of the 30 day risk free trial. I always like the opportunity to try before I buy. As a renter, I needed a system that would be portable and that wouldn’t require me having the walls drilled into. I was very pleased with the ease of installation and the customer service. That is why I am sticking with FrontPoint

  151. Frontpoint has provided us with great service. Their system is easy to set up and can be customized to fit your needs. I love the smart phone app that allows me to control my system from anywhere at anytime. Their prices are very competitive, and their customer service is great.

  152. I love the flexibility that a Frontpoint system affords me being on a wireless network. One suggestion I have is find out what cell providers they have radios for in your area during your initial consultation and ask for whomever gives you the best service. This way you will avoid any potential false alarms because the system doesn’t talk to the operations center in time.

  153. We are a wireless household and that is why I chose FrontPoint. It works great, even in the apartment complex where we live. This system is renter friendly.

  154. I have a very large home with a lot of rooms and windows. It was important for me to be able to to have video monitoring. I was afraid it wasn’t going to work good but it works great. I have had Brinks in the past I like FrontPoint better

  155. As an elderly couple in a bad neighborhood home security is very important to us. We have had a few burglaries and we are fed up with it. I chose FrontPoint because of the risk free trial and the affordable cost. It works just fine

    1. Using Frontpoint security for a year, I had to take the time to write a review. My mother uses Frontpoint security and because of them we had an emergency worker at our home within minutes of mom’s rough fall down the stairs. This is home security that works.

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